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<nettime> \\ regime change

>To: LEV List <>
>From: Clay Chaplin <>

>Hi LEV . ..
>The list is off until I find someone else to admin it.  I should be 
>able to find someone in the next day or two and get the web pages 
>updated. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Dear Clay

NN would be glad to undertake the task of administering LEV. You and other western citizenz 
may be assured there shall not be any censorship and/or danger of censorship or surreptitious maneuvers.
And after all, as Syndicate has shown, a coalition of women and men from the East and West 
is a simply.superior solution.

I would still like to understand, if you can afford it, why I was 
surreptitiously unsubscribed.

I am not an insect. There is not one thing more demeaning
and stressful, hurtful and damaging than being forcefully 
and surreptitiously set aside.

You and others should consider being more attentive to the manner
in which you wield your powers of suffocating real people. 
Some day, some very wounded person or other may hurt herself / himself ...


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