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Re: <nettime> apres moi le digest

the truth is

french left electors said :
"Jojo, we first send you a message"
then we will vote for you as president.

the truth is :
Louis XIV revoqua l'Edit de Nantes.
c'est pas pour se laisser emmerder par un protestant.

the truth is :
this is the only way to get rid of the right wing !

the truth is :
the workers don't vote Socialist.
the workers don't vote Trotskist
the workers vote Popular

the truth is :
Le Pen was very clever and obvious in his campaign.
1-/ The guy was sympathetic, making a good and funny show, joking on stage,
dancing, ...
2-/ and he took care to let Megret manage the extra hard wing of Front
National. Thus, Megret is now the Evil, and Le Pen the cool guy.

the truth is :
french people dream of a rough Bush guy to prick up the nation !

 vous Cognc Jay !

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> The first thing is that many of the candidates scored more or less the same
> share of the vote as last time in 1995. Except that Jospin lost a few
> points and Le Pen gained a few (but less).

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