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Re: <nettime> [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ WTO.0+74

on 4/27/02 1:48 AM, at or
somebody wrote:

> Two years ago you have denied my request for MAX.
> I have at the time indicated that MAX was outdated and ugly and would only
> become 
> more so under the aesthetically impoverished and aged Cycling74 male monopoly.
> This is 
> readily evident but impending software releases and lawsuits will make matters
> worse.

This last sentence refers to the upcoming vector-based data streaming object
set JIT, under development at Cycling74, which among other things allows for
manipulation of video data. It is standard operating procedure for NN that
anytime anybody writes any code for MAX which allows video processing she
claims it was stolen from her, despite the fact that her own video
processing routines are all based on Quicktime.

 NN's own NATO software has fallen by the wayside over the last year or so
due to its reliance on the Quicktime engine, which everybody has got kinda
sick of, NATO's hilarious pricing and tariff scheme (American residents pay
extra), a lack of readable documentation, and NN's practice of revoking the
licences of people whom she/it/they feel has insulted her in some way (she
tolerates no public criticism whatsoever). Faced with shrinking interest in
her software, and competition from newer products whose publishers don't
regularly insult their clients in public forums as a matter of course, she
has been threatening Cycling74 with various lawsuits, and publicly accusing
several Cycling74 employees of having a dependence on the cough medicine

This latest last ditch effort is an attempt to break away from C74 control
of the Max environment which NN needs in order to run her software in the
first place and distibute her software with her own, I would guess
incompatible, licensed version of MAX.

I wonder if IRCAM, having observed over the years the bizarre behaivour of
this anonymous group of programmers (Netochka Nezvanova = "nameless nobody")
towards people and organisations, will want to get involved. One thing's for
sure, it's business as usual in the great cut and paste fest of NN's own
grand self promotion.

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