Ana Valdes on Sat, 15 Mar 2003 08:27:50 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> News from Gaza and Palestine

Back from Palestine I download my 6300 letters (I read in several languages
and I am suscriber of many different forums and mailing lists, Cybermind
and Nettime are amongst my favorites. :). Now I have time to only briefly
comment the regards around my quick mail from the other day, when I
commented the situation in Gaza. The sea in Gaza is beutiful, the
Mediterranean is green and blue and the beaches are white and soft, but the
Israelian settlers has stolen the most of the costs and now in Gaza the
Palestinian has not longer access to their own sea. The settlers protect
their colonies (declared ilegitime and unlawful by UN under many years)
with Israelian soldiers, barbed wires and fences. I met an old shepherd, he
was wounded in a arm, the sheeps took him to near the fence and the
soldiers shot. I slept together with 5 Italian young crhisten activists in
a house who is under curfew between kl 6 a clock in the afternoon until 7 a
clock in the morning. People can not go out, the social life is inclosed
and reduced to your own home. We heard the all night the shouting of
nervous soldiers shouting to cats and to all who moved near the fences, the
reflectors enlighted the nomansland between the line of houses and the
fence with towers and soldiers.  I was in Gaza Beach camp, where 70.000
people live together. I was in Jalbalya too, where a tank shoot to a crowd
who had gather to see a fire, eleven was killed.

In Gaza live one million threehundredthousands palestinians, they are not
allowed to go out from Gaza, the biggest open air jail I has been in.

Ana Valdes

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