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Re: <nettime> Re: IWT Bans RIAA From Accessing Its Network

> Beautiful, let the information wars begin... I can't wait to see how this
> evolves... Perhaps the RIAA will seek legislation preventing others from
> preventing their access to other networks? I can't see how that would work
> out though... Yes, very interesting, and quite sad at the same time.

Toll-free roads are going away.

The mode of "being online" will depend on how much you pay for it.

Even today there are hints of the shape of the things to come: the cheapos
(dial-ups, some dsl/cable modems) do not have visibility from the outside -
natted and hamstringed by ToS, they are allowed to shop and download. To serve
content you have to pay more.

Expect further differentiation: 

Low cost (or even free, government-subsidised) access will mean that your
machine (if after TCPA you can call it yours at all) is subject to search at
any time. Also you can't have a firewall and no ad disabling. Think public

Middle-class gets the same for more money, but much bigger screens,
wall-to-wall, and they can serve content within gated community.

The top few percent gets to serve content to everyone else. They are also
allowed to posses computers disconnected from the Net.

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