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Re: <nettime> googlewatch: PageRank -- Google's Original Sin

On Tue, 27 Aug 2002 02:14:43 -0100, "nettime's_roving_reporter"
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Thanks for this extremely interestig article.

>     Those who launch new websites in 2002 have a much more difficult
>     time getting traffic to their sites than they did before Google
>     became dominant.

For my experience exactly the opposite is true.

a) I started a Weblog on 31.12.2001 and a link-collection (which according
to this article is bad because you have too many outside links) by April
2002. [carpe.com/bm and carpe.com/literaturwelt ]

b) Both sites get MOST of ther traffic through Google. (The weblog
'brain/map' albeit gets a lot of it's traffic by searchers who look for a
'map of the brain'. I service those peple by linking to "brain map-Sites"
right on top of the page ;) Some looked for 'Tolkien map' and I only had
some tolkien links in the weblog, so I added a link to Maps of
Middle-Earth to the page that Google indicated ;) )

Of course:

* Both sites are linked from the outside and they are linked by sites that
are popular.

But then:

* IF a page or site DOES offer valuable information, it WILL also be
linked if you ask kindly and link in return.

* If a page is boring or devoid of any original or interesting content and
no one you tell about it links it: Why really should it show up as a
search result?

Consequence: If you wanna be found: blog ;)


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