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<nettime> Request to Nettime to be part of DISTRIBUTED CREATIVITY online forum with Eyebeam

I'm writing to you from Eyebeam, NYC's not-for-profit art and technology
center located in Chelsea at 540 West 21 Street.  I hope you know about our
work with artists, curators, academics, etc. since 1997 bringing technology
and access to new audiences.  Please check out our website at for further information about Eyebeam's programs in
education, moving image, exhibitions, publications, etc.

The reason I'm writing to Nettime today is to ask whether this community
would be interested in cross-pollinating with Eyebeam's next online forum,
DISTRIBUTED CREATIVITY from November 12-December 19. Below is the blurb.
For the past six years Eyebeam has done an annual online forum on
technology, art and popular culture and invited the public, artists,
curators, academics, technologists to have an open discourse online about a
specific topic.  Our online forums are then published a year later into
books with commissioned essays and art projects.

For the upcoming forum we are working with the following online
communities--Creative Commons, Rhizome, D.A.T.A. and Fibreculture  to hold a
discussion across five places on the web concerning artistic collaborations.
I would like to invite Nettime to be a community on this online forum.  Each
week there will be a different topic to discuss and the discussion will take
place on the communinity with special moderators, guest participants and
artists.  All dialogue will be archived on the eyebeam website.  Our
technical team consisting of Richard Chung & Vivian Selbo will be working on
cross-pollination technical issues with each community organization.

Distributed Creativity
An Online Forum
Sponsored by Eyebeam in partnership with the Still Water program @
The University of Maine
> November 12-December 19, 2003

As our media become increasingly fast, mobile, and sociable, artistic
practice has abandoned the center and dispersed across creative networks.
Artists are organizing impromptu street actions by mobile phone, musicians
are repurposing peer-to-peer networks for artistic ends, and programmers are
distributing electronic toolkits to help artists leap from code to
creativity. DISTRIBUTED CREATIVITY, Eyebeam's sixth annual online forum in
partnership with the University of Maine's Still Water program, investigates
new paradigms for artmaking that take advantage of mobile and distributed
technologies such as WiFi, Weblogs, rich Internet applications, voice over
IP, and social software. Co-hosts, panelists and public participants from
around the world, including Rhizome, DATA, and Creative Commons,
will discuss the artistic, legal, technical and social dynamics of creative
networks small and large.

So, please tell me if Nettime is interested in this for one week in

Many thanks!

Beth Rosenberg
Eyebeam-Publications & OnLine Forums

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