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Re: <nettime> Fw: [Nettime-ro] total fertility rate

>the reason i am posting this is the unexpected twist it takes on the demography
>crisis when it points at the wise US policies of encouraging immigration even
>in those sour times of anti-terro effort, therefore ensuring for itself on
>medium term the position of savior of Western civilization. (see especially
>last paragraph)  the olde-Europe vs. virile-America (what is America, once
>more? - I thought there are more countries in that continent).

draga calin

as you very well aware are the new york times isnt precisely the organ of 
repeated joys among the simply.superior 
[.ro l!f 4rmz = dzat b! default - dez!gur]

fertility rate one other factor is. one other is - in our v.modern society 
in addition to freedom + power humans expect privacy*
particularly in the united states of america (as you indicate a nameless 
country indeed)

0. ie. the number of single households has increased dramatically
2. ie. the land size necessary to maintain life functions in a human being 
has increased
4. ie. the issue isn't only the number of mostly disposable [in my extremely 
humble opinion] humans

in other words the new york times article is partly disposable.

<=> 0.2.4. conducive are to lowered unsanitary activities + increased personal 
introspection [no doubt]

servus. nn

* love may be purchased - very affordably [ost.europa = simply.SUPERIOR

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>> The New York Times, 2003 March 08
>> It Will Be a Smaller World After All

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