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<nettime> Buy Nothing Day contest for bannerart.org / "Buy Nothing Day" concours pour bannerart.org

   Hello everyone
   In connection with Buy Nothing Day (November 29th in America and
   Canada, November 30th in Europe), an annual international event held
   to protest the unoffical opening day of holiday shopping, the Banner
   Art Collective is holding a contest for the best presentation of
   net.art and subvertisements in online advertising space.
   Entries will be accepted up until November 28th (the day before Buy
   Day state side).  The winner will be announced on Buy Nothing Day
   (November the 29th), both on the site and to the press.  A Grand Prize
   of $0 (USD) will be distributed to the winner, and the winning banner
   will be featured on the front page of the Banner Art Collective's
   website for one month. All entries will be added to bannerart.org's
   permanent collection of net.art in advertising space.
   To submit work, go to www.bannerart.org, review the requirements and
   limitations detailed on the site, and use the submission form upload
   your work for review.  Please mark in the "special requirements" field
   on the upload form that your submission is for the contest and not
   just for normal entry on the site's continuing bannerart exhibition,
   submissions for which are continuing as usual.
   Brandon Barr & Garrett Lynch
   Banner Art Collective
   Salut tous
   Au cause de "Buy Nothing Day" - achete rien jour (Novembre le 29 en
   Etais Unis et Canada, Novembre 30 en Europe), un fete international
   contre cette saison de Noel qui est de plus en plus un vacances
   commercialise, le Banner Art Collective annonce un concours pour le
   meilleur oeuvre de net.art et subvertisement (un travaille contre
   publicite) dans un espace de publicite internet.
   Soumissions sont accepte jusque a le 28 de Novembre (le jour avant
   "Buy Nothing day" en Etais Unis).  Le gagnant va ete annonce le 29 de
   Novembre, sur le site et le internet.  Un grand prix de $0 (USD) (soit
   0) va ete donne a le gagnant et le banniere va ete expose sur le page
   d'acceuil de le Banner Art Collective pour un duree de un mois.  Tous
   soumissions va ete ajoute a le collection permanent.
   Pour soumis un travaille, alle a le site www.bannerart.org, lit le
   regles de soumission et utilise le formulaire pour charge votre
   travaille sur le serveur.  Dans le formulaire fait attention a marquer
   le travaille 'pour le concours' dans le champs "special
   requirements".  Soumissions pour le expo de bannerart en general
   continue comme toujours.
   Brandon Barr & Garrett Lynch
   Banner Art Collective


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