Leon Kuunders on Thu, 3 Nov 2005 15:12:47 +0100 (CET)

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RE: <nettime> some thoughts from the lowlands about terrorism..

And to reflect on this story: isn't it strange that not a single passenger
of the train walked up to the two guys to ask them what they were doing?
Nobody got in touch ... we accuse others for living in freedom.


> From: Bjorn Wijers [mailto:mailings@bdisfunctional.net] 
> Subject: <nettime> some thoughts from the lowlands about terrorism..
> On the news they said it was a false alarm triggered by 
> (over-protective) passengers of the international train that 
> watched two man in djellabas (traditional clothing) going to 
> and from the lavatory sometimes with their luggage and 
> sometimes not. Behaviour that might be different than 
> 'normal' and therefore might be dangerous especially because 
> the men looked so "Arabic". Or as one of the passengers 
> supposedly said:
> "They would have been very stupid to be muslim terrorists as 
> they looked so much like them"
> Apperently other passengers did agree on the terrorist part 
> and took the behaviour of the two man as a serious threat and 
> called the police. I always understood that terrorism is 
> about destabilizing, creating chaos and fear. In that sense 
> the terrorists have already won in the Netherlands without 
> using bombs.

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