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<nettime> net artist Katie Bush, destroyer of evil, interviewed

Tackling the State of Terror in California..
now up at :

Destroying Evil
Head to head this week in the war on terror, EVIL vs clip-art heroine, 
animated gif surrealist & all-round San Franciscan adventuress, 1 x 
Katie Bush. Print media cannot do justice to the twin blows she strikes 
for freedom at the stroboscopic browser batterers:  &

 >What's evil about katie?
There is nothing evil about katie! Evil creatures (such as evil women) 
typically act out of an insidious lack of compassion (especially with 
their vagina or their genitals). They do this for fun and for evil 
sport, or out of a vaginal duty to some evil deity or heinous master. 
It is sick and it is terrifying and it must be destroyed! Katie doesn't 
participate in this type of naughty! Katie is the way, the truth and 
the life. On top of that... To be evil, you must be headquartered in 
the torrid caverns of red hell. My anonymous hotmail email address 
PROVES that I am not headquartered in that area. If you had done a 
little research before contacting me, you would know that geographical 
experts have produced a textbook that indicates that the earth's 
INTERIOR consists of evil, non-righteous hell-fire ... I live on the 
EXTERIOR of the earth and therefore have nothing to do with this!

 >What's evil about webpages?
A website is a collection of information-like documents or 'pages' that 
can be viewed by handsome men and/or pretty ladies using calculation 
boxes known as 'computers'. These calculation boxes are able to perform 
tasks (such as 'sorting' or 'correlating') typically associated with 
female office secretaries, but at FRIGHTENINGLY INHUMAN SPEEDS. Many 
researchers have proven that where there is frighteningly inhuman 
speed: there is evil! to prove this terrifying point, I took the 
liberty of lowering a penis-like device, known as a 'microphone' into 
the grotesque internals of my calculation box. Needless to say, Ii was 
shocked! Nothing I can do, nothing I can say, will ever erase the 
horror of audio-evil-hell I heard. it sent chills screaming through my 
soul. If evil is not real, then i am the most deceived lady in all the 

 >Evil in Australia?
 From what I can ascertain, the only thing evil about Australia is the 
Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, his wife Terri Rains and their crocodile 
baby Bindi Sue.

 >Can you make an Australian reader piss their pants?
There is a bridge here. It is funny.

 >What per centage of Californians have RSI?
I don't think I know what that is. But I am frightened. And I am pretty 
sure I have it. It itches all the time and when/IF I look at my 
vagina... I only see the RSI and I know that something is horribly, 
horribly wrong. (So I don't look at it and I do not tell ANY of my 
sexual partners).

 >How's California become a better place since Arnie got elected?
Oh my god-in-holy-heavens. California has become a better place in 
e-v-e-r-y way a bronzed lady (such as myself) could imagine! Thank god 
Arnold Schwarzenegger was 'elected' to one of the most powerful 
positions in the world and innocent multi-national corporations like 
Enron can now go about their business in peace! Plus, it'z neat that he 
was in the movies! What would this patriarchal world have come to, if 
George Bush's baseball buddies hadn't been allowed to pillage.. I mean 
.. conduct unregulated laundering.. I mean business in the sunny state. 
As a consumer of things (go malls!), I was delighted that that 
silly-willy $9 BILLION lawsuit (brought on by the former/ousted 
Governor of California) against Enron and other oil-lovin' businessmen 
was dropped the second Arnold was elected! On top of that.. it'z neat, 
'cause he's in movies! Hopefully those incriminating Enron memos 
between Kenneth Lay and the Terminator (awesome movie!) will stay in 
the dark where they belong! ( If a little 
Austrian boy can eventually make his way across an ocean to star in 
'Twins' (Danny DeVito was initially reluctant to talk that role! what 
was he thinking!).... he is surely qualified to run the world's fifth 
largest economy.

 >If Animated Gifs were a super-hero, what'd their secret weapon be?
Animated Gifs ARE super-heros! I was warned. I am not supposed to talk 
about it... but the only way you can tell if an animated Gif is a boy 
super-hero or a girl super-hero is by suddenly turning it upside down 
and looking at its 2-dimensional genitalia(s). (**WARNING***! They are 
normally reluctuant to SHOW YOU.. so you have to take them to a 
disgusting bar and use small doses of computerized horse tranquilizer). 
If the .gif file contains an animated penis: its secret weapon is quite 
often a frighteningly large ejaculatory pixel wand. If the .gif file 
contains a tube-like opening that extends from the labia minora to the 
uterus and is elastic enough to allow passage of an animated fetus: it 
is a girl super-hero and her secret weapon is that she can receive a 
penis during coitus.

 >Your 5 year GOAL for Destroying Evil?
To consume All/consumers.

 >When websites have epitaphs, what'll yours be?

Evil Quizzer Of The Week:
Q. What's the difference between liberating the people of Iraq, and say 
Sudan or Rwanda?
A. Neither Sudan where thousands are currently being killed every week 
and up to 1 million people have been drive from their homes, or Rwanda 
where 800,000 people were killed in 1994  - have enough oilpipes 
feeding Uncle Sam's engine.

Jurassic 5, Tortoise, Thievery Corporation, X-ecutioners, Lee ‘Scratch’ 
Perry or Danger Mouse aren't down with that, and if you buy the 
"Genocide in Sudan" charity CD they feature on, you'll be helping 
Sudanese people :

jeanpoole @

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