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<nettime> the Gates of hell

I have had no opportunity to corroborate this information ...

 Mr. Bill Gates
 Chairman and Chief Software Architect
 c/o Microsoft

 Dear Sir,

 Two days ago, Israelis travelling on the main highways in the Tel-Aviv
 area were treated to enormous billboards bearing the Microsoft logo under
 the text "From the depth of our heart - thanks to The Israeli Defence Forces"
 on the background of the Israeli national flag.

 Microsoft is a major worldwide and world-famous corporation,
 whose activities overstep national boundaries and which is committed to
 promote global community, increasing trade, and stronger economic 
 relationships and cultural interaction; which takes pride in promoting 
 extensive community activities of various kinds, and declares on its 
 website "We're serious about making the world a better place";
 and which maintains offices and conducts active sales campaigns in
 Israel as well as at Egypt, Morocco, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia and other 
 Arab and Islamic countires.

 In view of the above, better could have been expected of Microsoft than
 disseminating crude nationalistic and militaristic propaganda at the
 Israeli population centers, and effectively lend its public support to 
 the destructive war recently launched by the Sharon Government -
 a war sharply censured by the international community and controversial
 among the citizens of Israel itself.

 We urge you to take care that this activity is terminated forthwith,
 and that the estimated tens of thousands of dollars invested in the
 abovementioned billboards be used instead to activities aimed at stopping 
 the bloodshed and promoting an equitable Israeli-Palestinian peace.

 Sincerely Yours,
 Adam Keller, Spokesperson
 Gush Shalom (The Israeli Peace Bloc)

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