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<nettime> Iraqi Linux Groups' bits and bites

Iraqi Linux Groups' bits and bites
cecile | 13 May, 2005 15:51 

An Iraqi's story by Bassam Hassan - CoFounder of the ILUG

How the Iraqi Linux Group <http://www.iraqilinux.org/>  came to exist,
despite the corruption of USAID 

"It's cumbersome for me to discuss the aspects of technology development
in Iraq in the past 35 years when considering the graveness and
massiveness of the political events which occurred in Iraq while
simultaneously taking into account the rapid pace and the consecutive
nature of these events. 
It's no secret that Iraq was involved in three major military
confrontations with the greatest powers in the world represented by the
Iranian army and the mighty left hand of god (The US Army!). It's no
secret also that Iraq was governed by one of worst dictatorships the
humanity ever witnessed through out history. 
The state of the successive wars and the atrocities of the past regime
had a massive and permanent influence upon the technological, social and
cultural development of the Iraqi community. I can't say that wars and
the repressive regime were the sole factors involved in that
multi-dimensioned equation since Iraq was not a developed country back
before the Ba'ath party gained governmental domination in 1968 A.D.
However, it's effect was enormous and I believe that it has changed or
more precisely 'maimed' the cultural makeup of the Iraqi community. 


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