Karl-Erik Tallmo on Fri, 22 Oct 2004 05:26:52 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Culturenet Sweden faces sudden shutdown

The Swedish Culturenet is to be shut down by the government - on 
rather strange grounds. People are protesting. The petition mentioned 
in the below text (http://www.fsk.net/kulturnateng.html) was when I 
last checked signed by 921 people - in just a few days. Now, also 
international friends of the Culturenet may sign ...


/Karl-Erik Tallmo

>Culturenet Sweden (http://www.kultur.nu) - a large web site giving 
>the Swedish people access to all kinds of culture - is now being 
>shut down by the government after nine years of existence.
>Through the years Culturenet Sweden has built a large systematically 
>organized catalogue of links to all sorts of Swedish culture; 
>artists, musicians, writers, actors, theater groups, dancers, 
>libraries, archives, museums, galleries, book stores, antiquarian 
>book sellers, governmental agencies concerned with cultural matters, 
>organizations, research, education etc. Right now, in the Fall of 
>2004, the link catalogue contains approx. 8 000 links.
>The information in the link catalogue is highly refined and 
>systematized. This service is augmented by a mailinglist hosting 
>service, a notice board where anybody may advertise their cultural 
>events or achievements, a unique press release service, the services 
>"Ask a librarian", and "What happens?", the latter an online 
>calendar, listing current events, and finally an online cultural 
>Culturenet Sweden is unique in its scope - since it includes 
>official institutions as well as individual artists, commercial and 
>non-commercial endeavors.
>Culturenet Sweden is a cultural community, attracting several 
>thousand unique visitors every day. This highly appreciated service 
>is now to be shut down, according to the latest finance bill.
>The reason for this is - according to the bill - that there is today 
>"a large amount of entrepreneurs who provide Internet based search 
>engines for the public. This means that a government funded endeavor 
>in this area no longer can be motivated."
>This, however, is not true. There is no search engine for 
>specifically Swedish cultural matters on the web. And Culturenet 
>Sweden is much more than a search engine. Culturenet Sweden provides 
>highly refined information ABOUT but foremost BY cultural Sweden 
>itself, regardless of which ministry a certain item belongs to, 
>regardless of if it is public or private, commercial or 
>There is an online petition about this for English speaking 
>international friends of the Culturenet:
>see http://www.fsk.net/kulturnateng.html
>More reading:
>"Culturenet Sweden faces sudden shutdown"

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   Contributor to Nordic dailies and magazines for the last 25
   years. Tallmo has written three books. He has participated as
   an expert in governmental investigations on new media and been
   a member of advisory boards, e.g. at the Royal Library, the
   Swedish IT Commission, and the Swedish Research Council.
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