Steven Clift on Wed, 11 May 2005 07:04:34 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> New FLOSS tool for online groups - GroupServer

It would be great to see e-lists like these using the new open source
GroupServer tool.  Anyone interested?

It mixes a smart e-mail list with a simple web forum with a dash of
online community features.

Here is a post I am sharing around the Net today ...

I blogged the open source release of GroupServer today:

Read up on E-Democracy.Org's involvement with the tool and watch our 20
minute video tour if you want the inside scoop:

Visit the official download site in New Zealand run by GroupSense,=20

Those with NGOs and governments interested in promoting additional=20
core features that serve all of our needs, are invited join a special
online group:

Whether it is for many-to-many online deliberative discussions or=20
government-hosted e-consultations, GroupServer will grow with your=20
interest and our shared open source participation.

With the support of the UK government's Local E-democracy National
we funded a number of "democratic" GroupServer features as the well as
path to its first open source release.  If you combine this with our new

60 page guidebook on starting a local Issues Forums and our multimedia
"E-Democracy Experience" we've never been in a stronger position to help
active citizens ready to make an online difference in their local
communities.  Join us by building an Issues Forum in your community with
E-Democracy.Org.  Relevant documents for all:

Steven Clift
Board Chair, E-Democracy.Org

P.S. Feel free to forward this to others.

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