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<nettime> Exchange policy?

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I would like to return a child's 24 month size shirt for a 2T. I was told by 
a clerk there, that the 2 size is the same as the 24 month, but the 24 month 
is smaller. I live out of state and purchased the shirt while visiting at the 
Mall of America. Can I return it to you with a receipt and have you send me 
the larger size?
It is the Hero in Training shirt with the fire engine and has gray print that 
says Minnesota.It is a Spencer's 24 month and I need the same shirt in a 
larger size, preferably a size 2.  It is new and has not been worn.  The 
receipt is dated 10-24-02.
My e-mail is and my phone# is ___-___-____. Thank-you

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