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Re: <nettime> neonazis go spam

On Sat, 21 May 2005, Heiko Recktenwald wrote:

> I read two articles, one of Berliner Zeitung and one of Ulrike Meinhoff
> of Bambule etc fame on Dresden. The article in the Berliner Zeitung was on

the article can be read as a historical document as it dates from 1965. 
nevertheless what is surprising are two points: first that the myth of the 
betrayed german people was sort of common sense even among germanys 
radical left and second that David Irving was quoted by Meinhoff, the 
later famous author of books who are denying Auschwitz and the holocaust.

that this article appears as part of nazispam has to do with a recent 
strategy of germanys far right to build political alliance across 
different political camps and make ground on the left, known as 

> The article on Dresden was very 60s like. A lot of horrors common
> today were missing and the problems described look rather luxurious.
> And horrors of past times, the pest etc. Anyway, all the article and the
> link produced was confusion. What did the author of the link wanted to
> say?

perhaps the same the fraction of the neofascist NPD wanted to say in the 
parliament of dresden/saxonia some months ago, launching a proposal that 
should put the victims of the holocaust and the victims of the british 
bombings in february 1945 on the same level? fortunatly such behavior let 
to selfisolation through the intervention of the so called democratic main 
stream parties. 

> So I dont think there is much neonazi thinking behind.
> On the other hand some politisation does not harm. More of such spam,
> right, left, it doesnt matter, everything is better than penis
> dimensions.

i'd prefer tons of viagraspam in exchange for one single nazimail. 

the main part of the links in the nazispammails point directly to websites 
of german neonazis. the rest of it deals with populist opinion around the 
so called visa affair and general mainstream media articles about 
"foreigners abusing german social system" etc pp.  these are signs of the 
fact that racism comes from the middle of german society and is not 
limited to the far right. given that its no more astonishing that the 
discussions of the soberworm who is responsible for the massmailings on 
germanys biggest it-forum range from techical discussion to talks 
more or less directly supporting the content of the spam, saying they 
quote nothing but "facts".

nazitalk is not politisation, its demagogy, one should at least have 
learned that much from history. i am sorry.


micho willenbuecher
berlin - almanya

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