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Re: <nettime> Empire for Beginners - by Rob los Ricos

"According to Deleuze in
"Repetition and Difference," it is the problematic category of identity
that leads to the quantitative exchange-value of capitalism; ie identity
asserts exactly what Ricos wishes to avoid: nationalities and states and
other hierarchical structurations. Exchange-value as axiomatization can be
turned to positive affect as decoding, deterritorialisation; however, as
that which forms identities, it leads to the master/slave, heteronormative
and patriarchal relationships of capital: daddy-capital, mommy earth,
child-consumer in the Oedipal family)."

So let me see if I follow this:

Identity leads to Hierarchy leads to Capitalism leads to Empire. So to get 
rid of Capitalism/Empire you must get rid of idenity? Is that where this is 

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