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<nettime> The Art of Sweatshops

[In the context of the recent 'painting web pages' discussion
... The original subject line was simply 'business'. Felix]

Hello, Dear 

No matter you are an oil painting dealer, an art gallery owner or a
fancier of painting, now it is really a good chance for us to build up
such a business relationship.

Our company is a professional oil painting manufacturer in China Asia---A
low cost painting manufacturing base.

The service we provide is to help our customers reproduce the various
styles and levels of oil paintings.The paintings which include the
reproductions from old masterpiece, new creations from photographs and any
specifications defined by customers themselves. And all of the paintings
are absolutely hand painted on canvas or board by Chinese famous artists.

Please go to visit our website: to find your favorite
works, or send me the images & photographs for reproducing if you are
interested in oil paintings.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

YW Art Company

Email address:
Direct   call: +86 755 ___________
               +86 137 ___________

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