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<nettime> Mohammed Mongrel

The Oog platform in which the on-line version of the Dutch national newspaper
Volkskrant has been a platform for visual artists to commentate on news events. 
Today Tuesday 1st of November the 9th contribution to Oog is an extraordinary work
by Mongrel. The piece marks the anniversary this week of the murder of Dutch film
maker and controversialist Theo Van Gogh.  Even after such a short existence the
Oog platform is seen at the newspaper as a success as it is one of the most
visited of the on-line news paper's pages. A glance at the archive will show that
the possibilities interactive visual artists working in the context of mainstream
news and commentary offers exciting possibilities which to my knowledge have not
been explored in quite this way anywhere else. The Oog initiator and editor
Nanette Hoogslag <hoogslag@xs4all.nl> is interested in any ideas and feedback you
may have about how this platform might be developed. 

David Garcia   

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> From: harwood <harwood@scotoma.org> 
> Date: 31 October 2005 23:13:57 GMT+01:00 
> To: undisclosed-recipients:; 
> Subject: Mohammed Mongrel 
> Mohammedb.jpg - a new work by mongrel commissioned by the Dutch 
> newspaper Volkskrant 
> http://www.volkskrant.com/oog/index10.php 
> Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004, Amsterdam: film-maker Theo Van Gogh was 
> found murdered in the early morning. His throat was slit and two 
> knives were left implanted in his torso. One knife pinned a five-page 
> note to his body. Mohammed Bouyeri, a 26-year-old man of Dutch and 
> Moroccan descent, was apprehended by the police after being shot in 
> the leg. In Dutch media he was subsequently referred to as "Mohammed 
> B." 
> One of the first pictures of "Mohammed B." began to be circulated on 
> Thursday, November 4th at 15:37:07, 2004. This image seemed to be 
> derived from a photocopy of an identification card 
> (http://home.kabelfoon.nl/~rvano/mohammedb.gif). 
> The most frequent image of mohammedb.jpg first appears on Monday, 
> November 29th at 12:59:52, 2004 (www.geenstijl.nl/mohammedb.jpg). It 
> then spreads throughout the following day: 
> Mon Nov 29 21:18:14 2004 matar.web-log.nl/MohammedBouyeriOS.jpg 
> Mon Nov 29 21:36:59 2004 wtr.stratfor.com/mohammed.gif 
> Mon Nov 29 21:36:59 2004 www.aivd.lookingat.us/mohammed.gif 
> Mon Nov 29 21:48:00 2004 www.112-mail.net/mohammedb.jpg 
> >From these seeds "mohammedb.jpg" populates the network 
> Mohammedb.jpg was commissioned by the Dutch newspaper "Volkskrant" 
> for their "Oog" project which creates a podium to focus on the image 
> as news and commentary. 
> Harwood 

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