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   civil disobedience in New York at  8:00 A.M March 27>
   Re: al jaz mirror
  caron eliot <>
   antiwar media space and radio in london
  florian schneider <>
   SF Chron journo suspended for arrest in protest
  nettime's_roving_reporter <>
   Independent Russian site in English on War on Iraq
  J Armitage <>


Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 10:38:58 -0500 (EST)
Subject: civil disobedience in New York at  8:00 A.M March 27>

About 100 demonstrators were arrested this morning on Fifth Avenue at 50th
Street in front of Rockefeller Center (and Saks Fifth Avnue).  At 8:20
demonstators who had lined the sidewalks lay down in the middle of 5th Avenue
stopping all traffic heading south on this oneway main artery in New York City.
About 10 minutes after the die in began larger numbers of cops and
plainclothesmen swarmed the area, vans pulled up and the arrests began. Traffic
was stalled for about an hour. No business as usual.

Perry Bard


Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 09:05:40 +1100 (EST)
From: caron eliot <>
Subject: Re: al jaz mirror

al jaz mirror which works = - Yahoo! Mobile
- - Check & compose your email via SMS on your Telstra or Vodafone mobile.


Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 21:04:55 +0100
From: florian schneider <>
Subject: antiwar media space and radio in london

 From the hub-mailinglist:

From: Javier <>

hi ppl, if anyone has any mp3s in english.... also if anyone is doing
a similar initiative in other cities lets be in touch

another war is possible



- ----

Indymedia London, Diversity Radio Amsterdam (on tour), Resonance FM,
London Action Resource Centre, and assorted individuals, present...


Free thinking chillout public access cafe. Bring yourself - optional
laptop - and produce your own media. Recharge batteries and sanity.
Share knowledge, learn from others Don't stay at home, another war is

@ LARC 62 Fieldgate St E1 (Whitechapel Tube)

We are open most times in daytime, from 10:00am till 10:00pm. To be
completely sure you can contact us on 02073779088

email contact:

There are concrete things to do right now: a kitchen group to have
warm soup every day for the roving reporters, audio editing/streaming
training, co-ordinate coverage of actions and demos, and lots of
school, street, workplace leafletting. If you want we can send you
more detailed tasks to get involved.

- ------------


A daily open radio space where the war media machine gets torn to
pieces. Citizens will be tackling the questions hidden behind the
sterile discussions on the legality of war and humanitarian genocide.

Broadcast over Central London on Resonance 104.4 FM, between
11am-12pm, available webstreamed at - There is also a
global Indymedia radio stream up and running soon, details on the site.

The studio is in the Media Storm Shelter, and everyone is welcome to
participate. You can come over any time and pre-record, or speak live
during the show. We have program meetings at 8:30 pm the day before,
whenever possible come the day before. If you are not in London you
can post your mp3s to the Indymedia UK site and send us an email with
the address.

Any contacts with protesting students, academics, lawyers, comedians,
ex-military/intelligence, soldiersī families, angry housewives against
the war... basically anyone who may have something to say... please
invite them to come or do an interview yourself.

This program will be running throughout the war, and it is the only
one declared antiwar space in a legal radio in London (if you know of
any similar initiative please let us know). Help is needed to keep it
going for an indefinite time, particularly as people may get worn out
of the war in general.

- -- 
Javier <>


Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 23:22:05 -0100
From: nettime's_roving_reporter <>
Subject: SF Chron journo suspended for arrest in protest

     [via <>]


   Calif. Journalist Suspended Over Antiwar Protest
   Fri Mar 28, 5:41 PM ET

   By Adam Tanner

   SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A San Francisco Chronicle reporter suspended
   after getting arrested in an anti-war rally said on Friday that he
   felt unfairly treated and that no one should expect complete
   objectivity from a journalist.

   The Chronicle suspended technology reporter Henry Norr, 57, effective
   Thursday, after he was among more than 1,300 people arrested last week
   for blocking public streets on the first morning after the Iraq (news
   - web sites) war started.

   "I don't write about national affairs, I don't write about national
   politics, I write about things like (e-mail) spam," Norr said in an
   interview. "To me, in any normal understanding of what is a conflict
   of interest, I didn't (have) one."

   Unlike many U.S. newspapers, the Chronicle does not bar its reporters
   from participating in political events, but a memo distributed
   internally by the paper on Wednesday advises its staff to be cautious
   and gain approval from superiors first.

   "The war is a subject that we are writing about in every section of
   our paper and it touches the work of most of the journalists who work
   here," Phil Bronstein, the paper's editor who wrote the memo, said in
   an interview.

   "So we are very serious about avoiding a conflict or the appearance of

   "We do take with upmost seriousness our First Amendment responsibility
   which as a newspaper is to provide fair and balanced coverage and to
   report every side of a story, particularly in wartime, and
   particularly when the country has such strong feelings on all sides,"
   he said.

   The paper told Norr, who organized marches during the Vietnam War
   before becoming a journalist, he was being suspended for claiming a
   sick day to attend the anti-war protest. "What I was feeling is that I
   am at heart sick of the war. I was nauseated by it all," Norr said.

   Norr said a different standard against participating in rallies should
   apply to reporters covering national affairs such as the Pentagon
   (news - web sites) or White House beat. Nonetheless, he said
   journalists cannot mask their personal feelings entirely.

   "Total objectivity is an illusion," he said. "Everybody has views on
   important issues, at least most people do."

   "The best journalism comes from people who are engaged in the world
   around them, who are not just blinkered scribes who sit there at the
   keyboard and write stories, but people who have passions and feelings
   and engagement."


Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 12:44:26 -0000
From: J Armitage <>
Subject: Independent Russian site in English on War on Iraq

Hi all

A friend just passed on this URL of an independent Russian site in English
on the War on Iraq. The site has been put together by journalists using
Russian military intelligence reports. It provides what can only be
described as an alternative perspective to the one being provided The Matrix
in the UK at any rate.

In English here:

In Russian here:



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