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please stop this war

We European citizens (Italians, Germans and Britons) want to talk to all 
American citizens. On 2 November 2004 you will face a choice between two 
candidates and two parties, but more than that. You have a chance to take 
a giant stride forward for the good of all humanity. You can choose 
between the future and the past, between reason and ignorance between true 
compassion and mere ideology. This is your moment you must not falter. 
We love your country; we love the American people and the American 
culture. We share your values: freedom, democracy, equal rights for all 
human beings. We fear that our world, a world that we all share together, 
is in danger.  9/11 has shown us that a group of criminals is determined 
to destroy democracy, but what has followed, the so called War on Terror, 
has enormously worsened the situation, rather than improving it. As the 
entire world knows the truth is that the so called War on Terror is a war 
for oil against innocent people. In Iraq, the US bombings have killed 
thousands of civilians, including women and children. The terrorists have 
not been destroyed by the War on Terror launched by President Bush.  On 
the contrary, the Army of Terror is growing and growing and growing. For 
example when the horrifying images of U.S. soldiers torturing Iraqi 
prisoners taken in Abu Ghraib prison circulated in the press, many people 
in Europe were shocked and disgusted. And what has happened in the minds 
of millions of young Muslim persons is that their humiliation and their 
hatred has become fuel for another twenty years of growing violence.

Please stop this war. Only you can do it.  President Bush is a 
professional liar. He lied when he said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of 
mass destruction. Saddam Hussein was a creepy dictator (once upon a time 
supported by American money), but he did not pose any threat to the 
American people. Bush lied again when he said that his mission was 
accomplished. Thousand of Americans have died since then.  And President 
Bush is impudently lying when he says that the world is a safer place. 
This is absolutely false. The world is a hundred times more unsafe as 
shows what' s happened in Spain, Russia, Turkey... Please stop this war. 
Only you can do it.  The army of terrorists is ten times bigger than it 
was two years ago, and the candidates to explosive suicide are thousands, 
and will soon be millions. Every day western people are killed, kidnapped, 
aggressed. And this is the unavoidable consequence of the daily slaughter 
of civilians provoked by US bombs, for a war not against Terror but for 
the Iraqi Oil. Please stop this war. Only you can do it. This war is going 
to cost more than Vietnam did, for the West, and for the American people. 
Vietnam was a limited problem. Once defeated, the Americans could go back 
home, and were left in peace.  This time it's going to be much worse.  If 
the Americans do not go away now, the plague will expand everywhere, 
becoming a global civil war. And the terror will swallow our future, our 
children and our lives. Please stop this war. Only you can do it. Please 
don't vote for George W. Bush


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