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Re: <nettime> information design

>On Monday, Aug 05, 2002, at 07:31PM, Frank Hartmann <frank.hartmann@chello.at> wrote:

>[ I am working on a publication on signs and information and would
>appreciate comments on the following statement from a pre-nettime age. Yukio
>Ota did very remarkable pictographic design, back in the 70s. I have tried
>to reach him by fax, still waiting for an answer. Any information on Ota,
>his work, or the statement below is welcome / Frank ]

can't help on ota and have'nt anything to say on the statement but i have a book reference you might be interested in.

"Symbol Sourcebook" by Henry Dreyfuss
isbn: 0-471-28872-1

i'm sure you're aware of this but just in case..
seems to have been out of print up until about 5 years ago but Dreyfuss seems to have really been recognised in the past few years and now there seems to be plenty of copies around.





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