Eduardo Navas on Fri, 30 May 2003 16:49:51 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Nettime-bold is <bleep>

> > As an experiment, Nettime-bold was a failure, but a revealing one.
> > First, there was very little interest in it. At its best,
> > nettime-bold had about 130 subscribers, which, at the time, was 5%
> > the subscribers nettime-l had.
> I think these figures serve no useful purpose.
(you know the rest from the thread...)


My response:

The key to this dilemma is time.  Nettime bold is not successful due to
the amount of time it takes to filter all of the submitted material.  In
an ideal world, all nettimers would have the time to look over every
e-mail sent to the bold list, but this is not possible as everyone is
attached to some sort of obligation that takes time away from full
immersion in possible meaninglessness...

I think if the time were available bold would be very successful, but the
truth is that most decent publications need editors -- I do not care how
decentralized the net may become, this will always be true to some degree.
Editors have been around for quite some time in order to subsume noise.
Unfortunately, editors (by default) hold a certain priviledged position
within the intellectual power structure -- Nettime volunteers are no
different.  Let us be honest about this and move on.  Though I do think
the bold list should be made available in some form -- even as messy
garbage... who knows, maybe someone could appropriate it as a decadent
state of overproductive awareness.

Keep on editing, but find some way to leave some (that is where the real
challenge is...)

Eduardo Navas

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