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Re: <nettime> incoming! digest [valentine (x2), cantsin]

>If you entertain notions that sending an email message to the nettime-l
>list will in some way incite a movement to succesfully avert your
>imagined "quagmire" you're a damn fool.  If the millions of fools
>already flooding the streets haven't been able to stop the "juggernaut"
>of American liberation then your call for a ceasefire sounds a lot like
>you pissing in the wind.
>Your time would be better spent preparing to actually help the people of
>Iraq.  There are 22 million of them and they're about to be in need of a
>lion's share of humanitarian relief.  It's a harsh truth, but your words
>are unlikely to help a one of them.  Your actions would speak much

My suggestion: Donate blood, not rhetoric.

> Brandon D. Valentine

Brandon's final suggestion treats us to yet another Bush like binary,
another false dichotomy like theory vs practice. For us or against us!
Blood or rhetoric. humanitarian relief or fury. Well lets donate both! they
are not mutually exclusive.

Maybe we millions of fools who flooded the streets failed to stop the
"juggernaut" of mayhem you call "liberation" but if this horror were to
last much longer then just maybe history might repeat itself and as with
Vietnam the accumulation of resistance might eventually weaken the resolve
of what must (in all its God fearing conviction) be trully one of the most
shameful US administrations in living memory.

David Garcia

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