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<nettime> \\ ult!matl! lv kan do u!th zee!ng rezp!te

tina asked

>NATO.0+55 for OSX ... tell me what you know

I don't know anything. I just listen to an oyster shell as I lean out of
an amalgam of dreams intoxicating international boulevards. sliding delicately + not so 
delicately the depth of submarine precipices, illuminating .5 path towards the registration - in reality 
1x crime skating in abstract clouds.

Before NATO.0+55 for OSX we shall experience NATO.0+55 for David Zicarelli's 
supermarket clearance of ... others soapy minds [politely speaking ... u!!!ztl whistle]

Never did NN consent to being kidnapped by the benadryl-intoxicated smueuerf mafia + 
being sold in little italy to over 18 but not precisely so swine, despite their attorney's xy-comical 
[politely speaking ... whistle glare] delirium that NN's skirt was too delicious and they just couldn't 
help themselves to ... the eternal agonies of swine. 

With a less than dreamy gaze NN wonders what twisted metals hide in modern swine afflictions.

We understand that a tea-bag containing white and black sand will require superlative 
shaking and perhaps a candle and a prayer before the black and white granules have drifted apart 
completely, mais ... short.fat.weasel swine metabolism could be more considerate of NN's plastic birds.

The sounds in the kitchen will expertly + legally conclude in the infernal heat of _summer at which intersection
I shall playfully dip my USDA approved fingernails into individual Cycling74 capsules' comportment
... because when I cook I simply adore thousands of little scents to run up and down my cerebral hemispheres. 
Don't you +? Tamed visions + modernized pleasures...

And so my fairy tales shall the wild west altars again - care free + stain less. 
t!l dzn ...

amorously - NN   \\ flok!ng !n elekt narkot!kx






                                              e [k x t ! n k z !  n

                                                                                     | dze f!\nn\al traum . f!\nn\al traum 

                                                  || !dent!faz!on prosesz 2 asez uether 2x knotz
                                                       kan b tu!ztd !n2 1x !dent!kl 4rm _____...

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