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<nettime> War Army and Non-armyWar

1 /
"Why the war?" a conference of the Institute of High Studies in
Psychoanalysis, with the participation of "Le Monde Diplomatique":
-Jean Baudrillard (Power Inferno, Galilee, 2002)
-Jacques Derrida (Voyous, second essay, Galilee, 2003)
-Alain Gresh, expert on the Palestinian question, journalist ("Le Monde
-René Major, presenter and regulator (Director of the Institute of High
Studies in Psychoanalysis).
@ "Maison des cultures du monde", Paris, February 19
2 /
Two days after, still in Paris, the united movement of organizations for
Palestine solidarity "TROP C¹EST TROP" from The League of the human rights
was calling for a meeting on the Israel-Palestine news.
Here is an attempt to make a comment-synthesis, on the two debates, at least
for what is recurrent giving a real interpretation, in particular Leila
Shahid¹s intervention @ "TROP C¹EST TROP" representing Palestinian
institutional authority in France, with the respective Baudrillard's and
Derrida's debate within the framework of the event organized by the IHEP.
Consensus Baudrillard/Derrida on the following points:

< the event devotes in fact of the disappearance of criticism. One must set
out again of the event, not of the conceptual devices which are already
given.Today all the political and rights concepts must pragmatically be
redefined at the horizon of the rupture of the events (or of the logical
sequence would be it still observable within materialist or phenomenologic
< What gets back to the fact that the security is the main ³false² concept
all around of which justifies itself ideologically a crypto war: nobody.
Security argumentation about Iraq likes with regard to weapons
questioned, in front of the situation of Pakistan, on the contrary
officially endowed with the nuclear weapon and having already let it know
it. Throwing experimental bombs, and now, Al Qaïda's acquired territory,
notably since the dismantling of the hegemony Taliban in Afghanistan...
< Nevertheless, the security is the main object of communication of it.
Announced war, including the antiterrorist local measures, which
reduces under the fear the autonomy and the power of the people everywhere.
So, the security at the local or world level plays exactly the same role
(e.g. Israel). The security would be a shape of the terrorism of State. It
is of the same order that of oppressed minorities or so many mercenary
groups. The terrorism in a general way became the alternate concept after
the disappearance of Politics and it is applicable for all the elements in
cause in this dynamism.
< The terrorism of States as security is a concept on "auto-immunizing":
against the disorders or the unforeseen mayhem and all the more terrible as
they are born on a traumatism: one Cowpox. It thus understands (includes)
the part of the evil and the viral distribution as well on national
questions of Social and rules (inside) as foreigner questions and resources
< So would undertake bit by bit and all around the world the disappearance
democracies and the autonomy of the citizenships, but the terrorism more as
ideology than as material event would be the main clause revelation, not the
cause, which must be rather looked as for the end of The Cold War and of its
consequences on the replacement of the fight of classes, within the
framework of the generalization of the liberal system notably exchange,
which followed.
< The announced war is not a war but the generalization of terrorism, as way
of imposing against the liberties citizens world territorial and
institutional redistributions, and distribution of the resources. Including
in their own national villages the military engaged people on front of the
NATO in Middle East. There will be deaths and probably generalization of
fronts from here to there but neither challenge, nor opponent declared as
enemy of battle.
< It is not thus a war, it is the flood of the imperial world project by all
the means and on all the fronts, internal, outside, micro and macro
economic, military, geographic... Such is "The Terrorist mode of State"
formerly reserved for the dictatorships or ancient colonized resistance
fighters, today generalized to all the peoples.
< It is not a political regulation as was able to realize it by the others
means the symbolism of the modern war.

Nb: we remind that the viruses are not alive bodies but active substances
what is evoked by Jean Baudrillard.

< Such is the point of view under which we can interpret the 'Terrorism mode
of State' as resource integrated paradoxically the law the order the new
rule of the available project of the Power... are evoked the terrible
repressions which took place recently in Sudan, in the biggest silence of
the world protest, the old dictatorships manipulated) in South America. The
silence on the massacres in Rwanda, etc.... just like the treatment imposed
to the Kurds so far by Iraq and the Turks, without the slightest overhang of
protest of free states. Nb: we could also evoke the women and Children in
Taliban¹s Afghanistan).
< At the conference organized by the IHSP, we show
on the other hand in what "the terrorism mode of State" can reveal as well
his its own deaths armed or repression inside as outside. Here the announced
deaths of G.I: one speaks about no more appropriate war, we already know the
damages immediate as the eventuality of future pools of mud.
< On the security as resource of "The terrorism mode of State" at the
meeting "TROP C¹EST TROP": Leila Shahid evokes for example the majority of
the citizens of Israel, roughly against the politics of repression of the
Palestinians and saying it, but admitting that they cannot escape to vote
for Sharon.
We speak about the system of auto-fault practised inside the Israeli
ideology itself, as among the Zionist diaspora abroad, considering the
antecedents of Shoa: with those who Escaped, and from those who were moved
of the zones
concerned, most of the Sephardis, for example: now thus, the auto-fault of
the generations which succeed it reproduces in Israel's inside as among the
Diaspora. For the disaspora, fault doubles not to be beside the Israeli
insecurity... : another appearance of the "auto-immunizing".

Would be the same about the terrorism rumors inside US territory, but same
time could be an usually way to govern insecure citizens. For example in
Europe and so in France.
We speak finally always about Leila Shahid of the situation completely
lunatic in which the Jews of Israel are now fenced in their own insecurity,
towards the Jewish diaspora threatened less than never somewhere else,
considering the radical otherness that Israel's state a strategy of
established surrounding by basing on the repression territorial deterrence
towards the Palestinians.

That is why it is necessary to call up to the biggest rigour of the
argumentation, says Mr Hirch, of the mouvemenent of solidarity
Israel-Palestine. What Leila Shahid strengthens. She explains that any
Israelians and Palestinians would hope to live as neighbours.  Palestinians
would not agree to leave Gaza and Cisjordania for the Palestinian State in
Jordania (the american-israelian project for Palestinians).
A Palestinian in the room claims then the disappearance of Israel: Madeleine
Rebérioux, President of Honor of the League of the Human Rights, she
answers: "we have just heard here the limit of the fact that one could in
terms of Right: you made it but in any case we set against your point of
view, we leave the established fact to the thread years for those who did
not recognize it previously, and of the Right recognized internationally for
Israel: we are there to ask for two States, exactly because we don¹t
disapprove the legitimacy to exist for Israel. Your comment raises from
another history than that engaged at present here: we do not chase you away
from the assembly, but us not Shall give you not the word to develop your
point of view. (Above The man gets up and goes away; the unanimous crowd
stands: "good evening, sir ").
Leila Shahid in his turn of word honours the heroism of Refuseniks, she says
they structure the possible hope of coexistence of Israel and Palestine in
two nearby States. Draft resistance grows in Israel Refuseniks environment
even there would not be a lot of people. It is reminded towards their weak
number that minorities radicals were active in the History for example of

http: // n.php/
 (For the links in New York where the community of the Diaspora is strong).

I return to the plurisemantic question of the terrorism there:
< On this two-tier mode realities (bivalent or plurivalent according to the
occurrences and events), forms itself or restructures the communication
everywhere and in everything; as for the disinformation, she(it) would get
organized on one simulation of arguments respectively monovalents
(commitments and opinions): point of view naturally inadequate to the active
and pragmatic reality of the appearance and the perception of the events.
< The terrorism mode of State relegates its events to a disinformation
age-old of the responsibilities in cause; for example at present, so much of
American power that of the world power which they inspire and it
Particularly since September 11th: "Which(who) will never know how and by
Who it really arrived?" Says Derrida.
It is announced by Derrida that Israeli soldiers under uniform american
would already be inside Iraq, in the North. On this matter Derrida says that
the game on the Israel-Palestine instability in strategic terms possibly
would confer in all the plans and the scenarios of the American project for
the Middle East. A new balance of power.
< Jean Baudrillard notices that the democracy is in loss of speed (Including
through the headway of the bureaucracies, behind the jurists experts
accompanying the power in all their villages or institutional relocations),
concerning the rights of the citizens in the whole world, usurped or
scoffed. In what he opposes to Derrida on them conclusions to pull
consensual analyses during their conference it class:
< Derrida thinks that in the territorial redistribution and the powers which
announces, the only answer is the reorganization of the institutional right
internationally, human rights, and question of the redefining sovereign
powers so territorial as citizens, notably at the level of the organization
of United Nations, and at the European level. Finally, he thinks that NATO
under US army being the only force actually able of carrying manu militari
decisions of the UN, it becomes urgent to establish an autonomy front of
it... That is why, in Europe, he thinks urgent to structure an assuring
Force in front of the influence and of the power servicemen of America.
The oppositions :
< For Baudrillard, unlike Derrida, the reform and the revolutions Of the
Right, as Institutions, are not at all sufficient conditions as for the
liberation of the announced oppression of the peoples, and already indeed
working including in the privileged ex-west.
< As for the former colonized emerging countries, Baudrillard leaves of the
Dialectic of the master and the slave from Hegel and the courcircuite with
the idea of the gift and counter-gift in anthropology (Mauss, Bataille are
references that he pursues to use, as well as Marx on the other hand): here
Gift becomes Challenge. The gift of the territory by the West in the former
colonized the matter is to be considered under this angle.
The question is then to know if the challenge can or not be taken up by that
towards which it is launched: on that its possible or impossible autonomy
depends. If it cannot because the gift is too high, it continues to be
constituted as a slave or to be it (note: this would recut that, namely that
Leila Shahid noticed, with the meeting of The league of the Human Rights, as
it was incredible that the United States and the English are ready to act
the dismantling of their larger allies of always in Middle East: Jordania,
Saudi Arabia, Egypt; (note: on another side, one pourait in the same way to
include/understand the unanimous rallying of the African States behind the
European position joint at the request of Jacques Chirac; nevertheless, this
case could also result from a strategic choice of the African States which
would have thus decided near the Islamic side against the war, and in any
event with the weapons dealwas not dealt).
< Contrary to Derrida, Baudrillard thinks that dimension symbolic system of
September 11 very changed, was this about handling.  It remains that
dimension symbolic system of terrorism as arms with the minorities arises,
like dimension symbolic system of the passage to the act of the terrorism
mode of State, through what on 11 September mediatized and media in revealed
paradoxically everywhere in the world. 

(note:  on the question of the army of the States, for example if Europe
obtained a Européenne army, which would be perhaps a good on the
internationl plan, one could not neglect to know in addition on the local
level, if one relies on the paradoxical problems from Baudrillard, that such
an army at the proper time can also be used as force of repression of the
resistant citizenships, inside even from the European unit. The such
American army itself in the United States, one year before the first war of
alliance in Yugoslavia, was called in operations with Oakland, at the same
time residential and popular suburbs of San Francisco, to simulate the
control of a popular insurrection which would not have been an insurrection
of the Community type but Citizen, to see work of the Semioticians of the
war and terrorism:  Federico Montanari (university of Bologna) and Juan
Alonso (university of Paris 8) in particular their article Co-signed in
Observatoire de la Television n° 14, Paris, 1998-99, and their respective
service at the time of the symposium Precariousness-Instability in December
2002 in Paris (the acts paper published in 2003): 
< Baudrillard continues to think that regarding the terrorism of the States
applicable to their own people as to old colonized, for as much, terrorism
or kamikaze that it is armed or ideological, or both whole like event, does
not appear not indicated to disappear in the resources from the people
forgotten, ridiculed, or humiliated that it is here or elsewhere. It would
be thus a weapon unverifiable and become diffuses, pertaining to all the
parts in question at the horizon of disappearance of the class struggle,
which did not abolish the shifts and the social injustices, and which, after
having developed the democracies in the horizon of the end of the Cold War,
prepared the revelation of a world order after the generalization of
liberalism and the financial system, worst for freedoms.
< Terrorism, whose most powerful States or humiliated most minority are the
instrument of capacities, the people while being victims generally, if not
in a paradoxical reversal such effects (would not have one an illusion on
the winners and overcome:  States, factions, or people), because
nevertheless we know, we observed logical or random reversals events:  no
one could not thus suppose of the winner a priori.  For him, renewal of the
international law and local as the force of the armies being subordinate,
would be it inevitable to him and desirable, remaining today an assumption
to adapt to the maintenance of freedoms in the terrorist toughening of the
world, also raises of the auto-immunizing applications... and should us be
in request for these legitimate and applicable applications in a pragmatic
way, remains that they could not be answers to the height of the processes
of being able in question, nor average credits and powerful to defend the
freedom and the justice put in danger at the horizon of terrorism like the
new order of the World system missing Politics...  Regarding such surges ‹
except accident;-) 

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