Florian Cramer on Sun, 16 Feb 2003 17:52:27 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> unstable digest vol 34

To: webartery@yahoogroups.com
From: komninos zervos <k.zervos@mailbox.gu.edu.au>
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2003 19:55:44 +1000
Subject: i #1

         if i = all then all = ok

komninos zervos
lecturer, convenor of CyberStudies major
School of Arts
Griffith University
Room 3.25 Multimedia Building G23
Gold Coast Campus
PMB 50 Gold Coast Mail Centre
Queensland 9726
Phone 07 5552 8872 Fax 07 5552 8141
homepage: http://www.gu.edu.au/ppages/K_Zervos
broadband experiments:


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Date:         Sun, 9 Feb 2003 22:17:07 -0500
From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim@PANIX.COM>
Subject: My Composition in Language at m.a.g. (fwd)

August has kindly put the whole piece together at -


- click on My Composition in Language

- at least for me, it resonates this way - Alan

Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 11:56:49 +1100
To: webartery@yahoogroups.com, WRYTING-L@LISTSERV.UTORONTO.CA,
From: "hu][bris wo][man" <netwurker@hotkey.net.au>
Subject: Re:  (ur-k.now.n)


At 07:06 PM 9/02/2003 -0500, ewe wrote:

>i about fear the writing world

i f.ein[.e].t + fl.op[shop] 2wards::b.oneless [e.]motion

>& about the tremble world with its tremble

named + death dang[l](on)e.rous
my h.ear[+breath+pricklings]t n.va[de]sive

>  with its fear name writing closing my eyes & trembling the world, do
>tremble ears, the fearing trembling, trembling, the mouth, the mouth

m.out.hed in yr [tr]emble.m::smoothed down + [st]ripped via veined + 
cordless n.sc.RIP.tions::
[f]u[rr]tility mocking + horra.show.b[agging](l)oat.ing

>i fear writing about the world & tremble with its name

writ[u.all] N.
[dr]inking k.eye.d mouth.fulls.
bl.OO[P]d.gaps N lurid f.lick.er touche[`]s

>closing my eyes & trembling the world, do tremble


>closing my eyes & ears, & fearing the world, do fear

..f.ur.lined + sumerian-like::s[h]y[per]M.bol[isms] drowned in 

>the world fearing & trembling, closing my mouth

--or.b[like] fleshwurds + blinkered C[++].king

>fearing the name of the world

::n.a.m[p.m]e of the go[triple]DDDess rosy


- pro][tein][.logging.txt

_sparks of lost hu][bris][man $cent][+re.sieved][_

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From: gustin.pascale@free.fr
To: 7-11@mail.ljudmila.org, _arc.hive_@lm.va.com.au
Subject: e(sCape)//happement//t
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 20:29:38 +0100

Copy [-p]: 1 of 1 :     hIEr en montant les
Copy [-p]: 1 file : esca(pe)lierS de mon iM m(obile)
Copy [-p]: 1 of 1 :  eu-ble bleu en montant les
Copy [-p]: 1 file :   --la cage s(hade)Ombre avec des
Copy [-p]: 1 of 1 : reflets lu[X]mineux sur les--
Copy [-p]: 1 file :       marches
Copy [-p]: 1 of 1 :    ;Qui sUivent Glissent les uns sur
Copy [-p]: 1 file :         les autres en fonction d;e
Copy [-p]: 1 of 1 // MES PAS--¹ ¬
Copy [-p]: 1 file /    du mouvement de mes pas--
Copy [-p]: 1 of 1 : ¹ ² & puis il y a cette petite
                        [eine kleine Fenster on top]
Copy [-p]: 1 file :  fenêtre sur le côté que je perçois
Copy [-p]: 1 of 1 :  cOmme un espace ouvert--
Copy [-p]: 1 file :      éC//happement//tout )à////coup
Copy [-p]: 1 of 1           //////&/
Copy [-p]: 1 file :   pOUR le r/Egard
Copy [-p]: 1 of 1              ²    ¹
Copy [-p]: 1 file :    la Lampe devant moi


Date:         Tue, 11 Feb 2003 02:24:36 -0500
From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim@PANIX.COM>
Subject: WAR


nothing will stop violence but violenceXN0IG9
   UW PICO(tm) 4.4
nothing will stop more violence but violence//images.ta
"they cut our throats of ac
until we are all dead5nPkNoe
words" of arms our cut "theylists         jo
until the earth is gone of usrms of wordsQogICAgus - forge
for the death of two there are quarteredoats of
bones, the bonesYXIgU
our arms t
the bones, the bonesinto the ba
the bones, bones cut of wordsBEY
nothing will stop violence but violence                     [ Wrote 16
lines ]
nothing will stop more violence but violencebmUs
k36% hYW5kIF
20      new spam; proc me
bones, bonesile-sh
until we are all deadmembershi
23      ls
the blood, bloodW
25      cp a/f
we can die and do nothing
26      pico fil - PrevP
the blood, bloodcp fil a
we can die and dls
we will kill them
we will kill ourselveses another - the other
blood, bloodyPSIjMDAw
they will kill us the death of two
they will tear the tongues from the mouthsainment, ande of
the bones, the bonesxlDQ
they will not botheret Help  ^Y FirstLin
for the death of one of us there are halveswith offers that incl
^C Can
for the death of two there are quartered....93, 1994ntu.ac.uk>o
your c
the bloo
the bones, the bonesJpY
the blood, blood
the bones, bonesthe blood, blood
the bones, the bonesblood, blood19 KB) "
the bones, bonesme to write : yy
nothing will stop more v
File Name to wr
we will bomb ourselvesxpZ249Im
we will scream and protest nothing8--ber> R
pqrstuv 4
we will kill themFilesA7PC9wPg0KIC
we will kill ourselves    TAB CompleteD   3
blood, bloodtdm-er
^G Ge
they will kill ust  ^R Read File ^
blood, bloodK Cut Text
they will kill userver  (1047) Mes
they will tear the tongues from the mouthsaWFsIj4
^X Exit      ^J Justify   ^W Where
they will not botherUnCut Text^T To Spel
they will split the bodies in twoaXplPSIyIiBmYWNlPSJBcmlhbCI+PC9mb
for the death of one there are two              File: yyeim@panix.co
for the death of one of us there are abcdefghijklmnopqrs
blood, the bloodB3b3VsZCBwcmVmZX
the blood, blood one of us there
we can scream and do nothing
we can die and do nothingre quartered R Reply
we can die and do nothinges, the bonesywgPC9mb250P
? Help       < MsgIndex   P PrevMsg       - PrevPage D Delete     R
Replyut violencesons above mentio
until we are all
O OTHER CMDS > ViewAttch  N NextMsg     Spc NextPage U Undelete   F
  PINE 4.51   MESSAGE TEXT               Folder: INBOX  Message 3 of 3 END
ding mu; rm yy; mJlPC91Pjwvc3Ry
+     2 Feb  5 Ian S. Murray       (
we can die and do nothing
/[z]+/ { print "blood, the blood" }CjI
^C Cancel    ^J Justify   ^W Wh
/[y]+/ { print "the blood, blood" } To Spell - - - - - -
/[x]+/ { print "we can scream and do nothing" }s]
http://www.asondheim.org/ http://www.asond
/[w]+/ { print "we can die and do nothing" }l.net  Tue Febev Pg   ^K Cut
/[v]+/ { print "we can kill and do nothing" }o
11 00:51:52 2003lding
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 20
/[u]+/ { print "we will kill them" }2695.008.0.1@b.list-email.net
/[t]+/ { print "we will kill ourselves" }internet_txt.htmlez 1 hea
/[s]+/ { print "blood, blood" }ister now
Trace projects http:/
/[r]+/ { print "they will kill us" }ex.htmcom [])ut how man
/[d]+/ { print "nothing will stop violence but violence" }
        by mail1.p
http://www.asondheim.org/ http://www.
There is no -^? option  (press RETUR
video editing tools f
the blood
/^$/ { print "until the earth is gone of us" }xyztion? What does it
 for ( i = NF; i >= 1; i-- )e are halvesevails - sing me
 printf "%s ", $i;ndards?
we will b
 printf "\n"; plan violate
k42% bhe bon
To 7-11@mail.ljudmila.org  [7-11] abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
violenceifference - i'l
and state?~~~~~~~~~~
k43% lsll dead
Mail                lynx_bookmarks.html phoenix.irc         venom.irc the
earth is gone of usy Pournelle, Chaos Manor #270
blood, the blo
O OTHER CMDS > [ListFldrs] N NextCmd                 K
KBLockdan_sondheim@yahoo.ca>,f through
Criminal prosecution for po
our web
without bail.ViewMsg]  N N
Forward on the la
Send message? YesCenter for Public
the blood, the blood
they will not botherc NextPage U Undelet
they will split the bodies in two
they will pay no attentionE 4.51   MESSAGE TEXT
for the death of one of us there are halves         (4436) Re: #1Db/aim
Your Free PDA
for the death of two there are quartered5 Ian S. Murray       (1456) Ohio
bones, the bones
Spellghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz             K KBL
they will tear the tongues from the mouths
they will not bothere projects http://tr
they will pay no attentioneim/index.htm

From: gustin.pascale@free.fr
To: 7-11@mail.ljudmila.org, _arc.hive_@lm.va.com.au
Subject: (Aucun objet)
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 22:33:37 +0100

      _le (s)trait de l'horizon           t_AL
   \              d IR
    \           L a NG
     \     défini T io(bligatoire)n
[aacu\e]         a
[Aacut\]         A
[acirc \         a
[Acirc ]\        A
[agrave] \       a
[Agrave]  \      A
[aring ]   \    aa
[Aring ]    \   AA
[atilde]     \   a
[Atilde]      \ Ah!                 A
                   \                        plain_text


Date:         Fri, 7 Feb 2003 00:10:42 -0500
From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim@PANIX.COM>
Subject: dancegrid module

/[0]+/ { print "internal module dancing" }
/[z]+/ { print "sustained notes as in autonomic nervous system" }
/[y]+/ { print "the whirl of worlds" }
/[x]+/ { print "leading from gridance to landgrid" }
/[w]+/ { print "arms, hands, breasts, eyes, balloons" }
/[v]+/ { print "making new objects in the slice of time." }
/[u]+/ { print "landgrid to icegrid, these new objects" }
/[t]+/ { print "neither born nor dying for your eyes." }
/[s]+/ { print "open mouths screaming colours" }
/[r]+/ { print "tend towards air-disturbance objects." }
/[q]+/ { print "microphone objects transform atmospheres" }
/[p]+/ { print "in the presence of older objects" }
/[o]+/ { print "as hands and elsewhere mouth" }
/[n]+/ { print "generate new things obliterating the old." }
/[m]+/ { print "there is gridance among them" }
/[l]+/ { print "and among them, worldrun crashing into stars." }
/[k]+/ { print "every sound and breath tensed towards" }
/[j]+/ { print "the interceptions of planets, nebula" }
/[i]+/ { print "inhaling through the body's transparencies" }
/[h]+/ { print "of arms, hands, breasts, balloons" }
/[g]+/ { print "motioned in the griding of the room" }
/[f]+/ { print "girdled for dissemination, deconstruction." }
/[e]+/ { print "in the distance, no-attention animals" }
/[d]+/ { print "and the forests of ice in the ice." }
/[c]+/ { print "the skies open to the skies," }
/[b]+/ { print "the stars to the stars" }
/[a]+/ { print "dance and sound to objects and older objects." }
/^$/ { print "what they have been sliding by our grasp." }
 for ( i = NF; i >= 1; i-- )
 printf "%s ", $i;
 printf "\n";

Date:         Mon, 10 Feb 2003 00:18:36 -0500
From: Alan Sondheim <sondheim@PANIX.COM>
Subject: unix fortune

Yes, you can stop paying those high
interest rates now, Alan and get a
                       [Last message marked for deletion]
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Frobnicate, v.:
        To manipulate or adjust, to tweak.  Derived from FROBNITZ.
Usually abbreviated to FROB.  Thus one has the saying "to frob a
frob".  See TWEAK and TWIDDLE.  Usage: FROB, TWIDDLE, and TWEAK
sometimes connote points along a continuum.  FROB connotes aimless
manipulation; TWIDDLE connotes gross manipulation, often a coarse
search for a proper setting; TWEAK connotes fine-tuning.  If someone is
turning a knob on an oscilloscope, then if he's carefully adjusting it
he is probably tweaking it; if he is just turning it but looking at the
screen he is probably twiddling it; but if he's just doing it because
turning a knob is fun, he's frobbing it.
Mon Feb 10 00:17:48 EST 2003
The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (57% of Full)

From: Karl Petersen <diocletian@visi.com>
To: "_arc[texture.eyes].hive_" <_arc.hive_@lm.va.com.au>
Subject: bound ascii
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 15:15:32 -0600 (CST)

size  sivilize seize; squealing stealing sealing; Feb 11 12:25:20
proportion postfix/sendmail[7062]: warning: fork: Too  many  open
files  Feb  11  12:26:00 proportion last message repeated 4 times
Feb 11 12:28:00 proportion last message repeated 12 times Feb  11
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proportion newsyslog[23159]: logfile turned over.

With only one line it's a trivial thing to check for matching quotation marks.

Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 04:36:55 -0800
From: August Highland <hmfah@HOTMAIL.COM>
Subject: "geneological tree"

"geneological tree"

GATree<T> * clone()
       void copy(const GATree<T>& orig)
       void destroy()
       void swaptree(GATree<T> * t)
       void swaptree(unsigned int, unsigned int)
       void swap(unsigned int, unsigned int)
GATree<T> * remove()
       void insert(GATree<T> * t, GATreeBASE::Location where=BELOW)
       void insert(const T& t, GATreeBASE::Location where=BELOW)

        T * current()
        T * root()
        T * next()
        T * prev()
        T * parent()
        T * child()
        T * eldest()
        T * youngest()
        T * warp(unsigned int i)
        T * warp(const GATreeIter<T>& i)

        int ancestral(unsigned int i, unsigned int j) const
        int size()
        int depth()
        int nchildren()
        int nsiblings()

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From: -r-W-x-R-W-X-R- x <gustin.pascale@free.fr>
To: 7-11@mail.ljudmila.org, _arc.hive_@lm.va.com.au
Subject: .les couches N.E.U.R.a.u.ssi ( Vertical version )
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 22:29:33 +0100

je suppose que dans le cerveau humain
le déploiement du visuel

l'entrecr[X]sEment de ce déploiEment avec d'autres


l RAmemory de ce qui vie.Nt;
	             xo = 0;
	             xx = 1; [
	             xy = 0; V
	             xz = 0; e
	             yo = 0; r
	             yx = 0; t
	             yz = 0; c
	             zo = 0; a
	             zx = 0; l----------ement
	             zy = 0;
	             zz = 1;

[Horizontal]eMent d Ev(ent)ant m.EyeS

/di V (iRi.)$é par l;e $;0;l

en bas - l'herbe
le gazon du jardin
& le ciel au-dessus avec les étoiles

ces arbres avaient donc une présence particulière
dans mon champ visuel

l'imag(ination) que.j.e.f.erm.ais.e.n.r.egar.dan.t.l.e.s E.ye.ux


From: netwurker@hotkey.net.au
To: _arc.hive_@lm.va.com.au
Subject: Re:  RE:ProduCCing_numb.eRRs
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 19:24:07 +1100

Quoting a u t u m n - f r e q u e n c y <star.power@usa.net>:

> r.f-wyre_ON[tological]:
> D00m-0143.k
> D00m-0242.k
> D00m-0262.k
> D00m-0371.k
> D00m-0432.k
> D00m-1030.k
> D00m-1060.k
> D00m-1090.k
> D00m-1210.k
> D00m-1220.k
> D0NT-1230.k
> D0NT-1240.k
> D0NT-1250.k
> D0NT-1330.k
> D0NT-1331.k

To: "WRYTING-L : Writing and Theory across Disciplines" <WRYTING-L@LISTSERV.UTORONTO.CA>
From: netwurker@hotkey.net.au
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 19:52:31 +1100
Subject: Re: Sewn Doom

__afta.ma[th]pping sondheim + brueckl

// Sewn Doom 

/tonnes of gluish nothing
/sod[s of brutish klee]omies r loaded with err[or]ant blocks
/s.o[ddishments] many tongues
/the longing of s[m]o[ke N mirrore]d.[tax]O[N]my

Modules +creamIn + sugarOut. 

/Here cannot b. 
 /+the dirg[ibl]e [h]earth
  /-ones tear + zeros z[n]ipped 
  /-guess[ed] in a greased split 2nd 
  /-overHauling qs s.l[D]aughter screaming 

/There cannot b .e[pra]x[is]e
 /+on|of other.ing. 
 /+duel quests + wr[d]eath causations

> Sodomy bones. Extortion bones. Tongue bones. Sodomy in one. Nothing
> screaming. Sodomy tongues screaming. Split there. Split there. Questions
> split there. There cannot be tearing bones. Tongues there are. Tongues of
> modes of splitting. Modes of extortion. But there are accustions.
> The nothing of sodomy. This is rather violence. All violence. All screams.
> There cannot be extortion, but it is there. That this is too often false is
> in doubt. There cannot be two in one. One in two. The bones of sodomy.
> Nothing is numerous but violence, the screams of violence. The rape mode.
> Question. But it is blood. Split tongues. Violence is there. Bone of doubt.
> False bones. Blood tongues. Nothing cannot be extorted. Sodomy extortion,
> two
> in one. In two violence. Often sodomy is too. To be extorted. Cannot be. Be
> two violence. The screams extorted. Often sodomy is too. Is in doubt. Is
> numerous. Is blood. Is split. Nothing is sodomy. Sodomy is often. Violence
> is
> there. Cannot be. Two in one. Violence. Violence nothing. Blood violence.
> Screams violence. Numerous two. False in one. Mode false. Rape doubt. The
> bones of rape. That this is too sodomy. But it is. Often nothing is. Sodomy
> is nothing. Sodomy is in doubt. Doubt is violence. Blood is there.
> It is a tongue. Split violence. This is too often a mouth. False sodomy,
> this
> is rather the earth's blood, death's bones. Mouth's scream. Bodies split
> violence. Tongues are nothing. There cannot be extortion. Being that this
> is
> too often sodomy. A mode of questioning. Questioning rape. A mode of rape.
> This is rather sodomy. Too often sodomy is too often. The mouth of death.
> The
> bodies of extortion. A scream cannot be extorted. The bone of death in a
> mouth. False screams of violence. There are no false screams of violence.
> Tongue earth blood. Split death. This is too a mouth. A mouth scream being
> that this is too sodomy. Too often extortion. Split mouth. Death mouth. The
> bone of screams. Violence. This is too. Too often nothing. Questioning. Too
> often the bone. A mode of death. False blood sodomy. Death extortion. False
> split. This is too too often.
> This is too often sodomy. There cannot be doubt. This is rather blood. The
> question of rape is nothing. But tongues are nothing. Split tongues are
> nothing. This is too often a scream. Mouths in two, one there. This is
> rather
> blood. This is rather blood accusations. This cannot be split. This is too
> often violence, the nothing of violence. But violence is not nothing. Too
> often blood is violent. There cannot be any doubt about blood. Often
> nothing.
> Nothing screams. Nothing cannot be split. This is too blood. This is rather
> a
> tongue. Split. Tongue's blood. Nothing blood. The question. This is too
> rape.
> A scream accusations. Violence often. This is rather a scream. This is too
> often. Nothing screams. Nothing is a mouth. Nothing is two. Sodomy cannot
> be.
> One there. This is rather. Violent. Not nothing. Often nothing. A tongue.
> Nothing is.
> --Bob Brueckl
> after Alan Sondheim's "Sexwar"
> __________________________________________
> Sexwar
> There cannot be the slightest doubt that false charges of sodomy are more
> numerous than those of rape, and that this is too often a successful mode
> of extortion. This is rather a legal than a medical question; but it is
> especially deserving of notice, that these accusations are very frequently
> made by soldiers and a bad class of policemen!
> accusations very very especially frequently deserving made by by soldiers
> soldiers and bad class class of policemen! made until blood, earth blood
> gone we us will blood, kill blood them we ourselves will policemen! kill
> until them earth ourselves gone they not tear bother tongues split from
> bodies mouths in not two bother pay split no bodies they in tear two
> tongues pay from no mouths attention one for there death halves one
> quartered there bones, halves bones quartered nothing bones, stop bones
> attention nothing for stop death violence violence all all dead dead
> scream scream protest protest can can do do bomb bomb
> (From Taylor's A Manual of Medical Jurisprudence, 1866)


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To: _arc.hive_@lm.va.com.au
From: A Dontigny <ad@electrocd.com>
Subject: Producing numbers
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 18:21:34 -0500

We are going to produce the following numbers:

A 333 320
A 333 323
A 334 313
A 334 327
A 334 565
A 334 337
A 334 378
A 334 424
A 334 475
A 334 485
A 334 494
A 334 496
A 334 580
A 334 590
A 334 564
A 334 565
A 334 575
A 334 592
A 334 595
A 334 596
A 334 603
A 334 604
A 334 606
A 334 617
A 334 675
A 334 678
A 334 720
A 334 780
A 334 798
A 334 859
A 334 874
A 334 899
A 334 946
A 335 345
B 335 022
A 336 335
A 336 352
A 336 364
A 336 403
A 336 423
A 336 464
A 336 480
A 336 528
A 336 608
A 336 614
A 336 626
A 336 632
B 334 050
B 334 021
B 336 013

Please tell us if you need any of them.

A Dontigny


Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 17:51:22 -0800
From: MWP <mpalmer@JPS.NET>
Subject: 16 Expletives Deleted

16 Expletives Deleted


axxx anse axxx axxx axxx bock cxxx coat dack duck holm phit txxx tnsg bxxx
bxxx cxxx cxxx camn dxxx fule hosm jiss phit txxx anue bxxx buck crat dack
dxxx fele holm jiss phat txxx tnue axxx bxxx busk coap crnt dxxx dxxx ducl
hxxx hosm jist swat twue axxx arsg buck coap crnt camn dxxx dule hxxx hoss
phat txxx twue axxx bxxx bxxx coap cumn dxxx dxxx fele holm jiss phat tnus
anue bxxx bxxx cxxx crnt cunn dxxx dxxx hxxx jiss piit anse aung busk cxxx
cxxx cumn dack duck fxxx hxxx hism pxxx piit arng bxxx bocp camn dxxx dull
hele hxxx jxxx jxxx phit sxxx twus arng bxxx bocp cxxx cxxx dxxx full hxxx
piit sxxx swue bxxx bxxx boap cxxx cunn dxxx dxxx hxxx hele hoss pxxx sxxx
tnue arsg buck crnn dxxx damk dxxx fxxx fule hosm jiss pxxx sxxx tnus anue
arnh boap cxxx crnn dxxx dicl hxxx hosm jxxx phit sxxx tnsg bxxx busk coap
cxxx cunn dxxx fxxx hele hosm jist sxxx twas axxx bxxx busk crnt camn dxxx
hxxx jxxx jiit shat txxx axxx axxx bxxx busk coap cumn dxxx fele hism jxxx
swat twus axxx bxxx bxxx bocp cunn dack full hxxx hiss sxxx sxxx axxx anse
bxxx buck cxxx cack fxxx full hiss pxxx sxxx txxx axxx anue arng bxxx cxxx
cxxx cxxx damk dull hoss phit sxxx axxx anue arng bxxx busk cxxx cxxx dxxx
dxxx fule hosm jiss piit axxx anse arnh coap cxxx cxxx dxxx dxxx fxxx fule
hosm jiss phas axxx arsg buck coap crat dxxx dxxx fele jiss piit twus axxx
arsg bxxx cxxx cxxx crnt camn dxxx dxxx fele hxxx hosm piit swat anue bxxx
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To: 7-11@mail.ljudmila.org, _arc.hive_@lm.va.com.au
Subject: .les couches N.E.U.R.a.u.ssi
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 17:40:55 +0100

---------->eur d(O)
\\\e menth e-o d-eur de lavande

7 fra(gRance)nge d'a-RbR-es avait véritablement

1 dr/0Le de p  /

posée devant mes yeux

et au-dessus le ciel
et dans cette o-Mbr(shAd)E

on (@)perçoit de$ étoile$ ni proche$ ni loint@ine$



il y a les



NEolOg(OS)iques de l'image
on creuse pour ne pas répondre

.les couches N.E.U.R.a.u.ssi

From: a u t u m n - f r e q u e n c y  <star.power@usa.net>
To: <_arc.hive_@lm.va.com.au>
Subject: Re: [ nmpls00]
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 21:06:44 -0700

_______//* unCMPresst_x.pn10.tiLL_headeRR.n.tract:
[...] /* peerymnduLL d.11_ness oft EXIT =

_d.fuge [...] /* prymiLL dLL_ness +//COM_MEANT
COM_MEANT//+charMAP.itemuLL #: tr-016
"oft_d.fuge_oRRe_p()uRRing" =

0uTT+/-threewLockeTTe+undERRunnnnnnnn =

[o{f}t] d.nial + RUN.!st
[o{f}t]=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D04.C|0.sur =

[o{f}t]_____^________| =


=3D=3D|=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D|=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D| <-----------=
---------------|--| =

=3D\\----------------+ | OPiNNe_proem_eme(ULL)-----identiKit(s) =

[o{f}t]=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D| -------------------->t=
r33..........."TRUCT =

[o{f}t]=3D=3D=3D=3DFWD --->RE:Turryn:02:state:nAIMe---->

From: "William Fairbrother" <wfairbrother@hotmail.com>
To: _arc.hive_@lm.va.com.au
Subject: Toward a Manifesto...
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 20:32:08 +0000

Toward a Manifesto::::Virtualism


                      Reading as an ethereal pleasure(-not bound by lo/gic… 
not]to deny its((substance((as entertainment:[:whether rhetorical or 
dialectical-][-mention of the concrete inures us to 
fragmentation-,,tech|tonic<fuilliton>-[invention is madness, yet those 
unable>to<invent are the|most insane,,and every/where there is]a between[-as 
in, for example||||”justice”||||Let us not be deceived>-<into believing the 
oligarchic phraseology””)nor examine too closely the septum of 
knowledge))Reading like this|is||||chaotic, though at times 
uplifting,,\whereas->Reading like\this [is me[ll]ifluous 
and,,en]chanting||||>But this must cha(i)nge-that must cha(i)nge””cha(i)nge 
must chan(t)ge… There is continually a shift’-thus”Fragmentation[ ]But 
note::::This fragmentatio[n itself must shift<-otherwise the stagnatio]n 

                      True Literature does not write into the Age]in which 
it is written|]M[and the notion of substantial release]is Hereditary,,IF one 
were||to prophecize >that||must be empirical((?-[Otherwise wont((There is no 
forgiveness in the Fabric of Being,,[Only breathability((((Is that 
Forgiveness?]-[These are the questions which plaque the op/en\ 
m(in)D|//)and\\where,as//the I|dea|l min]d is a ducT-Taped BOX.

                       So you can]begin[t’-)(see the problem.  The 
conumdrum//\\the idea]oL((is to meet in the substance of 
non-being||..||..||.||..||..||AND,]((to crawl up out of)it[[[[|There is no 
such thing as Being Human||||being human is an invention((((…<not relegated 
nor regulated//\by Some g-oD]-But|a mischief<.>Lonesome and Territorial,,and 
of course]the creation of madness…

                      O(1)ne would I[mm]ediately a[ss]ert their di[ss]ent 
as||||just S))))Urrealism>|<The writer of this (maybe)’I)(-‘I]nn[oc(c)ulaTed 
against Small Pox only to Wake uP and DisCover we have AIDS[-)||||(-]and 
spread it[Fur/ther-for]ever;,.  We>are all innoculated with tainted 
Monkey-BLOOD(,.the di(ss)ection of Knowledge brings Forth nothing but such 
blood[[[[and it is in]E[f)FECT>ed… So much for Viruses/

                       The true meaning of Human Life]-[The 
meaning\of/our\be/ing\in/the Universe],,must Fi(1)rst and Foremost be 
celeb|rated[>it is not an equation<||it is not unknowable[||it occurs not/in 
the name/of a Power/Greater\than us-)v[nor in the naming|of THAT 
name…]Everything)I]-)Resides in this non-equation>.||||Beyond being the 
resolution of ideas/of dreams->it is existence||||And [I]present it 

[[[[Happiness, Goodness and Truthfulness Governed by Love, is the Meaning of 
Human Existence.  The preservation of the Earth and of Humankind is our 
greatest goal””[[[[

                       Hard Pill,,but not Rea[L[iT[L]lly.  This is being 
written for the common ((sen)se(I||||of the people]We await the 


We can only write structure>>>>
[at this point[ ]There[which/in>]There
is only||||’forms’-and)things””-G[
of)Poet|RY-of)gra[MM]a[Tol)ogy of…
and of course De]con|ST/ruct]…it----
oTHEr)wise,,]Blank-…]and Round-ion
simplicity>>>>tO invent a))for[GIVE
ness in Language]//which exist,a|s[A-,
FIELD/w/o\Name…rUTs fu[LL]of Snow
such as RE: ) mem[brance->Make yr  O]
Give]ness-)M( )on]S[ter>e[FF]ect.sp


                      Contradiction\hence>forth is wonder|[To DeCry the 
human condition||||><||||is like to deC[K]ant a Fine 
wine]…]]<Spoiled<||||>or…<but evenso(to arrange the positive||||in a 
non-fictive pose-…(it’’s all Secrets… though underst[oo]d and pa[ss]ed 


                      Between the]real[and the]not real[exists a 
bridge/ca[LL]ed ‘surrealism’>>()<<Like Going door to door/knocking)and 
asking the inhabitants if this [haPPens to be(the home of _______ [your 
name]->we Perform within the sphere (of) this discovery||now||as if it is 
as>common<as dreams/as games/as chance\/Yet for all of its splendor[-since 
our introduction to the existence of this bridge)1924)/up to 2004->There 
have been 1,401[Wars… Not Saying that[perhaps]there would have been||20,000 
Wars]without this introduction><not saying|that it has[not deeply 
enriched((((our lives||||Only,,that such a flux””could have been 
used)Taken[to|change]further its password(for going over the 
bridge]-]””Freedom.,[That now we know Other<<>This is Thus.


                      What we have in]mind[here|is to[Con|sTrucT>a 
para[LL]eL Bridge||||One which will Hopefu[ll]y[lead to a 
non-warring>>humankind||-|Because the bridge we have\is w(a)oRn/and 
creaky]|||and enveloped in mass-media))))And][to[ ]take in>for 
example|[Abs(u)ORB-] the inventions nEw to our times,,Without 
Apol]o[Gies[|||| To create/build\a Bridge||||between the real and the non 
real(-)-which could not have been imagined a minute ago||||And whatever 
rituals we]fall into[are immediately forgiven,,cannot bE imagined HENCE…[

                       This bridge we call ‘Virtualism’||||(())||||IT does 
not exist]never will/and/we are[the[[Better for it,,A Language of transient 
meaning-)(-or none)-(an art of collage>collapse>kineticism>and 
epidrome<Challenges|-|and at the same time is WHOlly organic][so our 
G[a]o)I)[a]L is clear||||There is no such thing as Freedom]except as a 
Repository]//\\[and all the UNDERsigned admit they know nothing)-a 
crime-[perhaps]-but More aTuned|)(|to the idea of MANslaughter 
than((murder<-(and more]or less[accustomed to dissent…[ECT words-]or their 


                      Virtualism does not create individual works]-))it 
does]|But it can]not<<Virtualism only creates|the ‘oeuvre’[-a whole-[is a 
collection))))of fragments)(and an ode to||||Fragmentation[(And is never 
complete.and (in)this(in)completene[ss] s)ignifies[its,,rigorous 
adherence-]to the system of||||being human|[Thus is|being 
human||||begun]]-All else is denial...,]dross

                      Virtualism ca[nn]ot(be[pronounced but|is 
everywhere[[“”spoken,, an already((it has always)existed]-[in that it is 
new||||and the documen)TaT(ion,,through chronology]is[\/\/]th|o|rough\/Art 
is everywhere[thanks|to the)masters])and,,[underneath||||Pollock dance[-]But 
it must create/the\||[Positive[to exist>No More Wars]]  
And]it(iS][Only]this//th(op-)-e[ou)GHT//which Protec>T,,s u...s.










[Once again, William... once again, apologies for the length...]

William Fairbrother

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[...] /* peerymnduLL d.11_ness oft EXIT =

_d.fuge [...] /* prymiLL dLL_ness +//COM_MEANT
"oft d.fuge oRRe p()uRRing" =

0uTT+/-threewLockeTTe+undERR =

[o{f}t] d.nial + RUN.!st
[o{f}t]          04.C|0.sur =

[o{f}t]_____^________| =

  |         V        | +------iNNe.cmp_(uLL)ta.x.i/ON/aLL  =

  |         |        | <--------------------------|--| =

 \\----------------+ | OPiNNe_proem_eme(ULL)-----identiKit(s) =

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