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   Radio Archives open                                                             
     Doug Henwood <>                                               

   MomEnt.16: Orgasmus im Berlin                                                   
     "intima" <>                                        

   [Fwd: August 2002]                                                                                                                         

   borderlands e-journal (Borderphobias: the Politics of Insecurity Post-9/11)     
     "Yama Farid" <>                                            

   Winners of the >>digital sparks<< competition 2002                              
     "" <>                                 

   en) anarchist computer game call out                                            
     "anarcho sando" <>                                     

   Rip, Mix, Burn: The Politics of Peer to Peer and Copyright Law                  
     jan meyer <>                                                


Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 14:41:59 -0400
From: Doug Henwood <>
Subject: Radio Archives open

I've just added a radio page to the LBO website, which has links to 
archived versions of four full shows and two individual interviews.

More past shows will be added in coming weeks, and future shows will 
be posted on the Friday morning after their Thursday evening 
broadcast, god willing.





Shows are approximately 55 minutes long, and downloadable files are 
around 19 mb. All are mono, 48kbps.

July 11, 2002 DH on scandals * Charles Komanoff (economist and energy 
analyst) on the proposal to put tolls on the East River bridges in 
New York City * Steffie Woolhandler (physician, author, prominent 
member of Physicians for a National Health Program) on U.S. health 
care finance: public money, private control * Michael Perelman 
(economist and author, Steal This Idea) on intellectual property 

July 18, 2002 DH on economic and scandal news * Pratap Chatterjee 
(freelance investigative journalist) on Cheney, Halliburton, and 
Brown and Root * Heather Boushey (Economic Policy Institute) on life 
after welfare

July 25, 2002 DH on the bear market * Ken Silverstein on the idiocy 
of hydrocarbon-based explanations for the war in Afghanistan * Ron 
Hayduk and Ben Shepard, editors of From ACT-UP to the WTO, on 
political activism today

August 1, 2002 DH on economic news - at the cusp of a vicious cycle? 
* Ruy Teixeira (The Century Foundation, co-author, The Emerging 
Democratic Majority) on the impact of the scandals and bear market on 
public opinion * Michael Hardt, co-author of Empire, on the book's 
reception and the impact of the Bush regime on his and Toni Negri's 

- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Chris Kraus and Sylvere Lotringer (March 28, 2002) Editors, Hatred of 
Capitalism, a collection of pieces, many of which first appeared in 
Semiotext(e), talking about economics, culture, and the hatred of 
capitalism, of which we're all a part.

Gore Vidal (May 16, 2002) Vidal talks about George W. Bush, the war 
on terror, and his book, Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace.


Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 11:57:09 GMT+1
From: "intima" <>
Subject: MomEnt.16: Orgasmus im Berlin

*** MomEnt.16: Orgasmus im Berlin ***
low-quality high-standard self-composable net video kit

by intima | virtual base _2002

net_video base C | consecutive [unlimited]
net_video base P | parallel [limited]

16 net_video files: define function | danger above | observation 3 | no information | 
observe code 0.60 | control out 4 | control out 9 | start function | move forces | 
emotion help | no feelings 46 | 14/4328322700324 | no reason 55 | danger positive 
A | situation love 2 | function completed


PC PIII, 800 MHz, 256 MB RAM, Mac G4, min. 56 kbps | online, MS IE 6+, 
Netscape 6+, min. resolution: 1024x768, High Color, 14" (opt. 15"), Java Script, 
multimedia, RealPlayer, wav player, e-mail software (& account), free your mind & 
the rest will follow


created by igor stromajer. produced by intima | virtual base, 2002 -

camera by davide grassi (, dejan habicht (fundamental photography), i. 

performed by (alphabetic) marjana harcet, jana kohut, bojana kunst, marcela okretic, 
sophia okretic, anja planiscek, vlasta vucenik, brane zorman

supported by ministry of culture of republic of slovenia. recorded in
ljubljana, slovenia - june/july 2002. edited in mirca, croatia - august 2002 

- - - -

intima | virtual base


Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 17:58:25 +0200 (CEST)
Subject: [Fwd: August 2002]

- -------- Original Message --------
Subject: August 2002
From: Le Monde diplomatique <>
Date: Wed, August 14, 2002 3:39 pm
To: Le Monde diplomatique <>

   Le Monde diplomatique


                           August 2002

                          In this issue:
   .. South Africa, in denial over Aids; Venezuela, hatefilled
   media; France, being Jewish; Portugal, immigrants to a land
     of emigrants; Italy, politics for people who don't like
    politics; Germany, Middle East friendships; Algeria, quiet
   changes; US, the crime of being America.. plus companies in
      systemic crisis; and a jaunt down the African coast..

     A small number of these articles and our editorial are
     available to non-subscribers

     To read the rest of this month's articles go to and click on Subscribe.

     It couldn't be easier...


Italy's postmodern politics *


     A year ago the Genoa demonstrations against the G8 summit
     shocked Italy: they upset the plans of Sylvio Berlusconi,
     who had thought, with the overthrow of the traditional
     left, that he had carte blanche. By bringing people on to
     the streets, the victory of the right has raised hopes
     about the possibilities of re-founding the left and
     rebuilding the republic.

                                        Translated by Ed Emery

Saving the planet


                                        Translated by Ed Emery



What does it mean to be Jewish? *


     The terrible things happening to both Israelis and
     Palestinians have had repercussions among the Jewish
     community in France. The events make Jews feel insecure,
     because of anti-semitic violence. They also worry about
     the rise of the far right. But their concerns go deeper
     than reactive fears: at their core is the very future of
     what it means to be Jewish.

                                   Translated by Harry Forster

'I don't question my children's Jewishness' *


                                   Translated by Luke Sandford


South Africa's Aids apartheid

by our special correspondent PHILIPPE RIVIÈRE

     A new and deadly apartheid threatens South Africa's
     freedom: five million of its people have contracted the
     Aids virus and 360,000 more are infected each year. The
     public health sector, only resort of the poor, does not
     supply antiretrovirals. But HIV positive people, fighting
     for their own lives, are also encouraging the nation to
     resist all forms of discrimination.

                               Translated by Malcolm Greenwood


The protestors' day in court

by our special correspondent PHILIPPE RIVIÈRE

                               Translated by Malcolm Greenwood



Language of the left *


Sleepwalkers of Portugal


     The European Union, alarmed by the rise of the far right,
     wants to suppress illegal immigration. But waves of poor
     emigrés will go on arriving as employers take advantage
     of their precarious status to drive down wages and
     circumvent labour laws. In Portugal the building trade is
     exploiting skilled workers from Eastern Europe.

                                   Translated by Luke Sandford



Germany's Middle Eastern diplomacy *


     Twelve years after reunification, Germany has
     international ambitions. It is not a political nonentity
     but a candidate for a UN Security Council seat, and is
     trying to claim EU leadership. Kosovo was one turning
     point; but Germany's diplomatic efforts are most visible
     in the Middle East.

                                   Translated by Luke Sandford


Algeria matures *

by our special correspondent GHANIA MOUFFOK

     Life expectancy has risen, illiteracy has dropped, there
     are mighty movements towards social change that nobody in
     politics or government wants to talk about, and women are
     gaining power. This is the other Algeria.

                                   Translated by Harry Forster


Venezuela's press power


     Never even in Latin American history has the media been
     so directly involved in a political coup. Venezuela's
     'hate media' controls 95% of the airwaves and has a
     near-monopoly over newsprint, and it played a major part
     in the failed attempt to overthrow the president, Hugo
     Chávez, in April. Although tensions in the country could
     easily spill into civil war, the media is still directly
     encouraging dissident elements to overthrow the
     democratically elected president - if necessary by force.

                                    Translated by Julie Stoker



America's patriot games *


     President Bush's popularity, only now being damaged by
     the recent corporate scandals in the United States, has
     dissuaded Democrats from criticism. But the economic
     reverses may now make Democrats bolder - which is why the
     White House is invoking the war on terror to impose a
     patriotic consensus in government, media and the nation.

                                      Original text in English


African patchwork *

by our special correspondent CHRISTIAN DE BRIE

     The road runs unsmoothly for over 10,000 km from the
     Strait of Gibraltar down to Accra, the capital of Ghana,
     by way of Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Senegal, Burkina
     Faso and Togo. And all the way you meet every day the
     youthful, musical, wonderful people of Africa.

                                   Translated by Luke Sandford

Market daze *


                                      Translated by the author


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Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 22:40:29 +1000
From: "Yama Farid" <>
Subject: borderlands e-journal (Borderphobias: the Politics of Insecurity Post-9/11)

Please support the journal and circulate this throughout your networks. 
Thank you. 

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
borderlands e-journal
a virtual intellectual space for new forms of thought and writing in the 
borderlands is a refereed international journal that aims to promote 

transdisciplinary work across the humanities, work which might also

intersect with diverse practices and sites in culture, policy and 

everyday life. Although our beginnings are modest, we hope that 

over time you will be able to view writings cutting across and 

between politics, media, literature, history, law, science, medicine,

philosophy, economics, music, film and more, along with incisive 

debate about contemporary culture.

The founder (and publisher) of borderlands e-journal is Anthony 

Burke, but its origins lie in earlier collective efforts to create open

 spaces of dialogue and thought in the humanities.

For more see:


Borderphobias: the Politics of Insecurity Post-9/11

Editors: Suvendrini Perera & Anthony Burke

Volume 1, Number 1, 2002*



Anthony Burke: Borderphobias  



Wadjularbinna: A Gungalidda Grassroots Perspective on Refugees and the Events in the US

Ben Hoh: We Are All Barbarians: Racism, Civility and the "War on Terror"


Alain Joxe: From The Empire of Disorder


Alain Joxe talks with Sylvere Lotringer



Omeima Sukkarieh & Mia Zahra: Silence that Speaks and Dreams that Cry

Angel Boujbiha: My Name is Asylum and other poems


Robert Hodge: Monstrous Knowledge in a World Without Borders


John Docker: Untimely Meditations: The Tampa and the World Trade Centre


Suvendrini Perera: What is a Camp?


Joseph Pugliese: Penal Asylum: Refugees, Ethics, Hospitality


Robyn Lui: Governing Refugees

* All content copyright borderlands e-journal & authors all rights reserved.

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
To receive the borderlands e-journal newsletter, please send a blank email to


To Join the borderlands e-journal discussion list, please send a blank email to


Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 20:12:20 +0200
From: "" <>
Subject: Winners of the >>digital sparks<< competition 2002

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------

The results of the >>digital sparks 02<< competition
for universities and academies have been decided!
Four student media projects have won prizes.

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------

For the second time  the MARS Exploratory Media Lab
is organising the higher education competition
"digital sparks". 

On July 29, the six-strong panel of well-known
personalities from the worlds of culture and business
met at the Schloss Birlinghoven in Sankt Augustin
to decide the winners of this year's "digital sparks"

Prior to this, 26 of the online entries from the fields
of media art, media design and IT had been nominated by
a panel of experts. Because of the quality of the work,
four prizes have been awarded rather than three.

The winners of digital sparks 2002 are:

actionist respoke 
Ruediger Schloemer and Michael Janoschek, FH Aachen

An experimental sound interface for the song of the same
name by the group "Mouse On Mars". The form language is
generated from the amorpho-organic universe of the
musical model. Actionist respoke finds images for sounds,
beats, language and associations that are unusual and
change the perception of sounds. This mixture of
interactivity and semi-autonomous program status commands
the user's attention and invites him to join in.

Korsakov Syndrom 
Florian Thalhofer, UdK Berlin

A non-linear, interactive documentary film on the subject
of alcohol featuring compelling interviews and a
contemporary approach to the handling of text and images.
The viewer of this work also becomes the author of a new
multi-view film at the same time. The tool for producing
non-linear storytelling has been programmed specifically
for that purpose and is based on a database with approx.
150 short films. Suitable clips for the documentary
film sequence are found from a database. In a sort of
interactive storytelling process, the user navigates
through the available pool of films by linking chains
of associations. 

left 2 dimensions behind
Andreas Siefert, HFG Karlsruhe

This video installation with Dolby Surround Sound has
poetic power from the moment the video starts. The
reduction of spatial processes to image level creates
an unusual and disturbing impression. The installation
plays with different realities - the paint which is
poured in the image seems almost sculptural and gives
a material, tactile impression. The surround-sound
audio emphasises the viewer's feeling of space and time.
The alienating way the dripping process has been shot
from different perspectives gives the straightforward
action of pouring paint a magical dimension, and the
incorporation of the real environment into the image
adds a spatial dimension to the painting process behind
the glass. The work takes on an intriguing character
when the image escapes the borders of the screen.

Terror by Tina 
Martin Hesselmeier, FH Mannheim

A BOT on the prowl for victims. This chat program
with integrated artificial intelligence subversively
undermines the user's communication expectations.
As an interpretation of the psychological approach
of Josef Weizenbaum's "Eliza Projekt", "Tina" is
not in any way politically correct. Even the title
of the piece conveys the terror. Despite its serious
political statement, this project is still primarily
a humorous work. The dialogues in the work highlight
the communication behaviour of chat participants, in
particular when aggression arises. This guerrilla
project with its systematic, designer use of
understatement straddles the line between media art
and design.

Each prizewinner receives a production
scholarship of Euro 2,500.

The location and date of the awards ceremony and
the exhibition of the prize-winning works will
be released shortly.

You can find further information on the
"digital sparks 02" competition at,
The Internetplatform for media art, medi design and

Yours faithfully
The team

Diane Mueller, Felix Schmitz-Justen

PS: We apologise that the description of the
projects are still mostly in German, as submitted
by the students.

- -------------------------------------------------------------------
Redaktion/editorial office - an Internet Media Lab

MARS- Media Art & Research Studies
FhG-Institute for Media Communication
Schloss Birlinghoven
D-53754 Sankt Augustin
Tel: +49-(0)2241-14-3442, 3449
Fax: +49-(0)2241-14-2133


Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 09:02:27 +0000
From: "anarcho sando" <>
Subject: en) anarchist computer game call out

"Hutchings, James" > wrote:

Is there anyone out there who knows anything about computer
programming who might be interested in helping me with this idea for a game? 
  The idea is a kind of simulation of the anarchist movement, where you set 
up different collectives (ARA, IWW etc) which have different abilities -a 
similar kind of idea to Civilisation.

The idea would be to send it out as freeware - you could have
information and links about the different units in the'd be a 
pretty cool propaganda tool I think.

I've included more detail in the attached Word file. Please note - don't get 
offended by the descriptions of the units.  Like I said, they've been 
simplified for game purposes (to the point of parody perhaps).  There's no 
hidden agenda in the unit descriptions, you'll notice that everyone has been 
simplified equally.

(NOTE: Please don't reply to this via the spanet list as I'm not on it).


Chat with friends online, try MSN Messenger:


Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 23:00:47 +0200
From: jan meyer <>
Subject: Rip, Mix, Burn: The Politics of Peer to Peer and Copyright Law

Hash: SHA1


Rip, Mix, Burn: The Politics of Peer to Peer and Copyright Law by Kathy Bowrey
and Matthew Rimmer
Whereas Lessig's recent work engages with questions of culture and creativity
in society, this paper looks at the role of culture and creativity in the law.
The paper evaluates the Napster, DeCSS, Felten and Sklyarov litigation in
terms of the new social, legal, economic and cultural relations being
produced. This involves a deep discussion of law's economic relations, and the
implications of this for litigation strategy. The paper concludes with a
critique of recent attempts to define copyright law in terms of first
amendment rights and communicative freedom.


The Story So Far
A Different Kind of Politics
Part One - Peer To Peer: The Napster Experience
Part Two - The DMCA Litigation: DeCSS and Beyond
Part Three - Dmitry, the Con and the Constitution
Part Four - Some Questions about Law, Politics, and the Politics Of Law

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