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<nettime> Announcements [x6]

Table of Contents:

   Ars Electronica 2002 - 7th Announcement                                         
     Ars Electronica Center <>                                        

   "Kingdom of Piracy(KOP)" at Ars Electronica                                     
     yukiko shikata <>                                         

     guide <>                                          

   2nd International Bauhaus award                                                 
     Lev Manovich <>                                    highlight: scott becker: in seattle                                      
     "" <>                                        

   new stuff in radio archive                                                      
     Doug Henwood <>                                               


Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 22:06:24 +0200
From: Ars Electronica Center <>
Subject: Ars Electronica 2002 - 7th Announcement

Art as the Scene of Global Conflicts
Ars Electronica 2002 
September 7 - 12
Linz, Austria
- -----------------------------

Ars Electronica 2002 - 7th Announcement

1. electrolobby - TransIT Room
3. KOP <Kingdom of Piracy>
4. Mulonga - The Loop:
5. Ars Electronica 2002 - Program online

You are reading the seventh issue of the Ars Electronica 2002 newsletter, focusing on electrolobby - TransIT Room.

1. electrolobby - TransIT Room

Ars Electronica has been conducting open X and electrolobby in conjunction with the festival since 1996 as an experimental series dedicated to net.working in which exemplary models designed to facilitate the encounter with the (artistic) practice of new cultural techniques are given a test run. 

electrolobby-TransIT Room is the continuation of this series in conjunction with UNPLUGGED. The aim is to collaborate with other initiatives to not only create presentations for the festival in Linz but also to establish structures that operate simultaneously at other locations and continue beyond the timeframe of the festival. 
(September 8-12, 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Brucknerhaus)

Participating initiatives
SEARCH: The Trinity Session, _sanman, The | PREMISES
KOP <Kingdom of Piracy> 
Mulonga - The Loop: 


SEARCH is portraying protagonists of the emerging digital urban culture in Johannesburg and Capetown. Digital culture in South Africa is developing at a rapid rate with digital activities responding to the international corporate counterparts that have been taking ownership of spaces such as the web. The concept of SEARCH is a workshopping, discussion and collaborative production platform that first starts in South Africa extends to Linz and returns as a network of relationships and collaborations to South Africa.

SEARCH is developed by The Trinity Session (Stephen Hobbs, Kathryn Smith, Marcus Neustetter) from Johannesburg and will be realized in conjunction with _sanman (Southern African New Media Art Network) and The | PREMISES.

3. KOP <Kingdom of Piracy> 

KOP is an online open workspace that explores piracy as the net's ultimate art form. The project includes links, objects, ideas, software, commissioned artists' projects, critical writing and online streaming media events. It is intended as an open-ended online exhibition; artists and authors will remain sole copyright owners of their works.
Co-Curators: Shu Lea Cheang, Armin Medosch, Yukiko Shikata
Project producer: Ray Wang; Project coordinator: Mia Chen

4. Mulonga - The Loop:

Archived for 45 years, historical recordings of Tonga Ngoma Buntibe music are returning - via streaming from Grahamstown/ZA to Linz/A  and via shortwave radio broadcasting from London/UK - to the  territory of Zambezi River Valley. These historical files, mediated through technology and commented on via telephone are recirculated and reframed in contemporary Tonga culture. As both a broadcast event and website, the Loop is based on the interplay of seemingly obsolete and hightech media and underlines that global communication has to be considered as a process of uneven development.

5. Ars Electronica 2002 - Program online

The detailed Ars Electronica 2002 festival program you can find under:

Ars Electronica is providing online updates on an almost daily basis beginning immediately and continuing until the festival in September: topical ideas, theme-related essays, background information, relevant links as well as portraits of artists and symposium speakers. functions as a forum and invites participants to submit comments and feedback.

- --------------------------------------------------------------

Ars Electronica 2002 Organization:
Ars Electronica Center Linz and ORF - Austrian Broadcasting 
Corporation, Upper Austrian Regional Studio
Co-organizers: Brucknerhaus Linz, O.K - Center for Contemporary Art

Concept & Artistic Direction:	Gerfried Stocker, Christine Schoepf Curatorial Team: Ingrid Fischer-Schreiber, Andreas Hirsch, Davis O. Nejo, Jay Rutledge

Ars Electronica Center
Hauptstrasse 2
A-4040 Linz, Austria

Sponsors of Ars Electronica 2002:
SAP AG, Gericom, Telekom Austria
Bank Austria Creditanstalt, Quelle AG, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Oesterreichische Brauunion, 
Sony DADC, Siemens AG, Voest MCE, Linz AG
Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Air France, Spring, Opel Guenther
Sponsors of Prix Ars Electronica 2002:
The Prix Ars Electronica 2002 is sponsored by Telekom Austria.
Supported by Telekom Austria, voestalpine, P.S.K. (Austrian Postal
Banking), Sony DADC, the City of Linz, the Province of Upper Austria

Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Casinos Austria, City-Hotel Linz, Courtyard by Marriott, Poestlingberg Schloessl, Oesterreichischer Kulturservice

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Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 19:24:37 +0900
From: yukiko shikata <>
Subject: "Kingdom of Piracy(KOP)" at Ars Electronica

Kingdom of Piracy <KOP>
Online Project
Premiere: Ars Electronica, September 7-12,2002.

Joint Curation: Shu Lea Cheang, Armin Medosch, Yukiko Shikata

Kingdom of Piracy <KOP> is an online, open work space to explore the
free sharing of digital content - often condemned as piracy - as the
net's ultimate art form. Commissioned  by the Acer Digital Art Center
[ADAC] in Taiwan for ArtFuture 2002, <KOP> was designed to include
links, objects, ideas, software, commissioned artists' projects,
critical writing and online streaming media events. Hailed as the
first international online exhibition sponsored by Taiwan's computer
giant Acer Group, a pilot website <> was launched in
December 2001 and presented with a press conference at the Museum of
Contemporary Art in Taipai, Taiwan.

In April 2002 the leadership and direction of ADAC changed. At about
the same time a major anti-piracy initiative was launched in Taiwan.
<KOP> became a politically sensitive issue in Taiwan and by May, the
curatorial and artists' FTP access to the <KOP> server was denied.
By mid-June, <> was taken offline. ADAC demanded
editorial rights to artists' links and requested a change of the
title, Kingdom of Piracy. The joint curatorial team rejected this
demand and sought ways of preserving the project as both a Taiwanese
initiative and an International online art project. Through the efforts
of ADAC's former director Ray Wang, <KOP> server access at ADAC was
resumed. However, an IP address was assigned, the use
of the domain name is denied.

<KOP> will now be premiered  at Ars Electronica, September 7-12,2002.

[Artists' projects]
- -Low Level_All_Stars (BEIGE vs. RSG)
- -Global Village Health Manual v.1 (Raqs Media Collective
  + Joy Chatterjee),
- -Stealth Waltz (Mukul Patel &  Manu Luksch)
- -injunction generator(
- -The File That Wouldn't Leave(
- -ResourceHanger+ (doubleNegatives)
- -I love you, world (Vladimir Radisic)
- -Explorer 98 game (EASTWOOD - Real Time Strategy Group)
- -HIGH BALL (exonemo)
- -Warriors of Perception: Search and Manifest (Agnese Trocchi)
- -i_Biology Patent Engine: (i-BPE)(Diane Ludin)
- -All Universe for heike, dragan and internet explorer (Olia Lialina)
- -Top 100 Net Blockers (Dragan Espenschied, Alvar Freude).

[Writers' projects]
- -The Right to Copy: Local study on piracy as an art form
  (Whiteg weng)
- -Distributed Media -> Digital Abundance: Property Decay in C21?
  (J.J. King)
- -Culture Without Commodities:From Dada to Open Source and Beyond
  (Felix Stalder).


Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 23:57:53 -0400
From: guide <>
Subject: life.a-domesticguide;$sleep+2

life.a-domesticguide   or, a concatenated practice of living

what goodness hath wrought
      what badness hath wrought
          what attitude hath wrought
              what latitude hath wrought
                  what nature hath wrought
                      what day hath wrought
                          what domestication hath wrought

& that which is to the pleasure of eyes
      & that which is to the pleasure of ears
          & that which is to the pleasure of cerebrum

sleep +2


Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 16:36:29 +0200
From: Lev Manovich <>
Subject: 2nd International Bauhaus award




The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation invites applications for the 2nd international
Bauhaus Award.

SUBJECT: Changes of urban space and public spheres through Information and
Communication Technology. Design of interfaces between "real worlds" and
"virtual worlds", between individuals or space and technology.

CATEGORIES: 1. Architecture and Urban Design. 2. Art and Design. 3.
Scientific and theoretical work.

PROJEKTS: realisations, designs, plans, publications, performances, essays,
researches, studies, concepts etc.

PRIZES: 1st prize 3000.- EUR. 2nd prize 1500.- EUR. 3rd prize 500.- EUR. In
addition, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation invites the main prize winners for a
4-week period of residence.

PARTICIPANTS: Designers and scholars born after Sept 1st, 1962 - younger
than 40 years (Individuals and groups)


CLOSING DATE: September 2nd, 2002

AWARD CEREMONY: October 26th, 2002

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
International Bauhaus Award
Gropiusallee 38 
D-06846 Dessau
Fon +49 (0)340 6508 0 Fax +49 (0)340 6508 226

More about the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation:


Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 20:26:53 +0200
From: "" <>
Subject: highlight: scott becker: in seattle

dear all, please note

the new highlight: scott becker: in seattle
a net piece of red sky poetry

- ---------------------------------------------------------------
non - profit org for new media 
amadeus house
99_48, mariahilfer st.
a-1060 vienna
call: ++43 - 1 - 920 70 03
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Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 17:03:22 -0400
From: Doug Henwood <>
Subject: new stuff in radio archive

I've just posted two shows and an interview to my radio archive - 

The shows are:

August 22, 2002 DH on Jack Grubman & the telecoms bubble * Michael 
Sorkin and Sharon Zukin, editors, After the World Trade Center, 
talking about where those buildings came from and what might take 
their place

April 4, 2002 Greg Palast, author The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, 
on the Florida election scandal, the World Bank, and the journalism 
racket. * Norman Finkelstein, author of The Holocaust Industry and 
Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict, on the most 
recent round of crisis.

The interview is with Michael Hardt from December 2000, before Empire 
became a phenom.

- ---

There are now nine full shows and five individual interviews in the 
archive. Highlights include:

* Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel-prize-winning former chief economist of the 
World Bank, on the U.S. economy, maldevelopment, and why it might be 
a good idea to shut the IMF rather than try to reform it

* Judith Levine, author of Harmful to Minors, talking about kids, 
sex, and the national panic over their connections

* Gilberto Buenano, Vice Minister of Planning and Regional 
Development in the government of Venezuela, talks about the coup 
attempt against the Chavez government, and what they're trying to do 
that's so annoyed Washington and the local elite

* Bill Wolman and Anne Colamosca, talking about their book, The Great 
401(k) Hoax - how the new pension system screws workers and lets 
employers off the hook

* Chris Kraus and Sylvere Lotringer, editors, Hatred of Capitalism, a 
collection of pieces, many of which first appeared in Semiotext(e), 
on economics, culture, and the hatred of capitalism, of which we're 
all a part.

* Michael Perelman (economist and author, Steal This Idea) on 
intellectual property rights

* Robert Brenner, author of The Boom and the Bubble, talking about 
boom and bust

* Gore Vidal, talking about war, civil liberties, and the popular 
taste for repression

- ---

The files are streaming and downloadable .mp3s, at 48kbps.



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