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<nettime> The majordomo panoply of other nettimes

Geert Lovink remarks:  "The nettime project in my
view has come to halt a long time ago and has transgressed into an ordinary
majordomo mailinglist only model which is indeed free of cost."

I don't want to trouble Geert with this conundrum, but if there
is any OTHER "ordinary majordomo" list that concerns itself with
the following utterly wack, bonkers, yet peculiarly relevant series of 
topics, man, I need-to-know about it.  Okay?  Clue me in pronto.

I have not yet given Rhizome five dollars, but I think I may be
willing TO PERSONALLY OFFER FIVE DOLLARS to each nettimer with
a well-thought-out essay on why this is (a) bad (b) thievery
or (c) simpleminded and impossible.  The only caveat: in exchange
your five dollars, you have to promise that, after writing it,
you DON'T PUBLISH THAT COMPLAINT ON NETTIME, or, in fact anywhere else.

If I accumulate enough of these, I am thinking a small but
exquisite leatherbound collector's edition with tipped-in plates
and a satin ribbon.


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