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Re: <nettime> Cartography, Borges

Rolph cites Tillett who quote Borges:

On Saturday, November 23, 2002, at 05:28  PM, 
nettime's_psychocartographer wrote:

 >the Schools of Cartography sketched a Map of the Empire which was of 
the size of the Empire and coincided at every point with it. "

This is how countries can claim varying amounts of beach front, of 
coastline, depending on the granularity of the measurement.  Here's an 
interesting project with rather fine granularity for aerial photography:

 From thumbnails to very high-rez images you can find much of the 
California coast photographed from a helicopter. For instance, if you 
input "6558" you'll see the mobile home park where my in-laws lives and 
all the coastal shots further north.   So far, he has 82 GB of photos 
in the database.

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