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<nettime> can you help this person?

     [mod note: repetition of prehistoric cultural migrations or sign 
      of the apocalypse? 'nigerian' fund-raising techniques adopted by 
      residents of XYU... cheers, t]

Dear Sir/Madam, 

How are you? I need your help. I am the widow of ______ ____________, one
of the people indicted at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal in Hague. 

The indictment is politically motivated.It was for the package the western
world has provided Yogoslavia. Slobodan and my husband had kept some funds
, in cash to enable them take care of rebel problems. However, now the
country they protected has turned against them. 

We need to transfer the money out to safety. The funds are in excess of 200
million dollars. They canbe shipped under diplomatic immunity. They will
then have to be paid into off shore accounts. They are not in Yugoslav. Can
you help? Are you capable of handling funds? Are you trustworthy? I have
been asked to offer you 5%. Will that be ok? 

Please reply to me. 

I am grateful. 


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