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<nettime> Zizek 10th, Thing 11th March NYC - more notice Please!

Please could we have more notice of events as people near 
to NYC - as I am in Toronto - might really like to attend 
this talk by Zizek and also the benefit for the Thing the 
following day.

I would hope that Zizek recognises that the love of 
Jesus for Judas is speculative and that the greater
love lay between Jean Batiste and the whoremonger,
boozer and agitator Christ.

There is no reason to suppose that our arbitrary Millennium
(which does seem to have the character of the real thing
as few seem equipped intellectually to cope with the range of
emotive issues it has raised) must follow the template of the 
Christian story but perhaps deviate from it slightly: as in
Sean Batiste recognising Christ but then claiming to be 
him - a much more interesting betrayal. A much more
intriguing Trial, Flagellation, and Crucifixion of the 
false Christ and plenty of time to set up the world of
life and learning to replace the world of ignorance and 
abuse of arbitrary power that was proposed.

Just a thought. 

   Betrayal occurs as a necesary antagonism prior to the event 
of the revolution (which of course in our time never comes but 
is greatly desired) so that it does not occur during the long 
ascent to climax. It is a part of the process of _breaking down 
and making up_ that is so essential to the development of culture. We might understand contemporary events as an early stage in this process and there does seem to be quite a shift in the way
we imagine a world we might all live in, rather than 
imagine a world mourning our loss, or the loss of whatever it was that Sean Cubitt meant by his 'juvenilia' a litte over a year ago.

Just some thoughts as I'd really love to come to NYC to hear
Zizek one night and meet the Thing people at the Thing benefit.


This from the Sarai Reader list.

"Perhaps, there is no greater love than that of a revolutionary
couple," writes Zizek, "where each of the two lovers is
ready to abandon the other at any moment if revolution demands it. It
is along these lines that one should look for the non-perverse
reading of Christ’s sacrifice, of his message to Judas: ‘Prove to me
that I am everything to you, SO BETRAY ME on behalf of the
revolutionary mission of both of us!’" Zizek, the ever prolific
writer, will expound on this theme and, as always, apply his dazzling
thinking to current events and any number of other issues in a
question-and-answer session after the lecture. Josefina Ayerza, the
editor and publisher of Lacanian Ink, will read an introductory

Slavoj Zizek, the world-renowned philosopher and cultural theorist,
will be holding his regular, biannual town meeting in New York City
on March 10th at Deitch Projects (18 Wooster Street) in conjunction
with the publication of Lacanian Ink 21. The subject of his lecture
this time is "Love without Mercy."


MONDAY, MARCH 10th, 2003, 
7:00pm (Free admission)

(between Canal & Grand), 
NEW YORK, NY 10013 

Lachlan Brown

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