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<nettime> the politics of daily life - _Raising Victor Vargas_

I finally did it. I got sick of the war footages and went to Times 
Square to enjoy something else. _Raising Victor Vargas_ is a film that 
just opened at the AMC there and plays in Loisaida. I know the Latino 
cast because they played in some of my shorts, but now Peter Sollett 
has found a way to bring them to celluloid. The younger populace shines 
as the struggle unfolds from buzzer to pool. Technology is used to send 
signals of significance - the phone is tossed out the window in the 
opening scene but people find ways to enter and exit none the less. 
Privacy is practiced in public spaces because the home is a 
claustrophobic enclave where cultures meet - a museum. A quarter on the 
street buys trinkets which add to the assemblage. Go see it!


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