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Table of Contents:

Emergent Art  
  Paul St George <>  
announcing the new issue of cauldron & net 
  "dis.[UR]Locate" <> 
New Work on Turbulence: David Crawford's "Stop Motion Studies"  
  guide <> 
IntraNation: race, politics, & canadian art-conference Nov. 21-24   
Jan-Holger Mauss - =?iso-8859-1?Q?Werkgespr=E4ch?=: Mitt, 13.11.2002   
  Maria Anna Tappeiner <>   
Open Doors Design Grand Prix  
  Rob van Kranenburg <>  
Lev Manovich | SOFT CINEMA | Exhibition Schedule  
  Lev Manovich <> 
computerfinearts-netart collection   
  doron <>   
-empyre- : constructing the virtual  
  "Melinda Rackham" <> 


Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 19:46:40 +0000
From: Paul St George <>
Subject: Emergent Art

Under the right conditions, complex patterns and sequences emerge 
from the interaction of simple events.

Please see my new work called Emergent Art at

On the left you will see patterns emerge from the interaction of 
cells as they obey the rules of Conway's Game of Life.

On the right you will see a different representation of the same 
emerging patterns. The square cells are replaced by vertical lines 
and the position and colour of the lines are determined according to 
the sequences of coloured cells.

I welcome comments, criticism and also any information about other 
forms of emergent art.

Thank you.
- -- 
Paul St George


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 06:52:09 +1100
From: "dis.[UR]Locate" <>
Subject: announcing the new issue of cauldron & net

After many postponements, I am pleased to announce the release of the new
issue [volume 4] of cauldron & net, a journal of the arts & new media. The
current issue features author Kathleen Fraser and book artist
Inge Bruggeman. Alongside of these features is a choice selection poetry,
essays, fiction, visual art, hypermedia work and sound.

Enjoy --

Claire Dinsmore, Editor
- --
"What am I, if not a collector of vanished gazes?"
- - Theo Angelopoulos, Ulysses' Gaze
The Dazzle as Question:
Editor, Cauldron & Net: an on-line journal of the arts & new media

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Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 15:46:49 GMT
Subject: New Work on Turbulence: David Crawford's "Stop Motion Studies"

November 22, 2002
For Immediate Release
Artist's Studios: David Crawford

At its heart, the Stop Motion Studies (SMS) series celebrates what can be accomplished within the file size constraints presented by current network architectures. Flash MX is used as both sequencer and streaming technology for what might be referred to as "poor man's video." In any case, the experience is rich while being specific to the online environment. 
In terms of conceptual underpinning, the SMS series continues Crawford's investigation into the relationship between technology and our experience of time, space and identity. On top of this is an added interest in exploring public space and in particular, public transportation as a stage on which social dynamics and individual identities are increasingly mediated by technology. 

David Crawford is an artist, designer and teacher. As an artist, he has been internationally recognized and received numerous grants, honors and awards from organizations including the National Endowment for the Arts and the San Francisco Modern Museum of Art. As a designer, Crawford has held posts at some of the most preeminent organizations in the world including WGBH Boston, where he is currently working on projects funded by Annenberg/CPB and the National Science Foundation. As a teacher, he has pioneered programs at both the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Pratt Institute and is currently a faculty member at both schools where he is actively engaged in curricular development. He studied at the Massachusetts College of Art with filmmaker Mark Lapore and video artist Julia Scher.
For more information about Artist's Studios write

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Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 22:59:34 -0500
From: guide <>
Subject: life.a-domesticguide;$south america+2

life.a-domesticguide   or, a concatenated practice of living

what goodness hath wrought
      what badness hath wrought
          what attitude hath wrought
              what latitude hath wrought
                  what nature hath wrought
                      what day hath wrought
                          what domestication hath wrought

& that which is to the pleasure of eyes
      & that which is to the pleasure of ears
          & that which is to the pleasure of cerebrum

south america +2


Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 21:49:47 EST
Subject: IntraNation: race, politics, & canadian art-conference Nov. 21-24

(apologies for cross postings)

IntraNation:  race, politics, and canadian art

November 21 to 24, 2002

Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design (ECIAD),  Granville Island

Vancouver, BC

This gathering of artists from across Canada will perform the dual purpose of 
showcasing/ highlighting the artists' work and contextualizing contemporary 
arts practices in Canada in terms of race and politics.  The emphasis in this 
gathering will be on an exchange of ideas through formal presentations, 
informal discussions, and various book launches, performances, and 
screenings.  A senior ECIAD art history class--Race and Identity Movements in 
Canadian Art--will work on projects leading up to and developing from the 


All events are at the Lecture Hall (Room 328), South Building, Emily Carr 

Institute of Art + Design (Granville Island), unless otherwise indicated.

Thurs, Nov 21

7:30 pm:  Opening welcome by Chief Campbell, Squamish, Room 260

8:00 pm:  Performance by Chris Creighton-Kelly, Room 260

***Note: For admission to the performance, please bring a 35 mm slide and a 


9:30 pm:  President's reception in ECIAD cafeteria

Friday, Nov 22

10:00 am:   Biospheric Questions and Bodily Poetics.

Shirley Bear, Laiwan, Scott McFarlane

1:00 pm:   Screens:  Subjects, Sites, Practices.

Fred Wah and Karin Lee, Richard Fung, Sylvia Hamilton

3:30 pm:   Performative Impulses and Critical Perspectives.

Kirsten Forkert, Paul Wong, Rebecca Belmore

7:00 pm:  Book launch for Richard Fung's and Monika Kin Gagnon's new book, 

13 Conversations About Art and Cultural Race Politics, published by Centre 

d'Information Artexte information centre.  Charles H. Scott Gallery.

8:00 pm:   Readings:  Larissa Lai, and Launch of  Sharron Proulx-Turner's 

what the auntys say (published by McGilligan Books).  Screenings:  Richard 

Fung -- Sea in the Blood,  Jayce Salloum  -- untitled part 3b: (as if) 

beauty never ends and untitled part 1: everything and nothing.

Saturday, Nov 23

10:00 am:    Imagined Geographies.

Marwan Hassan, Henry Tsang, Jin-me Yoon

1:00 pm:  Digging out/digging in: connective agency and political dissent.

tjsnow, Jayce Salloum, Jim Wong-Chu

3:30 pm:   Politics and Processes of Learning.

Adrian Stimson, Cindy Mochizuki, Loretta Todd, Kira Wu

7:30 pm:  Readings/screenings:  Performance by Hiromi Goto, Baco Ohama, Roy 

Miki; Karin Lee -- premiere of Sunflower Children, Sylvia Hamilton -- 

premiere of  Portia White:  Think On Me

Sunday, Nov 24

11:00 am:   Potential Formations, Possible Momentums.

Roy Miki, Larissa Lai, Chris Creighton-Kelly


Biographies of Participants

Shirley Bear was born on the Negootkook First Nation Community.  She is a 

multimedia artist whose work has been widely exhibited across North 

America.  Her many awards include the Excellence in the Arts Award 2002 

from The New Brunswick Arts Board.

Rebecca Belmore's multi-disciplinary practice includes performances, 

installations, and objects. Two common strands throughout much of her work 

are her belief in the critical importance of the political struggle over 

aboriginal land, and her inclusion of other people's voices, perspectives, 

and experiences in her work.

Chris Creighton-Kelly is an interdisciplinary artist and writer whose work 

has been shown across Canada, in India, Europe and the U.S. He was born in 

the U.K. of South Asian-British heritage and is currently based on 

Vancouver Island. He appreciates his audiences a lot.

Kirsten Forkert is an artist working in installation, performance and text. 

She has presented her work across Canada. Upcoming projects include a 

series of spontaneous performances in public spaces. She currently teaches 


Richard Fung is a Toronto-based video artist and writer whose tapes have 

been widely screened and collected internationally, and whose essays have 

been published in many journals and anthologies.  He is the co-author (with 

Monika Kin Gagnon) of 13 Conversations about Art and Cultural Race 

Politics. Among other awards, he received the 2000 Bell Canada Award for 

outstanding achievement in video art.  He coordinates the Centre for Media 

and Culture at OISE/UT.

Hiromi Goto's first novel, Chorus of Mushrooms, received the Commonwealth 

Writer's Prize for Best First Book in the Canada and Caribbean Region and 

was co-winner of the Canada Japan Book Award.  She is also the author of 

The Kappa Child and The Water of Possibility.  She is a mother and has 

recently moved from Calgary to Burnaby.

Sylvia Hamilton is a Nova Scotian filmmaker and writer.  Her first film, 

Black Mother Black Daughter, has been seen in over forty film festivals 

throughout North America and Europe. Speak It! From the Heart of Black Nova 

Scotia received both the 1994 Maeda Prize awarded by the NHK-Japan 

Broadcasting Corporation, and a 1994-Gemini Award. Her most recent film is 

Portia White: Think On Me.

Marwan Hassan is a novelist, a critic, and an intellectual.  Cormorant 

Books has published his two novels, The Confusion of Stones: Two Novellas 

(1989) and The Memory Garden of Miguel Carranza.

Larissa Lai is the author of two novels, Salt Fish Girl and When Fox Is a 

Thousand.  She was born in La Jolla, California, grew up in Newfoundland, 

and lived for many years in Vancouver.  She is currently working on a PhD 

at the University of Calgary.

Laiwan was founder of the Or Gallery in 1983, and is a writer and 

interdisciplinary artist who has been researching the epistemological shift 

found in digital technologies and the disappearance of older cultures.

Filmmaker Karin Lee is a fourth-generation Canadian whose stories are about 

the effects of global displacement and the Chinese diaspora in North 

America.  Her films include My Sweet Peony, Songs of the Phoenix, Canadian 

Steel Chinese Grit, and her Gemini Award winning documentary Made in China 

- - the Story of Adopted Chinese Children in Canada (2000).  Currently, Ms. 

Lee is completing Sunflower Children and writing two feature-length film 

scripts, Diamond Grill, based on the book by Fred Wah, and Mah Bing Kee, a 

courtroom drama based on the life of her great-grandfather.

Scott Toguri McFarlane is a Montreal-based writer, editor, and manager of 

the Pomelo Project, a production house for the arts dedicated to cultural 

politics. He is currently working on a book manuscript entitled On and On: 

The Exciting Promises and Phenomenal Boredom of Biotechnology.

Roy Miki is a poet, critic, teacher, and editor.  His books include Broken 

Entries:  Race  Subjectivity  Writing, Random Access File, Saving Face: 

Poems Selected 1976-1988, and Justice in Our Time:  The Japanese Canadian 

Redress Settlement (with Cassandra Kobayashi).  His recent book of poems, 

Surrender, has been nominated for the Governor General's Award.

Cindy Mochizuki was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. She is a visual 

artist working with ideas of language, history, the body and social spaces 

within the mediums of video, installation, and performance. She is 

presently working on a piece that involves ideas of kanashibari and haunted 


Baco Ohama still considers herself a prairie farm kid although she now 

lives on the west coast. Her grounding comes not only from the prairies and 

her family but also from the years she lived in Quebec … from pondering 

over the relationships between language and location, history and memory, 

partial tellings and tastes that linger. She is a visual artist, writer, 

and educator who works on installations, page and bookworks, collaborations 

and community based projects often simultaneously. One who seems indelibly 

linked to water and the colour red.

Sharron Proulx-Turner is a Métis writer who holds a Masters in English, 

Feminist Bio-theory, from the University of Calgary. She has taught writing 

and literature at Old Sun College and Mount Royal College in Alberta.  Her 

previously published memoir of ritual abuse, written under a pseudonym, was 

short-listed for the Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction. what the 

auntys say is her first book of poetry, and the culmination of years of 

rumination on her roots and on the power of language.

Jayce Salloum has been working in installation, photography, mixed and new 

media and video since 1975, as well as curating exhibitions, conducting 

workshops and coordinating cultural events. After 22 years living and 

working in San Francisco, Banff, Toronto, San Diego, Beirut, and New York, 

he now lives/works out of Vancouver.

tjsnow is a First Nations poet, intellectual and installation/performance 

artist. He has curated exhibitions with the Royal Ontario Museum, conducted 

workshops on cultural awareness, worked as a professor and coordinated 

community cultural events. A former federal government communications 

manager, he is completing a historical review governance tactics and 

political insurgency in First Nations - Canadian relations. He lives/works 

out of Calgary.

Adrian Stimson is now a painting major at the Alberta College of Art and 

Design, after serving eight years as Tribal Councilor for the Siksika 

Nation.  He has served as President for the Ottawa-based First Nations 

Confederacy of Cultural Education Centers, and is on the board of the 

Alberta Human Rights, Citizenship, and Multiculturalism Education Fund 

Advisory Committee, AIDS Calgary, and the Calgary Aboriginal Arts Awareness 

Society.  He is currently the featured artist in the Nitsitapiisinni: Our 

Way of Life exhibit at the Glenbow Museum as well as part of a group show 

called 5 degrees at the Art Gallery of Calgary.

Loretta Todd, a Cree/Metis active in developing Aboriginal media through 

her company Eagle Eye Films, is on a mission to de-colonize and reclaim the 

screen for Native stories. Her films include Forgotten Warriors, Hands of 

History, The Learning Path and Today is a Good Day: Remembering Chief Dan 

George.  She has received the Mountain Award at the Taos Talking Pictures 

Festival, two Best Documentary Awards at the American Indian Film Festival 

in San Francisco, and a Rockefeller Fellowship to New York University, 

among her many honours.  She was recently in Paris developing her feature 

film, WarSong.

Henry Tsang is an artist whose installations incorporate photography, 

video, language and sculptural elements.  He has participated in On 

Location: Public Art for the New Millenium at the Vancouver Art Gallery, 

and The Mount Pleasant Golf and Country Club, organized by the public art 

collective, Collective Echoes.  He has curated projects such as SELF NOT 

WHOLE: Cultural Identity and Chinese-Canadian Artists in Vancouver, RACY 

SEXY, and CITY AT THE END OF TIME:  Hong Kong 1997.  In 1997, he completed 

a permanent public artwork, "Welcome to the Land of Light," in downtown 


Fred Wah is a Governor General's Award recipient (poetry) and author of 

many published works including the award-winning biofiction Diamond 

Grill.  Involved in publishing and teaching internationally in poetry and 

poetics since the early 1960's, he is currently professor of English and 

Creative Writing at the University of Calgary.

Paul Wong is a founding director of Video In Studio and On Edge 

Productions, and an interdisciplinary and multimedia artist well known for 

his video projects dealing with issues of race, sexuality, and identity.

Jim Wong-Chu has worked as a comunity organizer, historian, and radio 

broadcaster. He is a founding member of the Asian Canadian 

Writers'  Workshop, as well as being a full-time letter carrier for Canada 

Post. His book of poetry Chinatown Ghosts was published in 1986, and he has 

coedited the anthologies, Many-Mouthed Birds and Swallowing Clouds.

Kira Wu is a visual artist and videographer who works in both visual arts, 

and film and video communities in Vancouver.  Wu teaches at Kwantlen 

University College, Surrey, BC.

Jin-me Yoon is a video and photo-based artist whose work critically and 

ironically questions the sytems of representation which reflect, conflict 

with and affect identity.  She is a professor at Simon Fraser University.


IntraNation acknowledges the generous support of the Emily Carr Institute 

of ART + DESIGN, the Canada Council Literary Readings Program, Canadian 

Heritage, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council 

(Initiatives in the New Economy).


For more information, please check out


Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 12:43:51 +0100
From: Maria Anna Tappeiner <>
Subject: Jan-Holger Mauss - =?iso-8859-1?Q?Werkgespr=E4ch?=: Mitt, 13.11.2002

     An der Linde 27  +  D-50668 Köln  +  Tel. +49 (0)175 - 610 12
     23 + Info unter Tel. +49 (0)221 - 52 67 62 +

     TONIGHT 2 - Werkgespräche am Mittwoch

     JAN-HOLGER MAUSS (Hamburg)

     eingeladen von Stefanie Grebe

     Mittwoch, 13.11.2002, 20.00 Uhr

     Jan-Holger Mauss beschäftigt sich mit der Transformation von
     Zeichen in verschiedenen Medien- und Zeichensystemen,
     besonders mit Systemen, deren Referenzprioritäten nicht mehr
     eindeutig sind.
     ÑWie die Erfahrung zeigt, kommen wir alleine nicht weiter. Um
     die 'Anderweite' der Individualität von Persönlichkeiten zu
     erfahren, realisiere ich künstlerische Projekte wie B2B. Dafür
     kopierte ich mir aus Eva Grubingers Internetinstallation
     ( die
     Schnittmusterbogenkombination Top-Small/Bottom-Medium für
     einen Netzbikini. Da jeder, der Eva ein Abbild von sich im
     selbstgeschneiderten Netzbikini zusendet, von ihr ein
     Echtheitslabel zum Einnähen bekommt, stellt sich für mich die
     Frage: Wer macht das Bild? Seitdem lasse ich mich von
     KünstlerInnen in meinem Bikini abbilden. Nach über hundert
     Sitzungen bin ich ein geübtes Model, aber auch Muse, denn die
     Arbeiten entstehen im Dialog. Da die eingeladenen
     KünstlerInnen selbst die Entscheidung über die Art und Weise
     der Ausführung treffen, bleiben die Arbeiten in ihrem Besitz.
     Der Erfahrungsaustausch erlaubt mir aber die entstandenen
     Werke in Absprache auszustellen. Die Zusammenstellungen der
     unterschiedlichen Abbildungen von mir sind mein multiples
     Selbstportrait - mehr noch die Präsentation der Haltungen der
     beteiligten KünstlerInnen.

     Seit 1997 fotografiere ich weltweit Cruising Areas mit
     Schwarz/Weiß Diapositivfilmen. Diese Abbildungen von
     Freizeitlandschaften, die von ihren Benutzern aus
     vorgefundenen räumlichen Gegebenheiten bewusst oder unbewusst
     für ihre kommunikativen Bedürfnisse gestaltet werden,
     präsentiere ich als Projektionen."
     (Jan-Holger Mauss)

     Zur Projektreihe TONIGHT laden wir internationale
     KünstlerInnen ein, die sich im Grenzbereich zwischen Kunst,
     Wissenschaft, Politik, Architektur, Fotografie und Film
     bewegen. Ziel ist es, ein Forum des Austausches zu schaffen,
     bei dem es neben der Auseinandersetzung mit unterschiedlichen
     künstlerischen Positionen vor allem darum geht, etwas über das
     Selbstverständnis der KünstlerInnen zu erfahren. Werkgespräche
     ermöglichen einen intensiven Diskurs, bei dem auch Aspekte wie
     persönliche Motivation, politische und soziale Hintergründe
     sowie unterschiedliche Arbeitsweisen und -bedingungen ins
     Blickfeld geraten.


     Jan-Holger Mauss, geboren 1963 in Hamburg.

     1995             Diplom in Visueller Kommunikation an der
     Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg
     1990-1995    Studium an der Hochschule für bildende Künste
     Hamburg bei Prof. Werner Büttner (freie Kunst), Prof. Dr.
     Georg Jappe (Visuelle Kommunikation), Prof. Dr. Fritz Kramer
     (Ethnologie) und Prof. Dr. Martin Seel  (Philosophie)

     Seit 1989 freier Bewegungschorist der Hamburgischen
     Staatsoper. Auftritte und Inspizienzen unter der Regie von
     Berghaus, Brockhaus, Carsen, Decker, Faggioni, Freyer, Halmen,
     Hollmann, Homoki, Konwitschny, Krämer, Kupfer, Lehnhoff,
     Ljubimow, Marelli, del Monacco, Mussbach, Nemirova, Neumeier,
     Pimlott, Preston, Richter, Rootering, Schaaf und anderen.


     1998     Bitte war: NoRoomGallery, Telefoninstallation
     1997     KATALOGE: Permanente Rauminstallation in der HfbK
     1993/4  Künstlerstätte Schloß Bleckede: Atelierinstallation,
     Schloß Bleckede
     1993     Vitrine Nr.5: Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg
     1991     10.10.1991: Beitrag zu 'Die Woche' bei
     Konieczny/Pohl, Hamburg


     2002     artgenda 2002: 4. Biennale für junge Kunst im
     Ostseeraum, Hamburg
                   selbst|portraet: Schloß Agathenburg, Hamburg
     2001     Auf offener Straße: Bethanien, Berlin
                  DAS BIKINIEXPERIMENT: Lovelite, Berlin
                  FREIE WAHLEN: Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden
                  Noch ist nichts zu sehen, WBD, Berlin
     2000     WANTED: Galerie Paula Böttcher, Berlin
     1999     Mailbox, nomadic case/valise nomade: Marseille
                  Ansichten vom Künstler: Schloß Arolsen /
     Städtische Galerie Erlangen
     1998     Jahresgaben 98/99: Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt

                  Zuidwaarts AIR Southbound: Salle de Bains
     ('sdB'), Rotterdam
                  Standortbelichtung: Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg
                  Zimmer frei: Filmvorführung, Schloß Bleckede
                  WWW.CYBERBOHNE.DE: Projekt der NoRoomGallery,
                  Danach zu Hegel: Parabolica Spaces und Rampe 002,
     1997     Fliegen: Künstlerhaus Sootbörn e. V., Hamburg
                  mehrzellig: Kunsthaus Hamburg
                  Abstract Tour Operator: Künstlerhaus Bethanien,
                  Was nahe liegt, ist doch so fern: Kunstverein
     1996     Autour de Bakounine: Les anarchistes: Mundaneum,
     Mons, Belgique
                  Bakunin? Ein Denkmal!: Neue Gesellschaft für
     Bildende Kunst Berlin
     1994     Gruppenausstellung: Wandrahm Museums, Lüneburg
     1993     PROMOTIONAL COPY: Guggenheim Museum, New York
                  An Alle: Kunstverein Kehdingen
     1992     Ausstellung zum A. Paul Weber-Förderpreis für
     Karikatur: Ratzeburg
                  Zeitgenössische Kunstausstellung: Rathaus
                 Hab' Vertrauen:
     Überwachungskamera-Liveübertragung, Hamburg
     1991     ZAHLEN SIE AN KASSE 1: Künstlerhaus e.V., Hamburg
                  quer fällt ein: Kunsthaus Hamburg
                  Inter Face: Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg
     1988     35. Landesschau bildender Künstler
     Schleswig-Holstein: Salzau


     Weitere Termine in der Reihe TONIGHT 2:

     Mittwoch, 20. November 2002, 20 Uhr
     Bjørn Melhus (Berlin)

     Mittwoch, 27. November 2002, 20 Uhr
     Monika Oechsler (London)

     Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2002, 20 Uhr
     Salla Tykkä (Helsinki)


     Die Reihe TONIGHT wird unterstützt von:
     Stiftung Kunst und Kultur NRW
     Kulturstiftung, Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf


Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 17:52:13 +0100
From: Rob van Kranenburg <>
Subject: Open Doors Design Grand Prix

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Doors of Perception 7 (14-15-16 november)
=46low: the design challenge of pervasive computing
P r e s e n t e e r t

De Open Doors Design Grand Prix
15 November 2002, RAI, Amsterdam
15:00 deuren open. 19:30 Einde van de Open Doors presentaties. 20:00 
De winnaar wordt bekendgemaakt!
Entree: 10 euro, aan de kassa. Geen reserveringen!

Spannend nieuw onderdeel van de 7e Doors of Perception conferentie is 
de Open Doors Design Grand Prix. Er worden 22, wereldwijd 
geselecteerde, designprojecten gepresenteerd door hun makers. Wat is 
het beste scenario voor pervasive computing?
Welk project is het meest opwindend, vernieuwend en zinvol?

We staan aan de vooravond van een wereld waarin de computer is 
verdwenen. Kunnen we ons de ultieme connectiviteit van de dingen 
voorstellen? Dingen die praten, dingen die discussi=EBren, dingen die 
denken? Als de computer verdwijnt, wordt de omgeving de interface. 
Waar gaan we ons dan op richten, op zoek naar een knop, een toets, 
een button? Waar is je vertrouwde dashboard als je achter het stuur 
zit? Voor deze wereld waarin digitale connectiveit alomaanwezig  is, 
zijn andere dashboards nodig, andere manieren van visualiseren en 
nieuwe vaardigheden, die gebruikmaken van al onze zintuigen.
Dat is de ontwerpuitdaging waar Flow over gaat. En waarvoor we deze 
designprijs in het leven hebben geroepen.

Een selectie uit de deelnemers:
Jussi =C4ngeslev=E4 van Media Lab Europe presenteert Body Mnemonics: 
meta-gereedschap voor draagbare apparaten. Josephine Pletts &  Usman 
Haque van ontwerpbureau Pletts Haque laten in Hardspace and Softspace 
zien hoe 'architectuur' een werkwoord is geworden. Rein Jansma, van 
Zwarts & Jansma, combineert in Interactive Carparks, ori=EBntatie, 
identiteit en veiligheidsthema's. Lavrans Lovlie & Chris Downs van 
Livework versmelten service-ontwerp en duurzaamheidsprincipes in hun 
project loome - your personal information broker. Esther Polak & 
Jeroen Kee & the Waag Society presenteren in Amsterdam REALTIME een 
dagboek in sporen van dagelijkse persoonlijke routes. Welke data 
worden informatie? Analia Cervini & Juan Kayser van het Interaction 
Design Institute Ivrea stellen in Mobile Embodiments  vragen naar de 
aard van de mobiele apparaten van de toekomst in een slimme omgeving. 
Gary McDarby & John Sharry van Media Lab Europe nemen Mental Leaps  
en presenteren brein-computer-interfaces; vergeet de joystick, speel 
met je gedachten! Lizbeth Goodman & Jo Gell van SMARTlab, Central 
Saint Martins, dansen in Flutterfly waar flow relevant wordt in 
bewegingstudies. Liselott Brunnberg van Mobility Studio, Interactive 
Institute Zweden, onderzoekt in Backseat Gaming  snelle 
scenarioveranderingen en het gevoel van beweging; alsof je achterin 
een auto meerijdt... Marcus Gosling & Alexander Gr=FCnsteidl van IDEO 
vragen zich in cameras wide shut af wat de sociale implicaties zijn 
als optische technologie=EBn zo wijdverspreid zijn als onze 
lichtknopjes en lampen.

De jury
Ole Bouman (Archis), Sascha Kosch (de:Bug), Chee Pearlman 
(correspondent van Wired en de New York Times, Petra Schmidt (Form) 
en Deyan Sudjic (Domus, The Observer).

De hoofdprijs
Een presentatie op Doors East (India) 2003.

Vind alle informatie over Flow online op:

Bel of mail voor meer informatie:
Livia Ponzio
Rob van Kranenburg
Doors of Perception: 020- 5963 220
- -- 
D  O  O  R  S  O  F  P  E  R  C  E  P  T  I  O  N
Wibauthuis, Wibautstraat 3, 1091 GH Amsterdam
Tel +31 20 596 3220  Fax +31 20 596 3202

Are you on the Doors mailing list? Register at:
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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 07:55:54 -0500
From: Lev Manovich <>
Subject: Lev Manovich | SOFT CINEMA | Exhibition Schedule

Lev Manovich | SOFT CINEMA | Exhibition Schedule


Soft Cinema (2002) was commissioned and produced by ZKM | Center for Art and
Media in Karlsruhe for the exhibition FUTURE CINEMA. The Cinematic
Imaginary after Film (November 16, 2002 - March 30, 2003).
Lev Manovich - with Andreas Kratky, DJ Spooky, Christine Bokelmann, Anne
Pascual and Marcus Hauer / Schoenerwissen, Olia Lialina, Ruth Lorenz /
maaskant, Jason Danziger / think/build group, Andreas Angelidakis, Gloria
Sutton, Rachel Stevens, Francesca Ferguson, Rachel Beth Egenhoefer, Ted

Soft Cinema (installation version) will be shown at ZKM as a part of Future
Cinema exhibition. Soft Cinema (screen version) will be shown in other
venues along with the earlier projects Little Movies (1994-1997) and Anna
and Andy (2000). Conceived for the Web in 1994, Little Movies is a eulogy to
the earliest form of digital cinema ‹ QuickTime. Anna and Andy is a
³streaming novel² which uses Tolstoy's Anna Karenina as a script that drives
a computer-generated re-creation of Warhol's Screen Tests.

Soft Cinema Book (limited edition) will be available at ICA and ZKM

November 2002 Exhibition Schedule:

Future Cinema | ZKM (Center for Art and Media), Karlsruhe, Germany
15 November 2002 to 23 March 2003 | opening: November 15, 7pm
Soft Cinema (installation version)

Lev Manovich: Adventures In Digital Cinema | ICA London
Exhibition at Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)
November 7- 30, 2002
Soft cinema + Anna and Andy + Little Movies
Lecture: Nov. 19

e-magic v.0.1 | Thessaloniki, Greece
November 12-14, 2002
Soft Cinema + Anna and Andy + Little Movies

Video Biennial | The Digitalartlab, Holon, Israel
November 20-26, 2002
Soft cinema + Anna and Andy

Coming up:

Soft Cinema at Transmediale 03 exhibition, Berlin
(honorary mention in Image category)
February 2003 


How to represent the subjective experience of living in a global information
society? If daily interaction with volumes of data and numerous messages is
part of our new ³data-subjectivity,² how can we visualize this subjectivity
in new ways using new media?

Soft(ware) Cinema investigates a few approaches toward answering these
questions. Fictional stories excerpted from a collection entitled GUI
(Global User Interface) are presented as a series of short movies. While the
voice over which narrates the stories was edited before hand, everything
else is constructed by the software in real time, including what appears on
the screen, where, and in which sequence. The decisions are based partly on
a system of rules, and are partly random. In other words, Soft Cinema can be
thought of as a semi-automatic VJ (Video Jockey) ‹or more precisely, a FJ
(Film Jockey). 

Using Graphical User Interface, financial TV programs and Piet Mondrian as
templates, Soft Cinema breaks the screen into several frames. The videos
that appear within these frames are derived from a large database. Each
video clip in the database follows Dogma 95 rules: it was shot in continuous
takes without edits using a hand-held camera. Most of the clips have been
recorded by the author while in Berlin, Tokyo, Riga, and other locations
between 1999 and 2002; a few clips are simulated (i.e. a still image was
animated to look like a video shot on location).


Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 11:43:19 -0500
From: doron <>
Subject: computerfinearts-netart collection

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New works by Alexei Shulgin and Natalie Bookchin >

Visit "Dialogue" an interview by Anne Barlow of the New Museum of
Contemporary Art with Doron Golan of Computer Fine Arts >


Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 12:43:25 +1100
From: "Melinda Rackham" <>
Subject: -empyre- : constructing the virtual

- -empyre- takes pleasure in introducing our next guests and theme--

November 2002 - Virtual Construction

Please join us for a wide ranging discussion on the possibilities of virtual
construction as viral and pandemic with Joseph Nechvatal, electronic media
animator/painter/philosopher; and, later in the month, as identity and
network with Gregory Little, an electronic media artist whose art engages
issues of  avatar and immersion.

Transmedia artist and philospher Joseph Nechvatal engages "viractuality"
(occasions where the virtual and the actual merge), and tests the grounds
for a technological and erotic aesthetic of virtuality.  Electronic media
artist, writer and editor Gregory Little  explores constructions of identity
in networked virtual environments as an artistic medium, while focusing on
issues related to consensual identity, avatars (avatara), being inside-out,
abjection, hierarchies and the "Body w/o Organs", and the post-human.

Viractualism with Joseph Nechvatal November 1-15 & Avatar Manifesos with
Gregory Little November 15 -30

join us at --empyre forum--  <>
empyre is a discussion only list.. no announcements please.

- ---> Dr. Joseph Nechvatal has worked with ubiquitous electronic visual
information and computer-robotics since 1986. Dr. Nechvatal earned his Ph.D.
in the philosophy of art and new technology with The Centre for Advanced
Inquiry in the Interactive Arts (CAiiA) . He served as Parisian editor for
rhizome between 1996-2001 and now writes regularly for The THING , NY ARTS
and Zing. He presently teaches Theories of Virtual Reality at the School of
Visual Arts in New York City. His computer-robotic assisted paintings and
computer animations are shown regularly in galleries and museums throughout
the world. From 1991-3 he worked as artist-in-resident at the Louis Pasteur
Atelier and the Saline Royale / Ledoux Foundation's computer
lab in Arbois, France on 'The Computer Virus Project': an experiment with
computer viruses as a creative stratagem. Dr. Nechvatal has exhibited his
work widely in Europe and the United States, both in private and public
venues. He is collected by the Los Angeles County Museum, the Moderna
Musset in Stockholm, Sweden and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Dr.
Nechvatal's work was included in Documenta 8>. He is a founder of the Tellus
Audio Art Project ( and
served as conference coordinator for the 1st International CAiiA Research
Conference  entitled "CONSCIOUSNESS REFRAMED: Art and Consciousness in the
Post-Biological Era" (5 & 6 July 1997); an international conference which
looked at new developments in art, science, technology and consciousness
which was held at the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts,
University of Wales College, Newport, UK. (


- ---> Gregory Little is an electronic media artist working with philosophical
and theoretical issues related to the technologies of immersive virtual
reality, netart, and avatars; specifically with respect to issues of
identity, embodiment, and human sentience. He is currently Visiting
Assistant Professor of Digital Art at Bowling Green State University, USA;
and an associate editor for Intelligent Agent.

- --watch for more on Greg Little at mid-November----

 Avatar Manifesto:
Presence and the AE:

Christina McPhee


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