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<nettime> thing NYC benefit + share @ the Kitchen

                              come to a benefit party for

                                    [ THE THING ]

                              a contemporary arts web site
                                 and art and media lab
                             located in new york's chelsea
                             online at http://bbs.thing.net

                                tuesday, march 11, 2003
                                         10 pm
                            at the good world bar and grill
                              3 orchard street at canal
                                     new york city
                            your drinks benefit the thing!

                     music provided by bubblyfish, deya pearl,
                                  disB, dj tinker,
                                dj stefan, and kmlive

                     visuals provided by eyescratch, ateet tuli,
                           chun-wei chen, wan-chen chiang,
                                  can misirlioglu, kei sugimoto,
                                     yousook min, and jin sil lee

                                  this party launches
                          an online fine art auction benefiting
                                     [ THE THING ]
                              march 11 - march 25, 2003
                        register now at http://auction.thing.net

Artists participating as of 3.4.03:

BEIGE / Cory Arcangel
Vuk Cosic
Christoph Draeger
Grady Gerbracht
Ellen Harvey
Perry Hoberman
Simone Huelser
Christoph Keller
Miltos Manetas
Erwin Redl
Max Schumann
Beat Streuli
Mario Garcia Torres
Carlo Zanni

Auction committee:

Anne Barlow
Brian Boucher
Steve Dietz
Timothy Druckrey
Carol Greene
Sofia Hernandez
Anne Pasternak
Magda Sawon
Wolfgang Staehle


March 14 + 15
We will be streaming this event!
The Kitchen is located at 512 w 19th st (btwn 10th & 11th ave) NYC.
The event is scheduled for Friday March 14 and Saturday March 15,
from 7-11pm each night.  Hrvatski will join us for a featured set
on the 15th.  Drinks will be available.

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