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   another hot weekend @ playground festival in stralsund                          
     garage <>                                                       

   "Frozen White" at the ICA                                                       
     David Mandl <>                                                  

   TOKYO ART JUNGLE                                                                
     "press@2dk" <>                                                     

   I, ROBOT (PHASE ONE) - 20th-25th August 2002                                    
     Mark Godber <>                                            

   >> i n f o m e r a                                                              
     "|||| | ||| |||||||| ||" <>                                

   GOLEM FROM PRAGUE: Michael Bielicky tonight at 34k                              
     Manuel Bonik <>                                             

   PLUG_AND_PLAY - 18th AUGUST @ PUBLICLIFE                                        
     "plug and play" <>                                                 

     Nicholas Kiersey <>                                              


Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 19:19:00 +0200
From: garage <>
Subject: another hot weekend @ playground festival in stralsund

3rd weekend of the festival playground/garage stralsund germany

th 08.08.02
>  Deterritoriale Schlingen (sound installation. Thom Kubli/Sven Mann. Köln)
>  Flaming Vacuuum Cleaners - Don't play with fire! (Staalplaat Soundsystem)

fr 09.08.02
>  slap the spider (video installation. Bauhaus Kolleg Dessau)
>  thilges 3 (Wien) play audio golf through the town

sa 10.08.02
>  relay - 12 musicians/performers - 3 places - constant movement
>(concept: John Bisset)

su 11.08.02
>  public playground - playgrounds of arts (panel discussion)
>  Armchair Traveller (Berlin) - unusual instruments, special playing techniques


08 august 02 -- speicher 9 -- 21:00
>  Deterritoriale Schlingen (Thom Kubli, Sven Mann. Köln)
Sound Installtion
A sound space stretched by 11 transmitters that dynamically form
loops (Schlingen). These structures are perpetually generated in real
time and are broadcast via short-range FM radio to cheap commercial
pocket radios and ghettoblasters.

followed by open air
>  Flaming Vacuum Cleaners - Don't play with fire! (Bastiaan Maris,
>Geert-Jan Hobijn. Berlin)
The fascination of fire as material for performances Bastiaan Maris
is a Dutch inventor of "chemo-acoustic" instruments, a musician and
installation artist residing in Berlin. Bastiaan is an artist engaged
in the process of engineering and operating unique industrial
instruments to create original scores of music and site specific
installations. The chemo-acoustic organs redefine industrial music
with a blast of flaming propane gas. The instruments are usually
played via PowerBooks and a MIDI keyboard and drumpads. The computers
generate the background rhythm, while the MIDI signals control the
gas valves and igniters. Geert-Jan Hobijn, founder of the Staalplaat
Amsterdam as well as of the Staalplaat Soundsystem. Staalplaat is a
forum for sound artists, an international network for the
intercultural exchange of ideas and label. Staalplaat's strategy is
to invest in the future by stimulating new sounds, establishing and
supporting new routes, connecting artists with new improvisational
themes and experimental music ideas, the exchange and exploration of
different meta musical concepts and thus expanding the boundaries of
what we call "music". The Staalplaat Soundsystem is a group of sound
activists creating "musique korrekt" with the everyday tools that
surround us and putting them into the form of orchestras and
installations. They see themselves as reinterpreters of modern sound
installation tradition and use the constructive elements of sound-art
combined with the dynamics of DJ culture. The Staalplaat
Soundsystem's content is a modern, dilettantish audio collage sound
work show and is often performed with self-built, customized tools.
Maris and Hobijn will organize for Stralsund an Open Air for
chemo-acoustic organs and 100 vacuum cleaners.

09 august 02 -- garage -- 21:00
>  Thilges3 (Austria)
Thilges3s mission is the acoustic introduction of public places,
museums, galleries, A goal crystalizes which represents a questioning
of fixed values or truths and their origins. These principles stood
behind the performance Paradox in Vienna and the installation Johanna
in Munich (in cooperation with the German artists M&M) facts are
presented in a twisted manner to stimulate discussion. In Paradox for
example, which was held in the facilities of the MAK, Thilges3
collaborates with a military brass band. It goes without mentioning
that this is a rather unconventional and unexpected combination,
however content-wise it turns into a quite interesting meeting.
Artists, listeners and organizers at Paradox find themselves
confronted with their social opposites in one kind of a melting pot.
For Thilges3 aesthetic perfection becomes crucial at that point to
provide a well-connecting element for the opposite types of music, as
well as the adequate visual presentation of their works. The outcome
of such attempts naturally depends on the existing conditions of the
event location, which ideally would be a public or semi-public place.
Such working-conditions confront Thilges3 with completely new
challenges each time, for they have to consider not only the
potential audience and their realities but also the given event
location. The concept of entertainment loses its innocence when
exposed to such play with expectations, attitudes and contradictions,
which this artistic form of expression involves. Thilges3 works
exclusively with modular analogue synthesizers to create and process
their unique sounds. The flexible employment of such machinery
provides opportunities for dynamic moments, which lay beyond any
known MIDI limitations. By constantly modifying the configurations of
the modules new ideas are created incessantly and simple sound
creation seems surpassed on many levels. It has been through this
method of working the modules that Thilges3 developed their famous
quadrophonic play (O). One characteristic element of Thilges3 and
introduction of completely opposite groups of interest which leads to
fascinating blends of target audiences and has conventional
entertainment expectations come tumbling down. Once again, the
connecting element becomes  Thilges3s musical intelligence, as well
as a pinch of fine irony. Tolerance finds its place between the
usually (by choice) separated groups of people by accepting and
exploring the given confrontation, as well as close observation and
analysis of their surroundings.To document the continuity of their
works, each event is recorded and archived.
Thilges 3 will golf with analogue synthesizers through the town of
Stralsund. The three Austrians will choose spontaneously interesting
places in the town area as goals. Those places will be reproduced
acoustically (Thilges 3 wearing golf suits) and then met with several
concerts of the just produced sounds. The single sounds will be
recorded and eventually presented in a final concert.

>  slap the spider (Installation by Bauhaus Kolleg. Dessau)
Slap the Spider combines in a game setup, elements of traditional
videogames with physical workout. When climbing a wall, players have
to slap objects left by moving characters, scoring points and having
fun while improve their climbing skills. The climbing wall is a super
sized screen where a beamer displays the "spiders" to be slept by the
players. They are supposed to move around the wall trying to slap the
most spiders they can in the meantime they still can resist the
effort. Currently 3 different game levels exist in which different
types of tasks have to be performed.

10 august 02 -- garage speicher tischlerei -- 20:00
concept: John Bisset
duration: 3 hours
John Bisset (London) - guitar
Michael Renkel (Berlin) - guitar
Jim Denley (Sydney) - flutes, saxophone
Andrea Ermke (Berlin) - sampler
Burkhard Beins (Berlin) - percussion
Kai Fagaschinski (Berlin) - clarinette
Sebastian Hilken (Berlin) - cello
Silvia Ocougne (Berlin) - string instruments
Werner Durand (Berlin) - wind instruments
Wieland (Stralsund) - percussion
Wulf Beck (Berlin) - guitar
Thomas Ankersmit (Berlin) - saxophone
Since 1993, Bisset has been organising Relay, an annual event, with 3
venues and 12 musicians rotating through the venues in randomly
determined combinations such that the number playing at each venue is
always the same: when one arrives, another must leave.

11 august 02 -- speicher am katharinenberg -- 14:00
>  public playground -- playgrounds of art panel discussion
Art historians, sociologists, game developer, game experts, media
theorists, artists and networkers discuss play and game in the
context of art and culture. For one day lectures, project
presentations, workshop results and experiences of the previous
festival weeks are on the schedule. The audience is invited to
participate in an open discussion.
Barbara Barthelmes, Musicologist and Cultural Scientist, Publicist, Berlin

Konrad Becker (Austria) Artist, curator, organizer, publicist and
producer in the field of electronic media. He is chairman of the
Institute for New Culture Technologies, head of public netbase/t0 and
founder of

Sabine Breitsameter (Berlin) Radio author, -producer and curator. She
is specialized in avantgarde acoustic art forms. She is curator of
international events on the topics éhearingè and éacoustic media artè
and she also presents a radio show on SWR 2 - AudioHyperspace - which
has a focus on soundart in the internet.

Volker Grassmuck (Berlin) Sociologist, publicist and information
scientist. Co-founder of the berlin based media platform
and organizer of the conference "wizards of OS".

re-p/m.ash/unrast (Austria) Vienna based artist group
re-p/m.ash/unrast (Maia Gusberti, Michael Aschauer, Sepp Deinhofer,
Nik Thönen). Invited to the festival with their project ./Logicaland.

Sven Mann / Thom Kubli (Cologne) Invited to the festival with their
sound installation "Deterritoriale Schlingen".

Alexej Paryla (Berlin) Stage designer and video artist, invited with
his project "2,3+12".

Time's Up (Austria) Lab for the construction of experimental
situations from Linz. Invited with their project "sonic pong" to the

11 august 02 -- speicher -- 21:00
>  Armchair Traveller (Berlin)
Silvia Ocougne - placked + hammered and e-bowed guitars + string instruments
Hella von Ploetz - glassharp
Werner Durand - traditional + invented wind instruments
Sebastian Hilken - cello + frame drums + metal percussion
Nowadays, the music of foreign lands and peoples arrives postpaid
from a plug in the wall: World Music! World Music? Under this handy
label, a strategic marketing battle cry against the tired body of pop
and classical music of Euroland and the North American continent,
sickly-sweet pablums in sundry flavors are concocted from all kinds
of exotic ingredients that are combined, congealed in a sticky
synthetic digital sauce, decorated on top with colorful bits of
samples - and served ready-to-hear. Why understand, when you can just
enjoy; why differentiate more precisely where the musical properties
come from? Why learn more about the original music - its cultural
contexts, its peoples, places and rites - when it is enough merely to
cleverly arrange the exotic sounds in a way that provides the largest
screen for projections of wanderlust, and so satisfies our longing
for ostensibly authentic foreign elements. But don't let them get too
close, if you please! ArmChair Traveller plays it inside out, twists
the facts, and so perhaps finally brings forth the real, authentic,
ethnic music of our time. It is real, because everything about it is
unreal; it is authentic, since it has just been totally invented. But
it sounds archaic because it has been created by musicians who have
developed specific playing techniques, mostly on their own, for
handmade instruments built from everyday materials and for
conventional instruments they have specially prepared. It is ethnic
because chance providentially brought these musicians together at the
same time in a big city like Berlin - metropolitan centers have
become homelands for quasi-ethnic groups. Armchair Traveller's music
always sounds somewhat «as if», it denies its ancestry by not denying
it; it plays with exotic atmospheres, but always conditioned by
multiple refractions, like billiard balls caroming off the cushions.
The individual pieces, imaginally located on various meridians of the
globe, sound like tribal music that somehow is simultaneously
experimental and (post)industrial. Much of it sounds electronic, but
everything is acoustic. Sebastian Hilken's cello, bristling with
paper clips, sounds like a Mbira, the African thumb-piano. Werner
Durand auditorially transforms his PVC tubes, with their plastic bag
membranes and saxophone mouthpieces, into a drill. Hella von Ploetz
rubs the glass rods of her glass harp with water, or bows the metal
sheet that serves as its resonance board, eliciting sounds that evoke
the mirage-like foghorn of an ocean steamer deep in the desert, or
the trumpeting of elephants. Silvia Ocougne plays every possible
variant of guitar and modified guitar - tiny children's guitars,
samba guitars, and a guitar strung with crossed strings that sounds
like no guitar one has ever heard before. An Indian Tambura is played
like a Brazilian Berimbao; the embouchures used for the Arabic and
Iranian Ney are applied to PVC tubes. Flower pots and aluminum pizza
pans also acquire a voice. The instruments start to sound so
different that you can no longer tell them apart. And so, Laos and
Sao Paolo, Patagonia and Portsmouth, Ghana and Gera meet musically in
the homey family room, which projects the exotic fantasies back upon
itself. Travellers in their armchairs discover -at once alienated and
fascinated - the foreignness in themselves. Hindustry! (Matthias

- -- 

garage - festival for art, music and film
||||||||||||||| playground ||||||||||||||||
26 july  -  17 august  2002   stralsund

+49 (0)30 4412015        +49 (0)3831 298429

how to get there:


Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 08:59:21 -0400 (EDT)
From: David Mandl <>
Subject: "Frozen White" at the ICA

Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, London, SW1.
Tube: Piccadilly Circus/Charing Cross.
Tickets and Information 020-7930 3647.
6, 7 & 8 September 2002 at 8pm

Produced and directed by Stan Wijnans, "Frozen White" is a technically
elaborate mixed media performance which addresses states of being and
becoming: what would happen if people incarcerated in medical
institutions were suddenly able to control a liberating technology?
Against a stunning video backdrop dancers emerge from comatose
rigidity to a state of utter abandon, shadowed by a restless musical
improvisation.  Utilising the Soundbeam Ultralight Sensor System the
dancers colour and influence the live music and determine its
atmosphere.  Their dramatic ascent into consciousness is both uncanny
and ecstatic - and their increasingly assured grip on the mechanisms
of control offers a fascinating study of empowerment.

Presented by London Musicians' Collective

With dancers Julia Clarke and Gabriela Solini; musicians Gail Brand
(trombone), Rhodri Davies (harp) and Stvee Noble (percussion); Anne
Nigten (video); Nick Rothwell (computer programming); and Stan
Wijnans: sound effect design, video, mixdown.


Electronic sound artist Phil Durrant and dancer Sophia Lycouris build
a palpably architectural environment in "building". Through dynamic
interaction and intricate improvisation, they erect an edifice with
the beguiling allure of a mirage glimpsed through a desert storm. With
Phil Durrant (laptop, live processing) and Sophia Lycouris (movement,

Performance: £10, £9 concs, £8 ICA Members and "A week to view" open
rehearsals (Frozen White only): 2 - 5 September 2002, 10am-6pm Free
with ICA membership.

- ---------------------------------------------
London Musicians' Collective Limited
3.6 Lafone House, 11-13 Leathermarket Street, London SE1 3HN
Tel: 020 7403 1922
Fax: 020 7403 1880
Registered charity number 290236
- ---------------------------------------------
Are you tuned to Resonance 104.4 FM?
- ---------------------------------------------


Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 15:49:16 +0900
From: "press@2dk" <>

Please find information on a large-scale "experiential" contemporary art
exhibition, Tokyo Art Jungle (Building as a Magazine), curated by David
For further information please contact
Thank you.


Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 08:57:18 +0100
From: Mark Godber <>
Subject: I, ROBOT (PHASE ONE) - 20th-25th August 2002

- ------------------------------------------------------------------


- -------------------------------------------------------------------

An intelligent telerobotic installation by James Coupe

In collaboration with Hedley Roberts and John Williamson


Wednesday 20th - Sunday 25th August 2002

Open 6pm-9pm Wed-Fri; Midday-6pm Sat & Sun

Opening Event: 6pm-9pm Wednesday 20th August - Arts Café, Toynbee Studios

Artsadmin, Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street, London E1 6LS, UK

Toynbee Studios nearest tube: Aldgate East

- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Telerobotics makes it possible to represent oneself in remote places through
a network. But how do others know that the robot is operated by a real
person? And how do we know that the robot is representing the world
accurately back to us?

I, Robot is a new art project that explores artificial intelligence,
physical computing and remote control. It is an installation consisting of a
social network of robots, live video streams and genetic algorithms.

For three weeks in August, Artsadmin will host I, Robot. This will culminate
in a five-day exhibition, where visitors will have the opportunity to
compete to parent robots and remotely participate in the robots' evolution
within a sealed environment.

- ------------------------------------------------------------------

James Coupe is an artist who works with installation, electronics and
digital media. Recent projects have focused upon the creation of viral
systems, networked communities, remote control and tele-operative
structures. Two installations (Digital Warfare Network Project Phase One and
Digital Warfare Network Project Phase Two) have explored the relationship
between the individual body and total digital system. These installations
allow people to remotely control physical devices connected to a computer

"The DWN project was initially inspired by my experience of digital
technologies combined with the spatial awareness my sculpture projects
provided. I had been interested in aesthetics of disappointment, failures of
perception, massive scale projects that could not be experienced as a whole.
Kant's description of the sublime as a conflict between our ability to
conceive something and our ability to present something was important. I am
interested in exploring unpresentable excesses which can only be represented
partially at best, making the notion of a 'beautiful' expression of it
difficult if not impossible."

"Digital Warfare Network (Project Phase Two)" was selected for "New
Contemporaries 2001", and exhibited at Camden Arts Centre. In 2002 he
received an Artsadmin Artists' Bursary, for which he has created a new
installation, "I, Robot (Phase One)", which employs genetic algorithms to
create a remote controlled robot ecosystem. "I, Robot" will also be
presented at the forthcoming ISEA 2002 in Japan. Future projects include
work with mobile positioning systems, satellites and artificial

He has a degree in Fine Art from Edinburgh University and an MA in Creative
Technology from Salford University. He is currently lecturer in Digital Art
at London College of Music and Media, a Faculty of Thames Valley University.

- ------------------------------------------------------------------

For more information about the event, contact Mark Godber at Artsadmin: 020
7247 5102 /

This project, as part of the Artsadmin Artists' Bursary Scheme, is supported
by the Arts Council of England, CIDA, Creative People, the Esmée Fairbairn
Foundation, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, and London Arts. It is also
financially supported by the London College of Music and Media, a Faculty of
Thames Valley University.


Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 00:31:56 -0300
From: "|||| | ||| |||||||| ||" <>
Subject: >> i n f o m e r a
champions of the
an online ephemeral match VS

mario garcia constructor from from mexico with 27
years and 3 in the professional league influenced by siqueiros,
carrion and the construction workers will try to certificate in a
programming castigate style combat


brian mackern from montevideo uruguay aka vibri ,
zigurat99 psycho-byte influenced by las ensenanzas de don juan humito
,bily holliday thelonius monk will use ( depending on ram ) his nubes
aleatorias,data-overflow-ascii and chamanic interferences in a blend
of tao and rads technique

13 -14
online at VS

they will
destroy . create . transform
a massive info manipulation combat
opn ftp access

found about their challenges at :

collect the player cards >
biographical info ( plus ) an exclusive interview


Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 14:23:30 +0200
From: Manuel Bonik <>
Subject: GOLEM FROM PRAGUE: Michael Bielicky tonight at 34k

travellab welcomes you to 


a media lecture by 

Michael Bielicky

Special guest: video artist Anu Pennanen from Helsinki.

Tonight, Wednesday, August 14 2002, at 9 pm.

Kastanienallee 34
10435 Berlin

contact phone: Berlin 4490705 and 0160-99018889
- ------

Michael Bielicky was born in Prague in 1954 and emigrated
to the Federal Republic of Germany in 1969. In 1984 he
began studying at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf, where he
became a master-class pupil of Nam June Paik. He graduated from
the Art Academy in 1987 and then worked as an assistant
to Nam June Paik.

In 1991, Bielicky founded the Department for New Media at
the Art Academy in Prague, where he has been a professor
and director of the same department since 1995. In
addition to this, he is an adviser for the European Council
for Culture and Technology. He has been involved in
numerous German and international exhibitions and
projects. To mention but a few: Bielicky's art was displayed in
the Red Salon of the People's Theatre (Volksbühne), Berlin
in 1993 and he was a guest artist at the Center for Art and
Media Technology in Karlsruhe (1999/2000). His video sculpture
>Manorah< is permanently installed at the Jewish Museum Berlin.
He is also an advising professor for travellab's ICECA 
(Initiative for Cultural Exchange and Computer Arts), 
Chiang Mai, Thailand.

- ------

Anu Pennanen 
born 1975 Kirkkonummi
Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.
Studies: Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts,  Media Art 
Department, MA -studies 2001- Turku Polytechnics, 
Arts and Media Department 1996-2000 Nordic School of 
Art 1994-1995.
Solo Exhibitions: >Detached< (4min12sec/16 mm film) and 
>The Walker< (videoinstallation) will be installed as 
DVD-loops in solo exhibition at Gallery Lontar in Jakarta 
Indonesia from the 7 - 20 .6.2002. The exhibition is 
connected to an exhibition of Finnish video art. 
I participate the group show with video >Laws of Drama<. 
>I traded my safety for the glass beads of fantasy<, 
a 3-week videoinstallation with the presence of a 
performer. BA-diploma work exhibition at gallery
Just, Turku 14-29.4.2000.
Film screenings: >Detached< at gallery Muu, 
Helsinki. >Detached< will be broadcasted at Finnish 
Television channel YLE TV 1 during Spring 2003.

- -- 
Manuel Bonik <>


Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 14:11:09 +0100
From: "plug and play" <>

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ------------



- --------------
- -Sunday 18th/
- -2000002/
- -@ PublicLife/
- -outsideSpitalfieldsChurch/
- -E1.London/
- -6PM till later/
- --------------
- --------------
bring data/
bring laptop/tech/
- --------------
///////////it in
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ------------

Plug and Play is a monthly London art/music 'event'

 anyone can come along and PLUG in their laptops,
 or any other a/v technology and PLAY music
 or visuals they have made, whatever.....

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: - event info
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: - message boards
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: - MP3s for the download


Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 21:09:41 -0400
From: Nicholas Kiersey <>







The Virginia Tech Departments of Political Science and of Urban Affairs and 
Planning will be conducting a workshop colloquium on ACCOUNTABILITY AND MORAL 
the auspices of a Virginia Tech ASPIRES faculty research grant. Scholars and 
policy practitioners interested in submitting papers and who are invited to 
participate will receive an honorarium of between $500.00-$1500.00 in addition 
to their lodging and food during the conference.

All proceedings will be conducted in the historic Hotel Roanoke and Conference 
Center, Roanoke, Virginia, situated in the heart of the beautiful Blueridge 
Mountains. The colloquium begins with a welcome dinner on Thursday, September 
26th and will run through Friday and
Saturday morning.

The co-chairs of the colloquium are Professor Edward Weisband, Department of 
Political Science, and Professor Alnoor Ebrahim, Department of Urban Affairs 
and Planning, Virginia Tech. Papers accepted for presentation at the workshop 
will be edited and assembled for purposes of publication.

The colloquium is designed to examine the theory and practice of 
accountability in multilateral and civil society organizations. Papers will 
focus on the following:

- - Theoretical perspectives, analytical definitions, and conceptual frameworks 
pertaining to accountability systems in and among multilateral institutions 
and civil society organizations;

- - Normative perspectives on the relationship between accountability, ethical 
practice and moral community; limitations of and social concerns about 
accountability, particularly in relation to organizational and institutional 
performance, effectiveness and responsibility;

- - Policy and comparative analyses of programmatic and practical mechanisms and 
procedures adopted by a broad range of actors that apply standards of 

Prospective participants are cordially invited to contact Mr. Nicholas 
Kiersey, the administrative coordinator of the colloquium for further 

- ------------------------------------------------
from Nicholas J. Kiersey
PhD student
Department of Political Science

phone: (540) 998-1218


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