John Hopkins on Wed, 2 Nov 2005 22:18:43 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> call to nettime moderators to change email address/systems [u]

Hello Felix --

>Nettime gets about 1000 spam messages per day.
>About 95% of this is filtered out
>automatically by SpamAssassin, installed on and configured by
>nettime, the rest slips through and is deleted manually.

Having worked with SpamAssassin for some years, I can't believe that it tagged the
following text, so perhaps this discussion should focus on a greater care taken by
the human filters.  It IS a big responsibility, not just a gate-keeping role. Of
course it in understandable that things slip through and the whole nettime
community should be aware of this possibility and raise the issue publicly if
their posting does not make it to the list.  That's their responsibility.

There is also the greater issue which I am finding lately -- speaking personally,
I have 4 email addresses -- 2 academic and 2 commercially hosted.  One academic
one gets upward of 500 spams a day (and the university (of Art & Design Helsinki)
refuses to have any spam-management implemented!!), the other has been bouncing
xchange list material sometimes and perhaps other things lately.  One of the
commercial ones, hosting my seems to pop up on spam blacklists
sometimes, or the domain can't be found, and other times bounces incoming mail
from random individuals.  The other lost all my spam filter info last
month, and seems to also go down randomly.  I have always thought I could manage
this particular kind of remote presence, as it is a critical extension of my work,
but it doesn't seem possible.

Is it related to some kind of global infrastructure weaknesses showing up on a
large scale, or just a personal lack of energy to organize things perfectly?

>I guess that's not an unusual situation for well-publicized email accounts.
>Occasionally, we teak the filters, when too much
>spam is coming through, or when
>we realize that legitimate email is being filtered out. Of course, this is
>difficult to see as spam is deleted right away, so we usually react only to
>complaints, like Geert's.

This same thing happened to me this week on
nettime, where I had  forwarded an article from
the iDC list.  I repost it again following:


Forwarded from the iDC list -- I thought it might
bring back memories of the discussions around the
"California Ideology" at the beginning of the
nettime list...


>Hi iDC list,
>The LA Weekly article reproduced below links new media with Hollywood,
>business models and education. It ties in to some extent with what Anna,
>Ryan and Jon have been discussing.


[remainder of the message removed @ nettime to avoid douplication. Original 

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