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Re: <nettime> "Transnational Progressives" [human/jfisher]

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   <nettime> "Transnational Progressives"                                          
     human being <>                                          

   Re: <nettime> "Transnational Progressives"                                      
     Jeffrey Fisher <>                                                


Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 11:16:58 -0500
From: human being <>
Subject: <nettime> "Transnational Progressives"


	"transnational progressives"


  	"transgressive conservatives"

  + aliens of H.G. Wells War-of-the-Worlds share a
  + similar specter as today's ubiquitous terrorists


Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 07:31:24 -0500
From: Jeffrey Fisher <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> "Transnational Progressives"

On Sunday, August 25, 2002, at 11:10 PM, Bruce Sterling wrote:

> *At last, a right-wing epithet for "global civil society" that I kind of
> like!  Will 'transnational progressives' get their own detainment camps,
> perhaps in some handy transnational a-legal space such as army bases in
> Cuba?

illegal ideological combatants?

> *How long before the heroic Bush Administration destroys the WTO?

and the bretton woods institutions, those keynesian throwbacks to 

  . . .

and, as if on cue, last week's stratfor analysis concerning a bilateral 
ICC-exemption agreement between the US and Colombia that's putting Uribe 
in a hot spot. turns out even Colombians who are tired of dealing with 
teh FARC don't want the US military given  carte blanche in their 
country. who'd've thunk it?


  Colombia: President Feeling Heat From U.S. Immunity Request
23 August 2002

The Bush administration is demanding that new Colombian President Alvaro 
Uribe Velez sign a bilateral agreement that will grant U.S. personnel 
immunity from International Criminal Court prosecution. If Uribe rejects 
the request, he risks losing vital U.S. support. But if he signs the 
pact, he could lose critical political backing in Colombia and 
regionally, undermining his offensive against the FARC rebels.


The Bush administration has requested a bilateral agreement from 
Colombia's new government that would grant total immunity to U.S. 
military and civilian government personnel -- involved in the fight 
against drug- and rebel groups -- in the country from prosecution by the 
International Criminal Court. The request is legally required under a 
bill recently passed by the U.S. Congress. The bill stipulates that a 
freeze must be placed on all U.S. aid to ICC signatory countries that do 
not have such agreements with Washington. (((i.e., it ain't just the W 
administration))) [ . . . ]

However, if Uribe does sign an immunity deal with the Bush 
administration, he could lose much of the domestic political capital he 
gained after his decisive first-round election victory last May. Bogota 
daily El Tiempo recently editorialized that the U.S. demand for an 
immunity pact is a "disgrace" and urged Uribe not to cave in to U.S. 
pressures. Public opinion in Colombia largely opposes such an agreement 
as well, according to domestic news reports.

The president also risks being perceived as a U.S. puppet by other 
governments in the region -- like Brazil. These regimes already see the 
expanding U.S. footprint in Colombia as an effort by Washington to 
establish a long-term military presence in the northern-tier countries 
of South America. A semi-permanent U.S. presence likely would kill 
Uribe's already slim chances of negotiating regional border-control 
agreements with Colombia's immediate neighbors. The president is seeking 
cross-border agreements in order to keep the FARC and other irregular 
armed groups inside his country.

[ . . . ]

> bruces
> Anglosphere: Cracks in the wall


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