Michael Summerfield on Wed, 26 Mar 2003 06:02:29 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Google as News Aggregator [re: ...rejects Infoshop news]

Google's news aggregation isn't an attempt to provide balanced perspective 
... they are a corporate aggregator whose news choices are driven by 
popularity.  Aggregation, Google-style is the cold, cruel reality of 
majority rules [at least in the Western World's limited perspective].

Most newspapers in the world are also not providers of balanced news - they 
lean toward or openly advocate a political posture.  It is only in the U.S. 
that the popular belief [not the reality, mind you] is that newspapers 
honorably provide full balanced disclosure and are not a puppet of the 
government or corporate interests.

We created Globalvision News to provide a balance of sources and, as our 
tag line reads: "We aggregate - you decide."  We don't anticipate, nor do 
we seek Google's aggregation of our sources.  How else could we make a 
living if we made it all available free on Google?  Besides, they don't 
archive and half the value of aggregating is being able to look back at 
what has been said.

Check out the new article about us in Editor & Publisher Magazine, March 
24, 2003 and online March 26th.

Michael Summerfield
Vice President
Globalvision News Network

Always remember you're unique ... just like everyone else.

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