Nicolas Scharnagl on Mon, 1 Dec 2003 02:38:28 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Global Healing

                i consider myself to be the man who stole the universe,
of course under guidance
                of those in the know for all of history.
                now because i am not so much a spiritual but a practical
person i have to focus
                myself on the mess we have done on our
                planet earth and start cleaning it up. to achieve this
goal i have to gather
                real people around me that support me in my work.
                i have been informed that first i have to focus on the
city, not so much the
                natural world. This will come at a later time.
                Global Healing will take time, because i cannot break
the laws of physics. in
                our real world i can only operate in the space that is
                left open by the natural laws as we know now. to achieve
this goal i need to
                raise attention. so far i have been very much protected
                from attention. The gay science of the 21st century can
be developped through
                the attention and greater understanding will develop.
                Different sciences can be united and be brought
together. Astrology,Philosophy,
                Art, Magic, the natural sciences can all be united
                to serve a common goal, to achieve harmony within our
solar system,especially
                the sun and particularily on planet earth.
                I should become a teacher, as my health permits.

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