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   Paper Cranes for Peace   
ben moretti <>   
   Call for a collection of Video Materials
Alessandro Ludovico <>   
   Version 5.0 now online   
"ViolenceOnlineFestival" <>    
   Announcing [a collaboration between Carbon Defense League 
   and Conglo
"Nathan Hactivist" <>    
   \\international\media\art\award 2003 : last call for entries
Petra Kaiser <>  


Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 16:11:20 +1030
From: ben moretti <>
Subject: Paper Cranes for Peace

The following is from a group here in Adelaide, Australia, called Circle of 
Friends,  who are a support group for refugees held in detention centres. 
They are going to make paper cranes to post to politicians as reminders of 
peace. Other people of like mindedness might like to do the same around the 

Here's the steps:

1. Make a paper crane
2. Put it in an envelope and address it to your politician of choice
3. Attach a stamp and put it in the post box
4. Go to Step 1

A good website for the paper folding inclined is 



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Remember Sadako, the Japanese girl who wanted to make a 1000 paper cranes
for peace? She died of radiation poisoning from the Hiroshima bomb before
she finished but others have followed her example at different times. 

Deborah, Julie, Felix and I will be making paper cranes on the steps of
parliament house next Monday between 11-2. We will send out more details
shortly including instructions.

Please come along boost our numbers and learn how to make paper cranes. When
we have 1000 we will send them to Howard. We are hoping this simple gesture
will be copied across Australia.

Please let me know if you can make it.

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ben moretti


Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 21:49:33 +0100
From: Alessandro Ludovico <>
Subject: Call for a collection of Video Materials

>Call for a collection of Video Materials
>Almost two years after the beatings by the police in Genoa the 
>investigations are now concluding. Those who investigated the death 
>of Carlo Giuliani have decided that, in the context of the materials 
>available to the prosecutor, Placanica acted to defend himself 
>legitimately, firing a pistol shot in the air that, after having hit 
>a stone, killed Carlo.
>This decision is based principally on a study of the video images 
>from Piazza Alimonda.
>The same magistrate however, at the moment of asking for the 
>dismissal of the case, did say that many people were to be seen with 
>videocameras and cameras in their hands nearby Carlo, people who saw 
>and filmed, but either did not want, or could not, contribute to the 
>establishment of the truth. Now we're at the end of the 
>investigation and, if we don't demonstrate that in Piazza Alimonda 
>the truth lies elsewhere, the story will be closed.
>Likewise the investigations of the massacre in the Diaz school and 
>the beatings of Via Tolemaide are about to draw to a close. In these 
>cases once again video images have been crucial. Also footage of 
>that which took place during the whole evening opposite the Media 
>Center, and during and after the police burst into the Diaz and 
>Pasquali schools, could turn out to be fundamental in order to 
>demonstrate what really happened. The Italian Police chiefs have 
>lied or have been reticent before Parliament and the District 
>Attorney of Genoa. The records from the interrogations given to the 
>judges, which have appeared in the press, show this, But they are 
>not enough.
>We are still looking for victims and witnesses that it seems cannot 
>be found and who could provide decisive testimony. And particularly 
>we're looking for video footage because no testimony is stronger 
>than that of the image. Many of the beatings in the streets of the 
>city will be dismissed if it is not possible to identify those 
>responsible and the arbitrary character of many of the arrests can 
>only be proven using footage. In addition to the work of the 
>lawyers, it is thus necessary that we activate every communications 
>network so this material can be tracked down and made available so 
>as to prevent the shelving of this Genoa in such a manner that there 
>could be another Genoa.
>Please make a copy of your footage and send it to:
>Daniele Jenni (Lawyer),
>Speichergasse 31,
>3011 Berne
>"Without Truth, No Justice."
>Genoa Legal Forum
>with the support of IMC Italy
>tel: Genoa legal forum 00 39 010 24 61 413

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Alessandro Ludovico - daily updated news + reviews
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Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 07:54:59 +0100
From: "ViolenceOnlineFestival" <>
Subject: Version 5.0 now online

Violence Online Festival v.5.0

Now it is so far! Only a few hours
and there will be definitely war in Iraq.
But all the little Bushs in the world
don't have to go so far,
the new Violence Play Station
offers all of them pure war fun and happiness.

Just join
Version 5.0 of Violence Online Festival
which is launched on 18 March 2003
on occasion of the participation in
"Videoformes -
18th International Video and Multi-media Festival
Clermont-Ferrand (France) 19-22 March 2003"

Violence Online Festival is
a New Media art project
reflecting the phenomenon of "Violence",
curated, organized and created in Flash by
Agricola de Cologne, curator and media artist operating
from Cologne/Germany. As an ongoing project
Violence Online Festival is developed for being
presented in future in the framework of physical and
virtual media festivals and exhibitions.
For each event a new project version will be created
adjusted to the actual needs
including additions of new artists/works
and other changes.

Version 5.0 of Violence Online Festival
includes works of following new artists:

Restate, Francesca da Rimini, Tamara Lai,  L.L. de Mars, Ryan Griffis,
Isabel Saij, Ventsislav Zankov,  re:combo, Agricola de Cologne,
pedropez, Stephen Mead, Sergei Teterin, Mike Haskett, Joy Garnett,
Team of Get Carted, Andy Deck, Bruce Ives
Irene Marx, Guillaume Dimanche, jgjeux, Peter Jacobi,
Giacomo PiccA, Stephane Tomora,
Clemente Padin, Antonio Mendoza, Josh MacPhee, Judith Villamayor, jen
Mara Infidelious, Markus Christian Koch, Michael Crane, John Burgermann
Maria Papadimitriou, David Vegezzi, Home Team, Lorenzo Taiuti, Floe Florin,
Scott Becker, Robert Labor, Miguel Carlos Labra, Cendres Lavy,
Feargal O'Malley, Audrey Mantey, Per Pegelow, Tigran Tovmeysyan,
Hughues Rochette, Daniel Hanequand, Timothy Bowen, Cezar Lazarescu, Caterina
Davinio, ego, Marc Garrett,
Mona Vatamanu, Jatom Joon , Ivan Abreu, Bill Berry , Isabel Aranda Yto
Alan Sondheim, ED Mole, Katie Bush, David Crawford, Edward Marszewski
Tolya Glaukos, Dyian Anguelov, Bluescreen, David Sansone, Noya Abdelaziz

Fight, beat them, hit them! Join Violence Play Station!!

The human character contains both a light and a dark side, good and bad,
individually manifested. Deeply rooted is a dark-sided
element:  Violence.
In happy surroundings, it becomes hardly visible and in
less happy surroundings - either of a physical, psychological,
environmental, ideological, economic or political nature  -
nearly automatically a kind of survival
strategy with all the known consequences we see
manifested in conflicts on a small or large scale.
Violence is present anywhere, hidden or sleeping,
hesitating, waiting or in action, starting from simple
mobbing via verbalor physical attacks, the bandwidth has no end.

Nowadays, globalization, social injustice,
unemployment, increasing wealth on one side and
on the opposite increasing poverty (without mentioning some
causes) produce a climate where violence has a fertile
soil.  From the attack on 9/11 in the USA, people from
the Western civilization became painfully aware that
security of any kind is a mere illusion; not only the
internal, but also the external enemy is present anywhere.

Artists are said to be the consciousness of a nation or society
as they reflect the actual state of the psychological and physical
When this state is penetrated by violence, nobody is surprised that
violence becomes a universal subject for artistic reflection, the difference
only be the view on it and its perception depending on
the respective cultural background.

'Art and violence both seem to stem from the abstract: that place beyond
logic, the realm of the emotion. When they intersect we are simultaneously
repelled and attracted, frightened and excited. Historically this meeting
has been wrought with complexity, and as cultural violence in every society
increases, we are prevented by paranoia, censorship and ethical demands from
asking, and sometimes even posing, some of the most important questions
violence and art together and separately produce: how is violence
represented, and what or how much of it do we need to resist the cultivation
of fear and the encouragement of dependency? Is violence a tool, a process
or a result? When are artistic portrayals of violence justifiable? As
intellectual exercise, ritual, or spiritual enhancement? For other purposes?
Or are they never justifiable? Is violence in art an action, reaction, or
reflection? '  (quotation: festival statement).

How different the results of an artistic reflection can be is
shown through the Violence Online Festival, a New Media
online exhibition project curated and organized
as an individual event by Agricola de Cologne
including more than 150 artists from
30 countries presenting their work. It forms a
dynamic collaborative art work presenting very
individual visions and use of media.

The relevance of violence becomes visible also through
the high quality standard of  all the included works. Each
of them represents another aspect of violence - caught
in textual poetry, running as a video or embedded in an
interactive environment of a net-based art work.

In reaction to the key role (mass) media plays by displaying and even
violence, a new environment (interface) has been created for Violence
Online Festival, which houses and hosts the art works within a virtual media
company named "Violence Media Incorporated".
By dividing the company into different departments (eg.
"Violence for Happiness" , "Violence Marketing" or "Violence Broadcasting"),
it becomes clear that their meaning
has a rather ironic or sarcastic character, which gives
the embedded art works a new meaning.

While surfing through this environment, the visitor is forced to ask and
give answers,  and becomes slowly a part of this network of art through his
reflections and changes of perception.


The list of all 270 participating artists from 40 countries
can be found on

Visit this dynamic exciting show.
There are optional following accesses:
but also and

Violence Online Festival

on Rhizome Artbase:

* Version 1.0 : Online part of Violens Festival Tábor (Czech Republic) 17 -
31 August 2002
* Version 1.1 : Featured Project in September 2002 on A Virtual Memorial
* Version 2.0:  Computer Space Festival 2002 Sofia (Bulgaria) (18-21 Oct
2002) and
Liberarti Festival /Liverpool Biennale 2002 (10 Oct - 01 Dec 2002)
   *Award:  Special Prize of Computer Space Festival Sofia (Bg)
*November 2002 feature/review on faf - Fine Art Forum
*Version 3.0: "e-magic - New Media events"
43rd International Filmfestival Thessaloniki (Greece)
12-16 November 2002
*Version 4.0 - New Media Nation - Festival des Festivals
Bratislava (Slowakia) 20-22. February 2003
*Version 4.1 - Spotlight on TURBULENCE
*Version 5.0 - Videoformes - 18th International Video und Multimedia
20-23 March 2003

Version 6.0 will be launched on 4 April 2003 on occasion of the
participation in
1st New Media Art Festival Chiang Mai (Thailand)
4-15 April 2003

Reviews on:, Random, NOEMA, El Pais, FineArtForum etc.

technical requirements
optimized for VGA resolution 1024x768
PC Pentium III 600 Mhz or better or comparable MAC
Soundcard, recommended 56K or 64K modem or faster,
browsers: MS Internet Explorer 5.5+ or Netscape Navigator 6.0+
Players/Plug-ins: essential the latest Flash 6,
Shockwave, Real Player, Quicktime

Violence Online Festival
text, conception, programming, visalization
curator, organizer = Agricola de Cologne -
*copyright © 2002-2003 . All rights reserved.
*copyright © of all art works of
 the participating artists hold the authors or owners.

NewMediaArtProjectNetwork - the experimental platform
for the arts in Intenet is founded and created by
Agricola de Cologne.
copyright © 2000-2002 by Agricola de Cologne. All rights reserved.

Special thanks to:

Fatima Lasay -
DMF2002 Festival/University of the Philippines
Nisar Keshvani
fineArt forum = art + technology netnews

Violence Online Festival



Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 20:46:51 -0500
From: "Nathan Hactivist" <>
Subject: Announcing [a collaboration between Carbon Defense League and Conglomco] March 19 2003


March 19, 2003


Re-Code Your Own Price!

Promotional Video

RE-CODE.COM is a free web service that allows its customers to share product
information and create barcodes that can be printed and used to re-code
items in stores by placing new labels over existing UPC symbols to set a new
price - participating in an act of tactical shopping. RE-CODE.COM at its
core is a shared database, updateable by our customers. Participation is
free and requires no special membership agreements or software download.
After entering the website, customers can choose to search and view
information in our database currently or add their own collected data to the
system. Using our custom Barcode Generator application, barcodes are drawn
in real time and made available to the user.

If you like to save money, you've come to the right place! Our unique
process of shared database building based on preshopping, recoding, and
postshopping, enables you to pay only what you are willing to for the name
brand products you want. In the process, we save our customers millions and
millions of dollars! Here's the inside scoop on how our revolutionary
'Re-Code Your Own Price' service works.

Our customers and community members, travel to their local chain stores to
collect information about the products the stores carry, when possible
noting major brands and their generic equivalents. Using our convenient
downloadable Data Collection Sheets, RE-CODE.COM customers are able to
easily note UPC ID number, name, product packaging, and price. This
information can then be easily added to the RE-CODE.COM supercomputer to
help build a shared database. The process of adding original item UPC's and
prices to RE-CODE.COM is known as postshopping. Postshopping is critical in
building a large database of products for each area of the country. A
database which is both ours and yours!

It's a simple concept, but by recoding a product's original UPC barcode with
another item sold at the same store's code, and with a much more acceptable
price, enables tremendous savings for you the customer. By planning your
store purchases in advance, and logging on to our website, you can engage in
the process of preshopping. Preshopping's value is determined by you the
customer, as you search our database for the prices you want to pay at the
stores you plan to shop at. Be sure to take note of packaging materials for
each product to make the recoding process simpler. Either generate product
barcodes on the fly using our custom Barcode Generator application, view
search results and cut, copy, and paste resulting barcodes into any
graphical layout utility, or find a Pre-formatted Barcode Sheet for a store
near you. After locating the codes you want in one of these three ways,
simply print your barcodes at home onto label paper available at most office
supply or electronics stores and cut out your codes in preparation for
re-coding. We encourage our customers to re-code brand name items with
generic item codes. Through this process, the customer pays a more
reasonable price for what is a quite similar product. It is best to make
only slight adjustments such as these to avoid the notice of our
competitors - the chain stores and the major brands they carry.

Checking out is simple. Many stores even offer self scanning checkouts. This
is of course the easiest way to scan your re-coded items undetected. In
situations where this is not available, cashiers will assist you through
their workplace boredom by only listening for a beep as they scan your item
rather than noticing the product name which their register might display.
Again, if recoding brand name products using their generic equivalents' UPC
codes, it is likely that the registers product name displays will not appear
all that different. In one test, both Kellog's Frosted Flakes ($3.39 US) and
Better Valu Sugar Frosted Flakes ($1.69 US) appear with the word Flakes in
their name at the register. This helps the cashier to remain focused on the
beep rather than the product name as they scan away your savings. Of course,
this requires some flexibility on your part, but this is what allows you to
save up to 40% on brand-name products every day.

Press Contact / Interviews:


PR Image downloads:

Promotional Video

* We in no way endorse the theft of products or services. was
created as satire. We intend only to make aware the prevelance of barcodes
and begin a critical discussion about what their pervasiveness means. This
is not a product designed to be used in any malicious or illegal manner. Any
such use is strictly prohibited. You should not use any of the barcodes
available from this site for any illegal activity. They are here for your
amusement only.


Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 16:39:46 +0100
From: Petra Kaiser <>
Subject: \\international\media\art\award 2003 : last call for entries

\\international\media\art\award 2003

Deadline: 1st April 2003

The competition for the \\international\media\art\award 2003 is being
organised jointly by Suedwestrundfunk Baden-Baden (SWR) and ZKM| Center
for Art and Media Karlsruhe in co-operation with Swiss television  SF
DRS and arte.  This award is the successor to the International Video
Art Award, awarded for the first time in 1992. The
\\international\media\art\award is intended to provide a forum on the
television and in the general public for artistic videos as well as
other media and interactive arts projects.

Subject \\
Constructed Life: Scenarios of Fiction among computer games, cyber-sex,
nanobytes and robotic arts

More information and the application form:
This award is sponsored by LB-BW Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg.

ZKM| Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie
ZKM | Center for Art and Media
Lorenzstr. 19
76135 Karlsruhe
Tel. +49-721-8100-1150 / Fax -1139


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