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<nettime> The Most Bizarre Spam I Have Ever Received...

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Let me ask you this...which is worse:

A. The engine on your Lexus freezes up at 160,000 miles instead of 
300,000. You take a financial hit and you are forced to buy a Camry this 

B. You start bleeding during bowel movements. You go to the doctor and 
get poked, prodded, X-ray'd, biopsied, etc. 3 days later you get a call 
for a consultation. The doctor informs you that you have advanced colon 
cancer at 45 years old. You have anywhere from 6 months to 5 years left 
to live. He tells you it's time to get your house in order because 
you'll be checking out soon. Chemotherapy starts today.

A friend of mine who was a science and health researcher at the 
University of Chicago, just died this past year of colon cancer at 42. 
In the midst of the prime of his life, he said goodbye, and left his 
wife and child behind, wondering what just hit them.

Why do you brush your teeth? Are your teeth falling out right now? For 
most of us, we do it so we won't need false teeth and Fixodent down the 
road...right? We want to be able to eat apples. Hey, I agree with that. 
Natural teeth are great.

But have you ever seen someone who was forced to endure a colonectomy? 
Someone who now will be spending the rest of their life carrying a bag 

Incredibly, this is an area where even the staunchest MD's AGREE with 
us!! Can you believe it? If they knew you had the greatest colon cleanse 
in the world, I bet they might even refer people to you. NO, I'm not 

This subject is not even up for debate. It's a proven fact. The problem 
is, most people are not doing anything about it. Please don't be one of 

****WARNING***** The next section of this email contains graphic 
material which may not be suitable for squeamish individuals.

Let's talk stools.

The stool tells you a lot about your colon health. If it's dark brown in 
color, and it sinks, and it stinks, that's not good. And don't feel bad, 
that's the way most people are. What you want to see is light brown 
color, which means it's full of fresh bile from the liver, very mild 
odor, and a stool that floats. We're talking low-density here folks. The 
more compaction you have the darker the color and the faster it sinks. 
Compaction is not good. Also, moving bowels should be SIMPLE. If the 
veins are popping out of your neck and you feel like your doing the 
bench press, you NEED to cleanse your colon.

When you do the cleanse, for the first few days....things are a little 
weird. But you know you're cleansed when you see the above good stuff 
happening, and you are eliminating at least 2-3 times per day.

Cleansing your colon is a 30-day process. Its also very economical at 
under $52. You may be very surprised at some of the benefits you will 
receive besides just losing 1-5 lbs of cr*p from your body and 
brightening your future health.

People have reported more energy, less allergies, clearing of acne, 
cessation of migraines, and many other results, not to mention restored 
regularity. When your body is void of old, poisonous toxins that are 
constantly being reabsorbed through the colon walls, it can begin to 
heal again. And when the colon walls are clean, the good nutrients from 
your food and supplements can be absorbed again. You will be thrilled 
with the results.

At this point you are either nauseated thinking about what is inside 
your own colon, or you're ready to do something about cleaning it out.

Want more info? Click here and I'll send it to you, including 
instructions on how to take it. It is private, all natural, totally 
safe, inexpensive, and very effective. And yes, I have taken it myself.

Currently available only in the U.S. and Canada.
Delivered in non-descript packaging.
Seeking Distributors to meet high demand.

* ____________@_______.___.__?subject=SendColonCleanseInfo 


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