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<nettime> Blanchot's Legacy

     What can one say about Blonchot? Nowhere are
     the difficulties of communication, the impossibility
     of community, more thoroughly present -- and
     confronted -- than in his writings.

Well, McKenzie, one can get his name right for a start.
How sad to be one of the most insightful writers
of the 20th century whose legacy will be among
some of the more productive writings (even in 
digitil cultuer) of the 21st Century - his
work inflected the approach of some of the more
productive takes on Internet  - whose
death is announced with a spelling mistake of his name.

Perhaps Nettimers should become familiar with
the work of Maurice Blanchot and perhaps then
they wouldn't have such difficulty with the 
notions of sex and desire.  Blanchot is best
loved for combining the critical and artistic
forms of discourse.

search Maurice Blanchot.

Nettime seems to have become a list for reposting 
political news and events already published elsewhere.

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