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<nettime> Re: [Reader-list] HOWTO: Temporary Media Lab, Setup a

Not to be critical, but you seem to be talking about using pretty high
end hardware.  It's great if you have resources and can get plenty of
ghz boxes but you can do almost everything you're saying on truely
recycled boxes (less than 166mhz and 8 to 16 megs of ram).

You could take one of those boxes you list at the low end, make it a
server, and setup diskless term's connect to it and have a computer
lab of 20 computers all running full GUI's. This is what we've been
doing in indymedia. For video editing you need higher end boxes, but
for audio, photo, and text the network boxes work great.

There are also a number of projects now in the works to let you put
four heads on a single box. This lets us cut out and share the most
expensive part, the cpu, and have four people share the system at the
same time. For computer labs it makes a lot of sense, also it's easier
to transport a miniITX across a boarder and get the used montiors,
mice, and keyboards locally than to try and bring everything.


On Fri, 17 Sep 2004 19:47:10 +0530, Aniruddha Shankar <karim@sarai.net> wrote:

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> <nettime>'s one of the first spaces that discussed a Temporary Media
> Lab. For those amongst us who're interested, heres a document I've
> written on how to set up a media lab:

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