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We humbly wish to introduce ourselve as the All People Revolution United
Front of Mali=28APRUF=29 We are please to write you concerning our new
arragement to turn the aforemention organisation into a full registered
political party in Mali=2E In respect to this we wish to inform you that
the organisation have about 7000 kg =287tones=29 of gold in stock and
285=2C513 carat of Rough diamonds=2E We want a reliable person or
company that will assist the organisation in the marketing of the
goods=2E We also have mining fields in different areas in our country
for gold and Diamond=2E We will be happy if you have connection for
modern mining equipments and facilities Our organisation shall give you
a total of 10% of any gold or diamond sold by you=2EPlease indicate your
interest and more informations shall be given to you as soon as possible
For security reasons we demand that you contact us through this
medium=2E We strongly believe enough facts are give for you to access
our status=2E

Best regards=2C

Pascale Hasan 

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