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Table of Contents:                                                                
     Anonymous <>                                                

   Severed Heads site message ..                                                   
     Stephen Jones <>                                                  

   VIRTUAL SIT-IN OF DOW "GREENWASH" SITE, ALL THIS WEEK                           
     "ricardo dominguez" <>                                            

   CfP: Culture and the Media Industry (fwd)                                       
     Heiko Recktenwald <>                                 

   new work: nyc2 canal                                                            
     doron <>                                              

   USDA Organic standards subverted                                                
     Ryan Griffis <>                                                

   fwd: call for applications: jan van eyck academie                               
     "f," <>                                                  

   Self portrait as a website                                                      
     "bobig" <>                                                       

   "Banner-strike" contest                                                         
     - G a r r e t t - <>                                

     Brunhild Bushoff <>                                 

   Last call\\international\media\art\award 2002                                   
     Marianne Bruder <>                                                   

   [R] - [R] - [F] -  Festival - call for proposals                                
     "NewMediaArtProjectNetwork" <>                          


Date: Tue,  4 Mar 2003 20:34:34 +0100 (CET)
From: Anonymous <>

Sent: Monday, March 03, 2003 2:45 PM
Subject: Re: Email on your BoycottDelta ?

In response to Delta Air Line's utter lack of concern with the privacy of
their customers demonstrated by their participation in a test of the CAPPS
II system, a Delta disinvestment campaign has been launched at: .

The idea of citizens having to undergo a background investigation that
includes personal banking information and a credit check simply to travel in
his or her own country is invasive and un-American.  The CAPPS II system
goes far beyond what any thinking citizen of this country should consider

If enough people refuse to fly Delta, then it is likely that other airlines
will refuse to implement this sadly misguided and anti-democratic system.
The boycott will remain in full effect until Delta Air Lines publicly
withdraws from any involvement with the testing of CAPPS II.

Press/Analyst Contact:  Bill Scannell (


Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 17:43:32 -0600 (CST)
From: Stephen Jones <>
Subject: Severed Heads site message ..

Hi there ..

I was doing some maintenance, like installing the new version of sendmail
which fixed a major security issue that was just announced, when I sort 
of arbitrarily decided to clean out the list of bogus/dead and unused
email addresses .. I do this every so often as a sort of spring cleaning
to keep the bounce email at a minimum.

Currently no one is on the list .. so you aren't missing out on any 
conversation.  If you want to get back on, send an email message to
'' with 'subscribe severed-heads' in the body.  

If this has caused you any inconvenience, I apologise.

Stephen Jones - chocolate achiever, list mangler, minister of patches.

(ps if you receive this message more than once, I'm sorry).


Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 06:51:08 -0500
From: "ricardo dominguez" <>

March 10, 2003 


Action Ends on March 17th, 2003

Dow Chemical is going to court this week in India. Not as the defendants
for their ongoing responsibility for the Bhopal disaster, but as the
plaintiffs: Dow is suing the SURVIVORS of the disaster for protesting at a
Dow plant, and--we're not making this up--they're demanding US$10,000 from
them... about 10 years of wages at local rates.

But pesky internet activists are showing Dow there is no escape, with a
virtual sit-in of Dow's internet Greenwash headquarters,

Dow's unapologetic website, which includes an "incident review," denies
that Dow purchased any liability for the disaster when they bought Union
Carbide, which was the majority stakeholder in the Bhopal plant (even
though Dow did pay up for Union Carbide's asbestos liabilities in the
First World). The site also states that "The legacy of those killed and
injured is a chemical industry that adheres voluntarily to strict safety
and environmental standards." (You may want to read that sentence again
just to be sure you got it right.)

After the 1984 gas leak, which has killed 20,000 people to date, Union
Carbide abandoned the factory site and fled India. For 18 years since, the
toxic wastes left by Union Carbide have been bleeding poisons into the
groundwater and affecting the health of the people living near the
factory. Dow merged with Union Carbide in 2001 and paid up for Union
Carbide's asbestos liabilities, but it refuses to do the same for Bhopal.

Dow has faced may protests since taking over Union Carbide, but suing the
victims represent a new low in Dow's attempts to gag its critics. Most of
the survivors come from the poorest sections of Indian society. To
reinforce its message, therefore, Dow is asking for a monetary settlement
from the victims. The amount they seek represents an average Indian's
earnings over 10 to 20 years. The cause? Dow's "loss of business".

If Dow sues real-life protesters into silence, protest will spring up
elsewhere. This protest hopes to show Dow that the only way to really
silence protest will be to spend a small fraction of its US$28 billion
annual turnover on cleaning up Bhopal.

A virtual sit-in is simply an automated way of sending lots of traffic to
a website.  Activists around the world park their browsers on a page which
does nothing more than automatically load the site several
times a minute. In the same way that a real-world sit-in disrupts traffic,
the virtual sit-in makes the target site less responsive and slow.  
Eventually, the site may become so crowded with protestors that it stops
serving information completely.

The virtual sit-in will be located at The Yes Men's hugely successful
spoof of Dow's website: Dow has been
playing whack-a-mole with the site, launching several
abortive legal attempts to shut it down, only to have new activists set it
up in a new spot on the internet. Other parts of the site explain more
honestly why Dow refuses to clean up Bhopal and why image is everything to


Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 16:47:18 +0100 (CET)
From: Heiko Recktenwald <>
Subject: CfP: Culture and the Media Industry (fwd)

Peter Glotz has many sides and an institutiuon that calls itself
"netacademy"..., well, judge yourself:

- ---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 16:00:22 +0100
Subject: CfP: Culture and the Media Industry


Apologies for cross-posting; please pass on to interested
colleagues and distribute further


Call for Papers

Focus Theme: Culture and Media Industry

Dear Colleagues:
JMM - The International Journal on Media Management
is leading forum for the communication of research data
and high quality information on all significant aspects
of media management.

Guest Editor: Lucy Küng, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland

This special issue will focus on a subject that lies at
the heart of media sector - culture. Culture, in its many
incarnations, features in a surprisingly varied range of
contexts relating to recent developments in the media
industry. Computer hacker culture has been credited as the
root of consumers' unwillingness to pay for downloaded
music. Incompatible corporate cultures have been blamed
for media mergers that fail to achieve their promised
potential. Mass market media products from Big Brother to
computer games have been blamed for the decline in the
so-called high culture industries.

Academics and practitioners are invited to contribute
papers and case studies relating to this rich and complex
phenomenon. Topics may include:

- - the nature and dynamics of corporate culture
  in media organisations;
- - the role of cultural products in the media firm;
- - culture and convergence - the challenge of combining
  different industry and/or national cultures;
- - culture, creativity and innovation;
- - culture and organisational change;
- - new versus old media cultures;
- - culture and corporate identity;
- - culture and leadership;
- - culture and management style.

Each issue of JMM is also open for submission to articles
which deal with topics of general interest to the media
management field. For further information, please visit the
contributors section on our website.

JMM accepts papers between 3500 and 6500 words in length.
Please refer to the Contributors Section for our templates
(Cover page and Manuscript Template) to submit your article.

Important Deadlines:

Submission: 30 May 2003
Acceptance Decision:  15 July 2003
Publication: Autumn 2003.

For questions regarding the journal, the review process,
or the submission of your paper:


Bozena I. Mierzejewska
Executive Editor

Deadline reminder
30th March 2003

is the submission deadline for Special Issue
Company Leadership in Media Sector
Guest Editor: Robert Picard

JMM - The International Journal on Media Management
Editorial Office:

mcm institute for Media and
Communications Management
University of St.Gallen
Blumenbergplatz 9
CH-9000 St.Gallen

Editor-in-Chief:  Prof. Beat F. Schmid
Co-Editors:       Prof. Peter Glotz
                  Prof. Andreas Herrmann
Executive Editor: Bozena I. Mierzejewska

Phone +41 71 224 30 27
Fax   +41 71 224 27 71



Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 19:28:48 -0500
From: doron <>
Subject: new work: nyc2 canal

fast connection >


Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 09:09:46 -0800 (PST)
From: Ryan Griffis <>
Subject: USDA Organic standards subverted

Hello Organic Food Buyer,
Last week Congress passed an appropriations bill which
overturns USDA regulations requiring all organic
livestock to be fed 100% organic feed. Meaning if you
buy organic meat/livestock they don't necessary need
to be feed with 100% organic feed to be labelled as

*****Take Action - to Protect The integrity of Organic

Senator Leahy (D-VT) is taking the lead by introducing
the Organic Restoration Act to repeal this rider.

Representative Sam Farr will be introducing this same
bill in the House.

Co-sponsors are needed ASAP in the House AND Senate -
both Republicans and Democrats.

For the repeal bill to be successful, we must generate
a lot of interest and public comment on the bill all
across the nation. It is important that everyone -
farmers, consumers, environmentalists, and the entire
organic industry - talk to their members of Congress
and get them on board in supporting these two bills. 
If we do not stand up to this blatant attempt by
agri-business to have their way with the organic
standards, this is just the beginning of the
degradation to come.

****What You Can Do - Take Action!******

Contact your representatives in Washington and demand
that support the Organic Restoration Act to repeal the
language inserted into Section 771 of the Omnibus
Appropriations Bill undermining the integrity of the
organic label for meat, poultry, eggs and dairy.

The message is simple: Urge your Senators and
Representatives to support the Organic Restoration Act
that was introduced on Feb 26th by Senator Patrick
Leahy and Representative Sam Farr to repeal Section
771 of the Omnibus Appropriations Bill.  Repealing
this section is in the interest of consumers, organic
farmers and the environment. Repealing this section
will encourage continued growth of organic
agricultural production in the United States, one of
the bright prospects for U.S. agriculture overall.

The Senate bill is Leahy's Organic Restoration Act S.
457 You can find your Senator here -

The House bill is Farr's Organic Restoration Act HR
You can find your Representative here -

Representative Farr's office has asked that we target
the following Representatives, if you know of folks
that live in their states please
forward on this email to them.
Allen Boyd, Jr. (D-FL/2) 202-225-5235 Ag Aide:Charla
Jerold Nadler (D-NY/8) 202-225-5635 Ag Aide: Kisette
Morton Dennis Rehberg (R-MT)   202-225-3211 Chief of
Staff: Erik Iverson
Jim McDermott (D-WA/7) 202-225-3106 Ag Aide: Sean
Hughes Wayne
Gilchrest (R-MD/1) 202-225-5311 Ag Aide: Jeri Finke

Please also let your local health food store know what
you are doing.
Tell them to carry NO products by Fieldale Farms, the
company in GA that instigated this movement to gut the
organic livestock feed standards.
They also produce poultry under the Springer Mountain
Farms and Redding labels.

To contact the Fieldale Farms Corporation:
Call 1-706-778-5100, Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm,
or write:
Fieldale Farms Corporation,
P.O. Box 558
Baldwin, GA 30511


Tom Taylor
Field Organizer
Organic Consumers Association
Tel: 612-331-7309
Fax: 612-331-7483 

Do you Yahoo!?
Yahoo! Tax Center - forms, calculators, tips, more


Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 11:24:53 +0100 (CET)
From: "f," <>
Subject: fwd: call for applications: jan van eyck academie

sorry for crosspostings

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Jan van Eyck Academie offers artists, designers and theorists time
and space to set up research projects and realise productions. The
objectives of researchers and advising researchers are of primary
significance to the Œheterogeneous¹ programme at the Jan van Eyck Academie ­
the programme covers everything that is being Œdone¹ and Œmade¹ by the
researchers and the artistic/technical members of staff.
Researchers are expected to establish the aims, methodologies and
realisation of their projects as well as to be engaged with what is being
produced by fellow researchers.
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Jan van Eyck Academie facilitates an advisory framework for individual
and collaborative projects. Besides a stipend, a production budget and a
studio, researchers are offered access to the technical workshops
(materials, graphics, photography, time-based media, computer), the library
and the facilities of the production bureau.
For Dutch researchers costs for living accommodation in Maastricht are
compensated. Foreign researchers are offered assistance in finding
additional financial means.
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Information on the departments of Fine Art, Design and Theory, as well
as details about conditions, grants and registration can be found at
Application forms can be downloaded. Application along with research
proposals, in English, should be submitted before 1 May 2003 to the Jan van
Eyck Academie, Academieplein 1, 6211 KM Maastricht, Netherlands, to the
attention of Leon Westenberg T +31 <0>43.3503724, F +31 <0>43.3503759
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
An interactive visualisation of patterns inside (Chinese) language
<Bert Balcaen & Ingrid Stojnic>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Communicating Books <development book series by Ralph Bauer>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Genesis of the Cliché of Belgian Art, On the Popularisation of
Contemporary Art, On the Mediatisation of Art <research projects by Koen
Brams & Dirk Pültau>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
On contemporary drawing Practices <a non-glossy magazine start up by
Yane Calovski>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ambient Pitch <practical and theoretical research into pitch phenomena
in the contemporary urban soundscape by Guy De Bičvre>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Production books on housing, public space and a new urban paradigm
<Lieven De Boeck>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The material History of Radio and Comics, The Benefit of popular
Culture, Who is Superman? <Ole Frahm>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
What is the Body in a Lapse, a transitional Moment, a Moment of
Disappearence? <video, performance, public interventions by Lina Issa>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Food, Eating and the Body in contemporary Cultural Production <Andrea
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Poetry, Philosophy and Prose <Jannah Loontjens>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Website Jan van Eyck Academie <Andreia Martins>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
How Theory and Practice of New Media Art bite at each other <Nat Muller>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
A Matter of Place and Time <Gyan Panchal>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Annual report Jan van Eyck Academie <Annette Stahmer>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Photography as a Means of Art History in the 19th Century <Friedrich
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
More information on research projects can be found at
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
10.03.2003: Terror on Images. Iconoclasm <lecture and discussion with
Dario Gamboni>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
02.04.2003: The Mediated Body <lecture and discussion with Robert
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
11.04-11.05.2003: Personal Publishing Pandemonium <exhibition curated by
Jouke Kleerebezem; symposium in collaboration with Marres>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
15.03-15.04.2003: exhibition Jan van Eyck (ex-) researchers at Centre
for Contemporary Art in Vilnius [LT] <curated by Steve Rushton>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ongoing Seminars: Dirty Theory <Sue Golding <johnny de philo>>; Lacan's
7th and 11th Seminar <Marc De Kesel & Sue Golding <johnny de philo>>; On the
Deviant <Norman Bryson>; The Book <Filiep Tacq>; Undercover Autobiography
<Eva Meyer>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Book Launches: En coulisses, parfois les artists changent de costumes
<artist's book by Olivier Foulon>; Diagonal: Essays on contemporary Cuban
Art <book by Danné Ojeda>; Proceeding#1 Dakar <book series Jan van Eyck
Academie>; Scripta Manet <artist's book by Sheena Calvert>; The Milgram
Re-enactment <book by Steve Rushton>
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
An update of the programma of the Jan van Eyck can be found at
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
GUESTS in 2003 <so far> include --> Tony Ackroyd, Alev Adil, Jan van
Adrichem, Hildegard Amenshauser, Ernst van Alphen, Orla Barry, Yves Bernard,
Hugues Boekraad, Pavel Braila, Max Bruinsma, Sabet Buchman, Esther Cleven,
Leo Delfgaauw, Johan Deumens, Ryan Gander, Antje von Graevenitz, Fons
Haagmans, Cees Hamelinck, Els Hoek, Katalin Herzog, Myriam van Imschoot,
Steven Jacobs, Steve Kennedy, Mark Kremer, Amadeus Kronheim, Giles Lane,
Patricia van der Lugt, Sven Lütticken, Gabrielle Marks, Mairead McClean,
Rogerio Lira, Bart Lootsma, Stefan Majakowski, Jos de Mul, Martijn van
Nieuwenhuizen, Despina Papadopoulos, Dirk Pültau, Riek Sijbring, Femke
Snelting, James Swinson, Theo Tegelaers, Antoon Van den Braembussche, Renée
van de Vall, Philip Van Haute, Daniėl van der Velden,  Hildegard Westerkamp,
Katharina Zakravsky, Robert Zwijnenberg.
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2003 11:19:52 +0100
From: "bobig" <>
Subject: Self portrait as a website

Since 1996, i gave away my art. All my art is my self portrait.

                                              [ Self portrait as a website ]


Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 13:22:05 +0000
From: - G a r r e t t - <>
Subject: "Banner-strike" contest


Hello everyone

The Banner Art Collective (, in collaboration with
Velvet-Strike (, announces the
Banner-Strike Contest.

Banner-Strike is a contest for digital graffiti and that is
created under specific limitations and which critically examines the
impending war in Iraq.  All entries will be displayed in's
ongoing banner art exhibition and also turned into a Velvet-Strike spray
(to be installed in Counter-Strike).  The winner of the contest will win
the October 2003 release of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and will be
highlighted on the front page of both sites for one month.

The deadline for submissions is 16 April, 2003.  The winner will be
announced on 18 April, 2003.

- - Technical Requirements -

Submitted banners need to be in gif or jpeg/jpg format with no
animation.  All of the following sizes are acceptable: 234x60, 88x31,
120x60, 120x240, 125x125, 240x400, 300x250, 336x280 and 250x250. To
submit, go to and use the submission form upload your work
for review. Please mark in the "special requirements" field on the
upload form that your submission is for the contest and not just for
normal entry to the site's continuing banner art exhibition, submissions
for which are continuing as usual.

All entries will be shrunk proportionally and converted to a spray paint
.wad file by the creators of Velvet-Strike. You can do this conversion
yourself to test how your work might look, by downloading the freeware
application "Wally 1.55b" on the "Counterspray" site
( Below is the list of
conversion sizes that will be used:

234x60 half-banner->192x48
88x31 microbar->96x32 (with a transparent border)
120x60 button->96x48
120x240 button->64x128
125x125 button->96x96
240x400 rect->48x80
300x250 rect->96x80
336x280 rect->96x80
250x250 popup->96x96

Any technical questions should be directed to Brandon Barr
(, Garrett Lynch (, or
Anne-Marie Schleiner (


Garrett Lynch / Brandon Barr

- --

- -- 



Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 09:32:12 +0100
From: Brunhild Bushoff <>
Subject: sagas_mobile_gaming_workshop

call for participation

Please note the forthcoming deadline for application (15.3.2003)
for the sagas writing interactive fiction Mobile Gaming Workshop.

sagas creative workshops are addressing in the first place European writers,
directors, producers, developers, artists, designers to further narrative
content development for interactive media.

Mobile Gaming Workshop 3.4. - 9.4.2003
HFF, Munich
held by Anthony Dunne + Fiona Raby
//////Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby are partners in Design Practice Dunne &
Raby (1994 -).
Anthony leads a teaching unit in Design Product and Fiona in Architecture &
Interior Design at the Royal College of Art. They are both visiting
professors at Interaction Ivrea, Italy.
Previously they jointly ran the Critical Design Unit within the Computer
Related Design Research Department at the RCA (1996-2001).
Projects include: Flirt, an EU-funded research project investigating
location-based WAP services for mobile phones; MSet, third generation mobile
services using the city as content; Placebo, a collection of electronic
objects exploring mental well-being in the home.'Weeds Aliens and other
Stories' a collection of psychological furniture about nurturing plants was
recently purchased by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
Their recent book ŒDesign Noir: The Secret Life of Electronic Objects¹ is
published by August/Birkhauser./////

Future Psychology and the Wireless World
A future wireless world with bluetooth technologies assumes computers will
become absorbed into everyday objects and environments. The mobile phone, a
hand held remote control enables continuity and connectivity. The technology
disappears. The city is HiRes. We enter a world of ambiguity. Context,
material culture and behaviour already provides complex readings and
meanings of this place. The rules are irrational and contradictory. There is
space for interpretation. It lies within the ambiguity, between what the
technology is doing and what people believe it is doing.  Belief and
imagination are powerful tools. Is this our way in?

Participants will form teams of three to five members and develop during
this intense 5-day workshop fictional concepts for wireless devices
considering the challenges, limitations and advantages coming with the
choice of designing for mobile technology.

Participation fees:
freelancers 400,00 EUR
company delegates: 1.600,00 EUR
Funding for travel or hotel accommodation - to a limited extend - available.

more information at

best regards,
Brunhild Bushoff

sagas Writing Interactive Fiction
c/o Bayerisches FilmzentrumBavariafilmplatz 7
D-82031 Muenchen-Gruenwald
tel      + 49 89   64 98 11 30
fax      + 49 89  64 98 13 30
mobile + 49 (0) 171 45 28 0 52

a joint initiative of
& Academy for TV and Film Munich


Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 11:49:00 +0100
From: Marianne Bruder <>
Subject: Last call\\international\media\art\award 2002

See English text below

\\internationaler\medien\kunst\preis 2003

Anmeldeschluss: 1. April 2003

Der \\internationale\medien\kunst\preis 2003 wird gemeinsam vom
Suedwestrundfunk Baden-Baden (SWR) und vom ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und
Medientechnologie Karlsruhe veranstaltet in Zusammenarbeit mit dem
Schweizer Fernsehen SF DRS und ARTE . Der Wettbewerb ist die Fortsetzung

des Internationalen Videokunstpreises, der 1992 erstmals ausgeschrieben
wurde. Der \\internationale\medien \kunst\preis will Kunstvideos sowie
medialen und interaktiven Kunstprojekten ein Forum im Fernsehen und in
der Oeffentlichkeit bieten.

Thema  \\Konstruiertes Leben: Szenarien der Fiktion zwischen
Computergames, Cyber-Sex, Nanobytes, Robotic Arts

Mehr Infos und Anmeldeformulare unter:
Dieser Preis wird gesponsert von LB BW Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg.

ZKM|Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie
ZKM | Center for Art and Media
Lorenzstr. 19
76135 Karlsruhe
Tel. +49-721-8100-1150 / Fax -1139

\\international\media\art\award 2003

Deadline: 1st April 2003

The competition for the \\international\media\art\award 2003 is being
organised jointly by Suedwestrundfunk Baden-Baden (SWR) and ZKM| Center
for Art and Media Karlsruhe in co-operation with Swiss television  SF
DRS and arte.  This award is the successor to the International Video
Art Award, awarded for the first time in 1992. The
\\international\media\art\award is intended to provide a forum on the
television and in the general public for artistic videos as well as
other media and interactive arts projects.

Subject \\ Constructed Life: Scenarios of Fiction among computer games,
cyber-sex, nanobytes and robotic arts

More information and the application form:
This award is sponsored by LB BW Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg.

ZKM|Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie
ZKM | Center for Art and Media
Lorenzstr. 19
76135 Karlsruhe
Tel. +49-721-8100-1150 / Fax -1139


Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 11:39:46 +0100
From: "NewMediaArtProjectNetwork" <>
Subject: [R] - [R] - [F] -  Festival - call for proposals

[R] - [R] - [F] -  Festival

is looking for proposals of net based art projects 
connected to the subject "Memory" 
to be included in the Version 1.0 or 
one of the following project versions.

Version 1.0 will participate in
InteractivA'03 - Biennale for New Media Art at
Museum of Contemporary Art Merida (Yucatan/Mexico)
10 July - 20 September 2003.

Please include in your proposal:

1. firstname/name of artist, email, URL
2. title and URL of the project/work,
3. a short work description (not more than 300 words),
4. a brief bio (not more than 300 words)
5. a screen shot (max 800x600 pixels, .jpg)

and send it via email to

deadline for Version 1.0:
31 March 2003
more info on:

[R] - [R] - [F] -  Festival


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