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     [ orig From: "ISMonitor" <>


Your internet page at port 80 has been chosen like
more other pages for FREE monitoring in next 7 days.

We belive that you are doing in best way that your pages should be
normally available to your partners. But nevertheless, there are
sometimes troubles. Often it is hard to find out this errors. That is
because your administrators are maintainig pages in a different
conditions than your external partners. Other reason is that people have
other things to do than just watch out if everything is OK. 

So we have developed a service, wich is monitoring web services and
alert owners in case of failure. you can find more info about our
service at
<> .

We are suggesting to visit our page and to become our


As welcome gift you will recieve a FREE 30 days of our service support,
if you decide and REGISTER
<>    within next 3
days (valid only for annualy package).


you can check your current statistics with username : rek143 and
password: 717.


you will get between other:

    - you could choose package that is best for you

    - you will be notified within minutes if your page is unavailable

    - you will get periodically reports with real data : availability
and real delay

    - you could add more of your standard internet services, like Mail
service, FTP, SMTP and others

    - you can set up to notify more persons for each service

    - and lots others


Our free testing ends 8-9-2004 at 24:00 GMT.



Best regards

_________ Team.


If you are not responsible for server, please follow
this message to them.

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