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<nettime> annoucement: it's in your eyes

Dear nettime,

The ZKM | Institute for Basic Research [1] has published a small book called "It's
in Your Eyes - Gaze Based Image Retrieval in Context". Being centered around a
system for searching for images by looking at images [2] it treats several
questions a theory of interaction design beyond its computer science origin might

The book may be bought or downloaded for free at

It originated as a master thesis in Digital Media [3] which was
supervised by Frieder Nake and Hans H. Diebner.


0   Introduction
0.1 A Method Against Method
0.2 Eye-Vision-Bot
0.3 The Eye

1   Art
1.1 Eye Tracking as Art
1.2 Closed Circuits
1.3 Aesthetics and Information

2   Science
2.1 Eye Tracking as Science
2.2 Searching Images
2.3 Adaptive Agents and Data Mining

3   Interface
3.1 Eye Tracking as Interface
3.2 Interface?
3.3 Interface!



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